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Shift: HELP NEEDED. Work may alternate and be discussed about among staff.


Do you have Headpets or Bodypets? If your Bodypets want to breed with one another, look elsewhere, at the Breeding Center. However, if you have a Headpet or a Bodypet that wish to have a child -or children- look no further! The Fusion Chamber clones an important set of DNA in each pet and begins growing it in a hyper-fast incubator. The result is a child just like their parents- only with both a head and a body! Please note that pigment alteration may occur. Also note that some pets have unstable genes that may cause mutations.


Do you have two pets of incompatible breeding statuses? Unless the pet is explicitly stated to not be able to breed, all organic (to be specified, but use your best judgement!) pets can have their genes cloned to produce a "perfect blend" of their parents' DNA, effectively producing offspring from new circumstances. Please note that the child WILL NOT be able to reproduce and may have complications due to being a cloned child.


For Headpets and Bodypets, the rules are the same as that of the Breeding Center, which may be found here. Rules for other breeds follow similar suit, though all genders are compatible unless a description says otherwise. NO MUTANT PETS MAY BE BRED IN THIS WAY.

There are currently 9/10 rooms.

The Fusion Chambers

This is where the cloned DNA is nurtured and stuff to create the child. Only two breedings per user may enter as courtesy to others. There are only 4 rooms in the fastest chamber, 5 in the regular chamber, and 1 in the untested chamber. You may not choose the chamber you are put in. If you are placed in the untested chamber, it is highly recommended that you visit the Pet Hospital for a check-up. Finished procedures will go to the Archive.

Fastest Chambers

Owner: Fire InThe Hole
Pets being Bred: Meltie and Thesun

Meltie + Thesun

Egg expected by: N/A
Hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of baby: Boulder
Note: none
Hatch: Evaporatie Evaporatie (♀): While only moderately warm to the touch on the outer layer, anything that enters their gelatinous body gets seared with a temperature of around 5000 K.

Regular Chambers

Owner: Josewong
Pets being Bred: Otzi and Morveau

Otzi + Morveau

Egg expected by: 530
Hatch expected by: Forever
Expected species of baby: UFO
Note: none
Hatch: Oxymoron Oxymoron (×⚙) suffers from poor vision.

Untested Chamber