Green Cap Dragon Green Cap Dragon
Location: Forest 7
LP: 5000
AT: 1-1 (0.5s) (25) (Pellet)
1-1 (0.5s) (25) (Cloud residue)
AGI: 80-100
Range: 100
Strength: Poison (Immune)
Weakness: none
LV: 74
EXP: 700
Gold ($): 500
Drops: none
Species: Dragon
Head: Cap
Attack: unknown
Head colour: #B5E61F
Body colour: #3A4A00
Movement: Flying
Credits: ZX, DMS


These enemies are quite the nuisance. They fire poison pellets in an arc, that explode into several poison clouds. They deal somewhat low amount of damage, but given the range and the amount of enemies in this stage, they can quickly prove to be a nuisance. Thankfully, they have somewhat low LP.

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