Chaos Chaos
Location: Center Depths 42
LP: 4200000000000000
AT: unknown
AGI: unknown
Range: Unlimited
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: unknown
EXP: unknown
Gold ($): unknown
Drops: Chaos Chest Blue Chest (100%)
Species: (unique)
Head: (unique)
Attack: unknown
Head colour: #1952E5
Body colour: #7F7F7F
Movement: Flying
Credits: Look-a-troopa


This enemy is the embodiment of Chaos, and acts as an optional bonus boss in Stick Ranger. It is, in fact, the strongest enemy, being even stronger than Chronos and Gaia combined.

Once killed, it will always drop one Blue Chest which once unlocked it will provide one out of the 42 Chaos Artifacts.

Role in stories

Chaos was originally a being just of concept. Though, one day, Chaos decided to become more than just a concept, and became alive, thus causing Gaia to exist. Gaia then caused time to pass, thus causing Chronos to exist.

Ellona's Lusus has some connection to Chaos, and is possibly the same being to some extent.

There are a number of weapons that were crafted to contain the rage of the god Chaos, that are extremely powerful, and to only be used by followers of Chaos.

Chaos is known to have brought forth the Demon Lilith, who birthed three children in order to bring forth ages of followers to Chaos on Ludus.

It is known that Chaos provides powers of Necromancy to those who follow the deity. Due to greater amounts of deaths after the arrival of Separ Monsters, more and more Ludusians began to become followers of Chaos.

A number of main characters are followers of Chaos, including Hankvi Guidza, Amygea Moriam, and Ellona Nezhod. Later, Zachary Isles and Crescent become followers of Chaos.


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