Purple Jelly Germ Purple Jelly Germ
Location: Deep Sea 1
LP: 9000
AT: 10-10×3
AGI: 10
Range: 20
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 76
EXP: 750
Gold ($): 800
Drops: none
Species: Germ
Head: Jelly
Attack: Spear
Head colour: #purple
Body colour: #black
Movement: Umm..."draging"?
Credits: Poisonshot


This enemies releases three spears that deal 10 damage. They have low AGI, so it is recommanded to keep your melees away from them. They also have quite high range, so use a ranged character with a lot of range to beat them. They're mostly cannon fodder, and they give low XP.

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