A list of the celestial objects of the universes appearing in and around Fan-Ball.

Fan-Ball Universe

A parallel universe to the older Dan-Ball universe.

  • Ludus: Where we currently are in the Fan-Ball universe. There are several differing instances of it.
    • Moon: Where the Moon Series is.
  • Mars: Where the Mars Series is.
  • Separ Dimension: Contains several planets, such as Hell and the Wather.
  • Nazca: Where "Lord Nazca" resides. Note: Lord Nazca is not native to this planet.

Bizarro Fan-Ball

The Bizarro counterpart to the FB-universe.

  • Efigie: Where "Lord Efigie" resides.

Dan-Ball Universe

The "original" universe. It is governed by Ha55ii.

  • Stick-World: The setting of the Stick Ranger game.
  • Powder Belt: Contains many random planets, from Powder Courses to Pixel Arts. It is PG(1 and 2) setting.
  • Editor Galaxy: Contains stranges spacials objects and Solar System. It is EE, Planet Simulation, Liquid Webtoy, EB and 100bit setting.
  • Leknown: Setting of all other Dan-Ball games.
  • Stroheng: Rocky Planet with life inside of it, but none are on the surface.
  • Binaricka: Where Binnarellers once lived. Poisonshot is native to this planet.


The universe of Mercuron.

  • Martedos: A grey ice planet that is inhabited by a grey-coloured sub-species of humans. Mercuron is native to this planet.
    • Martres: The moon of Martedos. Many machinations involving Chronomancy are built there by Time Lords.

Equestria Prime

The universe of the ponies. Accessible from the FB-universe without portals.

  • Equestria: The land of the terrestrial ponies.

Mushroom Kingdom Prime

The universe of the koopas and the yoshis. Accessible through portals.

  • Mushroom Kingdom: The land of the koopas and the yoshis. Zoshi is native to this planet.


The original universe of the Dark Matters. It has, presumably, been destroyed by them.

  • Dark Matter: Planet composed of Dark Matters that was once ruled by 0/0². Since she has been killed, the planet has presumably destroyed. Kuipter, Revelian and are native to this planet.

Genoskaya Prime

The universe of the angelic beings known as Serrangios. Currently under siege of Groy and the Doomers.

  • Genoskaya: Origin planet of the Serrangios, now inhabited by mostly Doomers.
    • Ithion Satellite: A small moon of Genoskaya. Inhabited by Serrangios and Doomers. Ludicrine is native to this area.
    • Alieu Spirka: A large moon of Genoskaya. Exists in four-dimensional space and inhabited by various protists. Roughly translates to "Torus Land".
    • Tulet Isthulu: An artificial moon of Genoskaya built to be a giant prison. Named after a Genoskayan poison that translates to "Plague Bottle".
  • Heyokiiba: Origin planet of the spiders, a proud race that has devolved greatly since creation.

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