Blue Triangle Germ Blue Triangle Germ
Location: Deep Sea 1
LP: 15000
AT: 1-1
AGI: 4
Range: 10
Strength: Ice (Immune)


Weakness: none
LV: 79
EXP: 1000
Gold ($): 1000
Drops: none
Species: Germ
Head: Triangle
Attack: Cyan Bullet
Head colour: #Blue
Body colour: #Blue
Movement: Germin-oh wait.
Credits: Poisonshot


These enemies are VERY ANNOYING. They have very low range and have a seemingly weak attack...but don't let yourself be foolen by that. They have the QUICKEST AGI in the whole game along with Grey Boss Triangle Tree. But that's not all. Their bullets freeze players for 1 second. That's right. The enemy freezes you before you're able to thaw out. Even worse is that they're huge tanks.

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