Enyredies (iguanalypse)

The Seven, Asmodeus
Hell, Separ Dimension
Alternate Aliases
Eny, Gatekeeper
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Enyredies ​is a half-blood demon, that is, product of a succubus and another being, the identities of both unknown, who was born in and takes residence in Hell. Being abandoned at birth, the demon-child was taken in by a group under Asmodeus. Known for awful time management and being uncooperative work-wise, Eny was assigned a role as a gatekeeper, a role known throughout Hell to be incredibly mindless and boring. Being practically raised by Asmodeus herself, Eny holds an advantage that lead to being given occasional privileges, such as hauntings or curses.  

At some point along the line of duties as a gatekeeper, Eny is presented with a group of adventurous misfits who have been sent to Hell by a certain cyborg. Not only because arrival via spell has different procedures, but also that the repeated arrival of souls only causes Eny more work is the party dismissed, allowing them to return and save the world.

Powers and Abilities

Although only a half-blood demon, Enyredies is still capable of many skills that would be attributed to demonkind, such as free teleportation between Hell and other dimensions, flight, cursing, and manipulation of fire. Eny's human side causes vulnerability to normal attacks, but still considerably tenacious due to most demons being nigh-indestructible by normal means.


After being around Asmodeus so much, Eny developed noticeable traits such as open lewd commentary and general pervertedness, as such might be from someone who represents Lust. Ironically, despite Asmodeus's upbringing Eny is incredibly unsuccessful in the romance department, often coming off as desperate. Eny also behaves in a matter somewhat like someone who could be described as "metrosexual," or paying an unusual amount to their own appearance. This is evident in some cases such as at one point claiming that the demon wears a coat and scarf because "it's hot in Hell and cold outside by comparison," when this point actually has low significance and Eny really just does so for fashion's sake.

As the tag erraticallyContentious might hint at, Eny is normally not very aggressive other than the occasional sarcastic comment and overall passive-aggressive attitude, but on some occasions, after being adequately provoked is known to go into fits of rage, which, often last only a short amount of time and end in actions regretted later.