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This was a story written by Ludicrine for the Alpha Timeline that was deleted due to a realization that completion of it would take an unreasonable amount of time. A summary exists to inform players of the events that would have taken place during it, primarily in order to bypass any confusion that may come up regarding any of the story's frequent mentions on this site. This article is set to be deleted and removed from canon at a future date.

The Condensed Story

Advent of the final hour
Bring forth the rise of salt and sour
Romance, dead, hatred, thrive
Grudges, apologies, stay alive
Enter the dreamer, the dying, the dead
The true enemy lies straight ahead
Thought you knew him, now you'll know
Presenting your executioner: DeCurro
-The Wonder Jungle Telepathy Board

Picking up immediately after the end of Corruption: He Comes to the point where it's last chapter is identical to the first of this one, Ludi runs off after seeing strange marks on his body. Meanwhile, Samuel goes off to find Revelian to tell him that the Wonder Jungle told him a prophecy involving Ludicrine bringing about his downfall. This mildly concerns Revelian, but he decides to put it off until tomorrow. Joined with Zachary, the gang leaves the following day. They encounter a small tribe of odd creatures that worship a god called All-a. After investigating around the town, they notice some factories releasing gas that seems to damage the magic repelling layer of the Jungle. The Heroes of Acceptance soon spot what appears to be Ludi unconscious on a cliff, so they begin their trek there. Elsewhere, Ludi is brought back to Shane's old castle where he took residence in when he first arrived on Ludus. He has a chat with his new Inner Being, but instead of getting any answers, he just adds more questions upon himself. He eventually falls out a window.

Back at the Jungle, the "god" at the top of the cliff was revealed to be Iala, who was attempting to get a tan. After a battle involving misunderstandings and much failure on Iala's part, the group finally begins to get it together. Iala had somehow crash-landed through the barrier and was mistaken for a god by the residents. She told them to build machines to demolish the barrier so that she could leave to get back to an SOS sent to her months ago. She agrees to join the protagonists on their quest to find Ludi assuming that they can get out of there. With the villagers realizing that All-a was not a god, they become enraged and attack. After the group wins the battle, they abscond from the Jungle, upset that they have no leads. Iala, annoyed that nobody told her who they were rescuing, says that Ludi probably got the same help message she did, since it came from her sister and requested all of their family to go to Genoskaya immediately.

Meanwhile, Lazro attempts to get his spare clothes from a friend, following the events from the last story. Ludi, now in a foreign hospital, begins losing control of himself to the voice in his head and murders everyone there before flying off.

Arriving on Kleptos, Genoskaya, which is overrun by Groy and his army of Doomers, the group absconds to a factory chute leading to Geraldo Clockworks. Iala briefly describes that almost two years after Ludicrine left, a giant Doomer took control of the star of their system and enslaved the Serrangios, threatening to take it elsewhere if they refused to obey. Not wanting the beings on the other nearby planets to have to suffer, they did not attempt to resist. Through the factory, they are met by a self-aware robot named Nero.EXE who intends to kill the gang and use their body parts as spare parts for the robots that sought refuge in his factory, which he calls his "children". Lazro somehow meets up with the gang and Iala falls in love with him, Sam finds a reprogrammed Chipper, which was a small robot he had as a kid, and the gang fight through the factory while learning more info about Nero.EXE's creator, Zorc. It is revealed that Ludi was at one point married to a human who went by the nickname of Cobalt, and that Zorc wished to kill them both for reasons unknown. Nero.EXE was the "wedding present" for the two and was supposed to kill them on their wedding day, but the idea backfired as Ludi didn't want his family involved and Cobalt suffered from amnesia and knew nothing about her own family. Prior to the fight with Nero, an unstoppable robot called Gravity is dispatched to fight the heroes and is seemingly defeated when it falls into a vat of lava.

