Adopter: Look-a-troopa
Cells: Ao, Osteoblast and Mammalian (Ao Cell + Osteoblast + Mammalian Cell)
Merging expected by: 613
Expected species: unknown
Note: Will have an Ao Oni Head.
Operator: Poisonshot
Result: Ao Bone Ao Bone, the Bone Big Monkey!


Adopter: Look-a-troopa
Cells: Trix and Ice (Trix Cell + Ice Cell)
Merging expected by: Indeed
Expected species: Paradoxicism
Note: Probably not all stable.
Operator: Fire InThe Hole
Result: Pyrotechcicle (♀). The fire from the Trix cells seems to be contradicting with the ice cells OH GOD IT'S SHOOTING EXPLODING SNOWBALLS RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

Adopter: Look-a-troopa
Cells: Card, Aura, and Reptilian (Card Cell + Aura Cell + Reptilian Cell)
Merging expected by: N/A
Expected species: unknown
Note: none
Operator: Ludicrine
Result: Shivver Shivver (⚥): Can place any of their 6 command nodes onto an enemy/multiple enemies, enacting mind control onto them. Every minute, one active command node is destroyed, killing the enemy it is attached to (unless they have multiple nodes, which extends control time/life). With this great power, though, Shivver is only legally allowed to use these moves on Green Smiley Walkers from Opening Street.

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