Purple Fairy Germ Purple Fairy Germ
Location: Forest 10
LP: 12000
AT: 1-1 (1s) (=50)
AGI: 60-100
Range: 200
Strength: Poison (Immune)
Weakness: none
LV: 81
EXP: 600
Gold ($): 500
Drops: none
Species: Germ
Head: Fairy
Attack: unknown
Head colour: #810181
Body colour: #FFFFFF
Movement: Floating
Credits: ZX, DMS


These enemies fire a somewhat slow moving pellet that deals 50 poison damage if it connects. These enemies can appear in somewhat large swarms, so they can prove dangerous if characters cannot get out of the way. When combined with the Green Ogre Wheel, they can deal great damage to the Bait used to keep the wheels from attacking other players, as well as potentially haggling the other players as well.

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