After defeating the AI and finally getting through the factory, the group encounters Molten Gravity, who is hindered slightly from a sacrifice from Chipper, giving the group the chance to escape. After the factory collapses atop the robot, they continues on to the town/moon, with Sam being marginally more moody and angry over the destruction of his ally and everyone else being weirded out by Iala's attempts to seduce Lazro in a non-sexual manner. They also learn from a few Doomers that Geleporas and Dexter, two famous and successful Genoskayan fighters, had been killed. Arriving at Ithion, the group meets with a resistance force, consisting of Iala's sister Elizabeth, Elizabeth's fiance Foszi (who happened to be the son of Geleporas), two teenage lovers Sepentel and Kethkii, the near-dead weapon-craftsman and enchanter Nordt, and the mute caretaker Oscientre. After discussing plans, the group prepares to take down the Grand Doomer that had been placed in charge of Ithion. Sepentel reveals himself to be a traitor and kills Kethkii and Nordt and fatally wounds Foszi before being taken down himself. The Grand Doomer is not pleased to see the resistance group, but dismisses them from being threats and instead calls for his "WAITRESS, OR WHATEVER HER NAME IS". The group engages him in combat, and after successfully beating him, they drag out some information from him, revealing that his waitress was The Mistress and has supposedly gone missing a few minutes ago by "SOME REALLY SHORT GUY WITH EYE PROBLEMS". They put the Doomer out of his misery and the group separates off from the resistance and Iala to see what happened.

Finally meeting up with Ludicrine, they find him repeating the phrase "she killed her" over and over and about to kill The Mistress. After an intense battle where Revelian dies to the twisted Serrangio, Ludi is defeated, but even though he is unconscious, his body continues moving and proceeds to kill The Mistress, but is stopped as she begins explaining herself. A month or two after Ludi and Cobalt's wedding, Zorc arrived and attempted to kill them himself, succeeding in killing Cobalt and becoming Ludi's seventh Inner Being. Exactly when this was happening, the manipulated Mistress gouged Ludicrine's eye out, leaving him to succumb to his wounds and pass out. When he awoke, he was half-blind, infused with the spirit of his enemy, and far away from his wife's dead body. Seeing as she didn't remember anything about herself, Ludi didn't know her real name or anything of the sort and could not locate her body, or even any proof that she ever existed. Entering a state of madness, he fell into a traumatized state and ended up forgetting all the events that had happened involving Cobalt. He eventually returned to Ludus, where he first met Cobalt, and his memory picked up from there, making him lose approximately two years of his past.

Ludicrine, realizing that The Mistress was completely innocent in the situation, collapsed to his knees as his eighth Inner Being subsided. At this point, Zorc awoke from within Ludi and another battle commenced. The Mistress died in the process, but the demon was eventually defeated. A dark tentacle arose from Revelian's dead body and slashed the unconscious Ludi's cheek, infusing some of his spirit into him. Having an overload of nine Inner Beings, Ludi began to become highly unstable and Zorc was forced out of him into the outside world once again. The restless gang would have to take him down, this time, without the help of their strongest ally and with a mentally and emotionally unstable Serrangio to deal with.

Meanwhile, Luna hears of her husband's death and proceeds to seek revenge upon Ludicrine for killing him, refusing to believe the truth about Cut.

Continued in part 2, Slashes Eternal: The Rise of Zorc.


The weapons attained and used during this story are as follows:


  • PSI Freeze: Known at the start of the story, dealing damage to one enemy and potentially freezing them in place and rendering them incapable of physical action. Tends to not work on enemies with Ice or Freeze resistances. First appeared in Trix: Adventures of a UFO.
  • PSI Fire: Known at the start of the story. Deals damage to all enemies on the field, with elemental weaknesses and resistances factored in. First appeared in Trix: Adventures of a UFO.
  • Heirloom Sword: Owned at the start of the story. Deals physical damage to one enemy, sometimes dealing two-through-five-slash combos, dealing two-through-five-times the damage. First appeared in The Kuipter Files: FINALE!.
  • Genoskayan Teppesse: An odd-looking cross-shaped stabbing blade wielded by Genoskayan TSTR warriors. Obtained in Geraldo Clockworks. Acts as a slightly stronger and slower Heirloom Sword, though capable of dealing two-through-twelve-slash combos, dealing two-through-twelve-times the damage.
  • Shadow Snare: A move learned during the battle with Grand Doomer after being convinced by Foszi to pray to Chaos. Deals shadow damage to an enemy three times, slowing them temporarily and disabling melee moves. After backfiring and attacking Lazro later on, Zach decided not to use the move anymore.
  • PK ???: A move known as "PK Love" that deals massive damage driven from something or someone that the user admires. Damages all enemies on the screen. Learned in Cuts, though only used once in Slashes. As the subject of this admiration was Luna, Zach has since stopped using the move as he is now in a relationship with someone else.


