Class-D citizens just pass--passing by? Ugh.


Coherine Vesper Xenza Xerano Udvent Interdit ArBessel Antigram

Redesigned Coherine

58 Years (28 Years in Fan-Ball)
Royal Serrangio Family (Family)

Mavelus Soflini (Former Associate)

Codeam Lidraz (Associate)

Waldo Wavre (Associate)

Gregor (Former Associate)

Raptor Isthmus(Associate)

Neptunel Lea (Associate)

Toxicrebound Marttel (Associate, Acquaintance)

Deryn Haniko (Associate)

Adamant Ensan Soflini (Former Love Interest)

Adamant's Parents (Former Associates)
Valleyforge City

Coherine V. X. X. U. I. ArBessel Antigram is the Bizarro counterpart of Ludicrine. He is a Class-A citizen due to his royal Serrangio lineage and his inherited family wealth. His pesterchum tag is coherentDevil.


Coherine has always had a sort of po-faced attitude, always taking things bluntly and seriously. He gets noticeably vexed when shenanigans of any sort occur, which usually leads to his stuttering to increase about a hundred fold, to the point where he can barely get his complaints regarding said shenanigans across. He is also somewhat conceited, often looking down on lower-class citizens. As a sort of means to flaunt his wealth, he has been known to wear a variety of luxurious fur coats and hats, alongside bird masks (usually resembling a plague doctor mask). He also tends to carry around a thick, metal walking cane, which he uses to beat away rats and Class D citizens. The cane also doubles as a melee and a ranged weapon, since it is in fact a cleverly disguised high powered close range shotgun. However, he doesn't tend to use this weapon as often as he should.


Coherine was born a part of the royal Serrangio family. But he abandoned his life on their home planet due to him having no reason to live in such a hopeless place. He traveled to earth, where life was ideal, and soon met Toxicrebound. The two immediately befriended one another and became close friends. Since Coherine has royal links, he had enough money to support the both of them, but they still got jobs (And high-paying jobs, at that.) at RAM Inc.

During the Adamant incidents, Coherine had developed feelings for Adamant, but he quickly let go of them when one day he saw that Adamant had moved to live with Mavelus.


  • Coherine has a tendency to fumble over words, as a nod to Poisonshot's "tranductor" incidents.
  • Coherine has an aura of oranges.
  • His hair wings are, in fact, artificial. In the infamous Portal Disaster, wherein 8^y was horrifically altered by a temperamental transdimensional rift, the altered 8^y lit Coherine on fire and caused his wings to be burnt off. It took forty buckets of water to put the fire out. Wherein afterwards 8^y ate all of the buckets. Repeatedly. It was reported that while lighting Coherine on fire, the altered 8^y shouted "HELL YA".