Elizabeth Anagram
Ludicrine (Cousin), Iala (Sister), Foszi (Fiance), Hank Anagram (Child)
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Elizabeth Anagram was born on Genoskaya to a pair of counter-cultural Serrangios named Riotho and Zuley. She was forcibly taken by Genoskayan government to be raised to be one of their future figureheads. She was found by her biological sister Iala, who took her away to live in an abandoned factory where she would visit her daily. Elizabeth, though very confused, learned to love and trust her sister. She found work as a singer at a dinner theater, where she performed well enough to provide for much of her own monetary needs, though Iala insisted upon taking care of her. She had never met her parents out of fear that they would all be in trouble for her disappearance, but kept in contact through Iala's messaging.

Later on in life she was introduced to her cousin Ludicrine, who visited her even more frequently than her own sister, and the three became truly inseparable friends. After Iala left to seek work in prostitution, Elizabeth followed her into her profession in wanting to spend more time with her, though a fellow waiter from the theater that she had worked at named Foszi convinced her to return to her old work. The two began to spend more time with each other and eventually became engaged, to the irritation of Iala. When Ludicrine and Iala had both left the homeworld to seek a new life, Elizabeth was alone and lived with Foszi in the factory up until the Third Catastrophe.

During the events of Cuts Internal: The Return to Genoskaya, she sends a message to her sister to return home immediately as a result of the Doomer takeover. After her place of work was destroyed, she and a large number of survivors living on the street all agreed to move into the factory together, with many of them deciding on fighting back against the doomers. In the later events of Slashes Eternal: The Rise of Zorc, she and Foszi return to aid the gang in the fight against Zorc.

Later on, she and Foszi have a child together, named Hank after Ludicrine's idol and friend, Hankvi.


Elizabeth is very caring of those she is close with, but also keeps a large level of respect for them. Because of this, she often comes off as naive and childish, but in reality much of this is due to her faith in other people. She is very curious and rather clumsy, not having the proper experience as other Serrangios had being raised in their youth, and often gets herself into minor inconveniences. She is otherwise very energetic and speaks with a high-pitched, Scottish-esque accent.

She is shorter than her cousin Ludicrine as well as her sister, and shares her sister's green-tinted hairwing color. All of her wings are clipped short, with her hairwings resembling a bob cut and her regular wings not being suitable for flight.