  • HAIRPIN: Owned at the start of the story. A standard HAIRPIN, capable of transforming into random objects containing any of the letters H, A, I, R, P, or N. Completely unpredictable. First appeared in Trix: Adventures of a UFO.
  • RING OF KEYS: Owned at the start of the story. Each of the twelve KEYS transforms into a random GUN or FARM ANIMAL every battle, and throughout the battle, each KEY may be used once. The standalone KEY first appears in Trix 2: The War.
  • Dual Flame Katanas: Owned at the start of the story. Deals two-times physical damage to one enemy by slashing or one-time fire/magical damage to one enemy in the form of a projectile attack. First appeared in Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates.
  • IRONGLOW KEY: Gained at the Resistance Base on Genoskaya from Nordt. Transforms into a random GUN or FARM ANIMAL, though all of the morphs are tipped in favor of the user. (Popguns would be infused with napalm, cows would be able to fire laser beams, etc.)
  • Charge Sais: Gained prior to the final battle with Cut. Deals two-times physical damage to one enemy by slashing or can charge up, enabling the next attack to deal four-times physical and fire damage to one enemy.


  • Dash Attack: Known at the start of the story. Deals physical damage to multiple enemies by stabbing with the Claimh Solais. Forgotten after Revelian's death.
  • Claimh Solais: Owned at the start of the story. An enormous, powerful light-type blade from a previous journey to the Wonder Jungle capable of hefty slash damage, occasionally stunning enemies nearby to the one attacked. Was destroyed by Cut during the final battle against him.
  • Shard Attack: Known at the start of the story. Warps the space in the arena and deals shadow damage to all targets at the price of scrambling the attack order of all in the battle. Forgotten after Revelian's death.
  • Okte-Gone: Gained after the battle with the Angry Mob. An octagonal bladed weapon known to remove enemies from existence at random times, though in reality it sends them to The OKTE. Was destroyed by Cut during the final battle against him.
  • KAISER Mode: (Re-)Learned in Geraldo Clockworks. An ability that greatly increases attack power, attacks type, and health, upgrading all moves and unlocking new ones. First appeared in The Kuipter Files: FINALE!.
  • Dark Nettle: Replaces Shard Attack when undergoing KAISER Mode. Warps the space in the arena and deals shadow damage to all targets while also scrambling the attack order of all enemies in battle. Forgotten after Revelian's death.
  • PSI Solarstorm: Only usable when undergoing KAISER Mode. Deals heavy light-type and fire-type damage to all opponents. Forgotten after Revelian's death.


  • Boxing Gloves: Owned at the start of the story. Deals a speedy punch to an enemy, occasionally attacking two or three times and dealing that much more damage.
  • Ice Naginata: Owned at the start of the story. Can be used to swipe at an enemy for physical damage or shoot an ice bolt for ice damage. First appeared in Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates.
  • Fire Charge: Owned at the start of the story. Charges the Ice Naginata with fire, making its next attack deal additional damage. This may either change the element type to fire, add fire damage to the weapon, or erase all elemental affinities attached to the weapon. First appeared in Corruption: He Comes.
  • Berserk Mode: Doubles attacking power, but can only be used at health below one-third. It may sometimes be used from the start through some means, but this is rare. Learned after the first battle against Gravity.
  • Red Thinder: Harnesses the blessing of Thondor and casts down crimson lightning on all opponents. Learned after the battle with the Grand Doomer.


  • Sawbec: Owned at the start of the story. A semi-organic gun with nature and dark properties and fires explosive projectiles.
  • V3 Vexation: Owned at the start of the story. A V-Prototype gun that fires a collection of energy-based waves at once.
  • Superball Gun: Owned at the start of the story. A gun that fires erratic bullets that can hit multiple targets and cause the field to be altered.
  • V4 Hellbender: Gained in Geraldo Clockworks. A V-Prototype gun that fires a heavy canister that explodes and deals damage to multiple opponents and some allies.
  • Black Hole Generator: Gained before the fight against Cut. A gun that tears a rift in space and rids the field of enemies below a certain health percentage.