My idea

I read a while ago (can't remember where) about the idea of downloading Stick Ranger for your PC, so you are able to play without needing an internet connection.

I really just want to expand on this idea, because I really love it. Obviously you'll need to download a more recent version if you want to play a new one, but I really think this is cool. This also opens up a new world for (dare I say it) Stick Ranger hacking, I haven't really seem Stick Ranger or any other Dan-Ball game for that matter, to be 'hacked' or at least dramatically changed before.

With stick ranger being a local file on your PC, you could edit the games data with some hex editing programs, and make everything from new enemies, to maybe even world maps!

People have been creating fan-made pages about SR for years now, and while some ideas are re-imagined by Dan-Ball and added in, the best way for seeing your ideas put into action would be this way.

I also feel something like this would really expand on the community, there would be tutorials and whatnot an even entire articles dedicated to hacking. This would possibly generally draw more players in too, I'm not sure how many people play Stick Ranger but I know it's not a lot, and people sometimes (from my experience) try the game and get put off the game because they find it boring. An idea like this could generally interest more players.

Present hacking method

There are a few videos available on Youtube that use CheatEngine as a method for hacking;

Possible future method

Posionshot and Lemurboy07 made an article about an idea for a game called "Stick Ranger 2" It's fairly close to the original Stick Ranger. It also says this in the first paragraph:

"It is suggested the creators find willing animators, coders, pixel artists, etc. 

as well as permission from Dan-Ball, of course, if we can make a Stick Ranger 2 Game with all of these aspects plus additional original aspects.

List your identity in Jobs Section if you want to participate."

This means if this game ever is made, it could be a sort of base-line for Stick Ranger hacking. (Provided Dan Ball plays ball) - See what I did there? :D

Pros/cons of this idea

[+] - You can play SR without an internet connection! :D

[+] - You can with some hacking know-how, make a very impressive SR hack, something that's never been done before. The possibilities to this really are endless.

[-] - Dan Ball are one of those companies that generally distaste the idea of hacking for whatever reason, and even the fan base has been harsh on 'hackers' before in the past. I'm not saying I don't like Dan Ball (because I really do! :D) but I think perhaps Dan Ball could be a bit more experimental and perhaps play outside the box every now and again.

Leave comments below for what you think on this idea! I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts! :D

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