Yellow Shield Eel(CA5) Yellow Shield Eel(CA5)
Location: Cave Adventure 5
LP: 200000
Range: N/A
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 70
EXP: 9999
Gold ($): 9999
Drops: Onigiri
Species: Eel
Head: Shield
Attack: N/A
Head colour: unknown
Body colour: unknown
Movement: Swimming
Credits: Poisonshot


The Yellow Shield Eel is very similar to it's Cavern 6 cousin, except it has a lot more health and no resistances. It always drop an Onigiri, which is useful. It also gives a lot of XP and a lot of Gold. It can be useful to farm theses. Generally, at least one will spawn per try thanks to the stage's huge water section.

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