Frozen Waters is a series which I have put on hold. I hosted a poll to see what the Megaboss should look like. The original idea, a Lilac Gel Amber, won out, but as consolation, it could summon Lilac Gel Spiders.[1] I'll explain the attacks on my enemy page. (Oodles of Doodles)


  • Frozen Waters 1
  • Frozen Waters 2
  • Frozen Waters 3
  • Wave Cavern (Store for Frozen Weapons and Exclusive Compo Items)
  • Ice Rink 1
  • Ice Rink 2
  • Ice Rink 3
  • ekaL (Lake is now covered in ice)
  • Inverted Pyramid (You broke the ice on the Lake and fall into there)

New Species

  • Amber
  • Wrecker
  • Warper
  • Icicle
  • Flower
  • Scorpion
  • Hurdler
  • Tire

New Heads

  • Castle (Flag)
  • Castle (Cannon)
  • Castle (Normal)
  • Eye
  • Smiley (Nonapproving)
  • Mask (Angry)

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