Hmph. There are no friends in this world. There's only torture, triumph, and PURE HATRED. I've been through so much already that, I can't take much more of this.

—Gamelover, Trix 2: The War


Gamelubber wip

GLCO, Trix, Shakespeare, Sorrow, Revelian.
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Gamelover is the person who established GLCO. He first appears in Trix 1, looking for the cause of the Code Grey at the school. For most of the rest of the story, he spends his time researching and investigating the happenings of Revelian and the Ao Oni. Soon, he enters the Ao Oni's lair and begins fighting his way out. He soon gets hurt, but is saved by Ludicrine and Squato. His group soon meets up with the others, and they go together to deal with Revelian.

In Trix 2: The War, Gamelover has gone on a trip to a resort, however, he is drawn back to the mainland by a news report that talks about the Ao UFOs invading. He searches around on the mainland, but finds nothing. Then he finds Trix, bloody and bruised. He is unable to reach Trix because of the Dark Void surrounding her, so he sets out to find the three Yellow Fish and get a Dark Stone from them. He meets Sorrow, who helps him, and Shakespeare, who tries to stop him.

Soon, he opens the Dark Void surrounding Trix, only to watch helplessly as Shakespeare kills her. Gamelover goes out to the castle, ready to destroy it entirely, but Shakespeare convinces him not to, revealing that he was being controlled, and offers to help Gamelover.

Gamelover helps the others defeat the DB UFO, and then settles back down in GLCO.

RPG Info

  • HP- 850.
  • AT-
    • Gun: High, Decent Fire Rate.
    • MEGAEXPLOSION: Medium-High, has splash Damge.
  • DF: Ok.
  • LV: 34