Adopter: Josewong
Cells: Random, Nazca, and Troll (Random Cell + Nazca Cell + Alt Troll Cell)
Merging expected by: 715
Expected species: Unknown as per Random Cell
Note: none
Operator: Ludicrine
Result: Xcbtad Description in file image.

Adopter: Josewong
Cells: Euclid, Osteoblast, Gem, Cubic, and Nazca (Euclid Cell + Osteoblast + Gem Cell + Cubic Cell + Nazca Cell)
Merging expected by: 828
Expected species: Heavy mutation, Wheel, Nazcan
Note: Call a general, and possibly Malkovich.
Operator: Ludicrine
Result: Nazcan Wheel of Fortune Nazcan Wheel of Fortune (⚥): When fueled by solid matter (preferred materials being large asteroids or dwarf planets), it is capable of releasing a hyperbeam capable of wiping out all biological matter of a certain classification. This particular creation, quite unfortunately for the Nazcans, is only capable of wiping out the nigh-extinct "Scaley Ink Fish With Radical Hats" species. Additionally, it is the first and (hopefully) only model of its kind in this sector.


Adopter: Josewong
Cells: Random, Nazca and Vessel (Random Cell + Nazca Cell + Vessel Cell)
Merging expected by: The Now
Expected species: Some Sorta Nazca
Note: none
Operator: Ludicrine
Result: Nazcan Meta Soldat Nazcan Meta Soldat (genderless): The combined effects of the Random and Vessel cells have given this pet not only a complete disconnect from the Nazcan hivemind, but a connection to the Efigie hivemind. The Meta Soldat is capable of viewing alternate futures to predict the outcomes of war strategies.

Adopter: Josewong
Cells: Castle Cell, Shrine Cell, Pyramid Cell, Ice Cell

(Castle Cell + Shrine Cell + Pyramid Cell + Ice Cell)

Merging expected by: N/A
Expected species: unknown
Note: none
Operator: Look-a-troopa
Result: Boss Boss Boss Boss (×)

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