Fuel is a fictional proprietary statistic of Stick Ranger, applied to the Lumberjack class. Specifically, it is applied to all Saws except for the first one.

It takes shape as the "Magic Bar" (the blue bar below the health bar in the HUD) with white small numbers notating the amount of fuel left (upon mouseover), and per attack, it consumes one unit each time. Once the bar gets emptied out, it disallows the Lumberjack to attack until recovered.

Gaining Fuel

There are few ways to restore Fuel:

  1. Fuel Fuel Can: Can be dropped by any enemy in a 10% drop rate, which can be improved by Petro Medal. This way, it recovers 25% of the Fuel.
  2. Inn: Restores all fuel the same way it restores all LP, costs $1 per unit.

Increasing Fuel

  1. MAG: Increases 2% Fuel per SP.
  2. Equipping a Fuel Pillar, which increases 40% Fuel per level.

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