Changeling (Mutated)
Chrysalis (Mother), Revelian (Father)


She resulted from Chrysalis' rape of Revelian in The Dark Emissary. It was later revealed in Wrapping Things Up 2 that Chrysalis was pregnant with her, and she is shown to give birth in this story. After Chrysalis' death, she was left as an orphan on Ludus, and lived in spite and hatred towards the heroes for having killed her mother. She decided to become a follower of Chaos to increase her power, and this loyalty allowed her to survive The Reckoning. As a gift to Crescent for her loyalty, Chaos also led her to a planet where her kind lived, where she then ruled over them as a queen. Soon, however, due to their hatred and jealousy of the Equestrians, Crescent decided to lead her kind into a war with theirs. In the absence of their royal family and the Mane Six, the Equestrians were at her mercy, and she then took over rule of them. After her rule was made official, she forced the remaining Equestrians to follow the god known as Discord.

In the Fixed Timeline, due to the fact that Chrysalis never arrived in Ludus in this iteration of the timeline, she never existed.


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