Corona Zeronius


Luna (Mother), Revelian (Father)


Corona's existence was first started off in the events of The Descent. After Revelian and Luna's daughter, Solaria, had died, Luna was hoping that they could have another child. By the end of the story, Revelian willingly accepts.

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After the Descent, Corona was born. Being that he was born while his parents were married, he as well inherits Revelian's last name, unlike his previous relatives, Solaria and Starbreeze.

Corona later appears several years later in Worlds in Ruin. He is one of the main characters, and one who will be traveling with the group back in time.

He first appears when Mercuron, Twilight, and Lazro are in the library. He and Lazro accidentally bump into each other, and argue for a little while, before Lazro leaves. Corona then continues on about the groups plan. Solaria comes by a while later, and their group can finally move on. All of them ready, the group teleports to Hell, where they are immediately ambushed by Scarlet Cross Golems.

After defeating the Golems, Corona and the others move on. They find Celestia, who forewarns them of a danger in their home, though otherwise proves no use towards their original goal, of finding out about Shenanigans.

When the group returns to Ludus, Corona mentions about Kuipter's ghost, and the possibility that he might have been revived, seeing as he was missing from Hell. He also mentions that strange things have been happening back at his house, as a confirmation. The three go to Revelian's old castle, where they are ambushed once again, this time by Cogbeasts manned by NCD1288. After conversing with the Nazcan, he reveals who he is, thus ensuing a battle between him and Mercuron. Mercuron wins, and the group moves on.

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