Pink Boss Gel Snake Pink Boss Gel Snake
Location: Forest 9
LP: 100000
AT: Spawning Pink Big Gel Mushrooms×3
AGI: 90-90
Range: 500
Strength: Freeze (AT =1, Time -100%)
Ice (Slow Immune)
Weakness: none
LV: 81
EXP: 8000
Gold ($): 5000
Drops: none
Species: Snake
Head: Gel
Attack: unknown
Head colour: #FF00C8
Body colour: #590046
Movement: Jumping
Credits: ZX, DMS


This boss is a powerfully buffed White Gel Snake. This boss not only has more LP (though significantly lower than the bosses preceeding it), it can summon three Pink Big Gel Mushrooms to back it up. This boss should be eliminated as fast as possible, as the mushrooms can not only absorb damage aimed towards the boss, but they are the boss' primary mode of attack. They can deal a very high amount of damage, so eliminating the boss before it summons a large amount of mushrooms is paramount to success.

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