Princess Celestia
Equestrian (Alicorn)
Around 2500
Luna (Sister)

DMSwordsmaster (Brother-in-Law)

Solaria (Niece)

Corona (Nephew)

Kuipter (Brother-in-law)

Starbreeze (Daughter)

Cadance (Niece)

Shining Armor (Nephew-in-law)

Twilight Sparkle (Niece-in-law)

02 (Mother-in-law)
Equestrian Army, Luna, Shenanigans (To an extent)
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Celestia is an Alicorn and the supreme co-ruler of Equestria with her sister Luna. She was the mentor of Twilight Sparkle, whom she had previously addressed as her faithful student, although now due to a certain series of conflicts finds a hatred for many people she used to call friends. Over years, her lust for power drove her mad, causing her to do, according to Luna, rather unspeakable things to her on occasion. When she found out that Luna had a baby and was getting married, she felt it her responsibility to "intervene". Celestia proceeded to invade Fan-Ball world using Equestrian forces, taking over several ports and castles. She also revives and enlists the help of Shenanigans to assist her in her efforts to rule yet another world and take revenge upon her sister.

After her over two millennia of power and its abuse, she is completely without morals. She is willing to do anything in order to get what she wants- for example, bribing, blackmail, and even using her own body as a means of convincing people to do what she wants.

After fleeing the captured palace, Celestia runs off to Universe City. The gang, aided by the Mane 6, give chase. They finally manage to confront her at the capital. However, she gets Revelian and Luna captured. She tries to get Revelian executed by the Butcher, while she deals with her sister. While Revelian gets saved by Zoshi, Celestia violently rapes Luna. But before she can execute her, the gang intervenes and narrowly saves her.

When they finally reach the roof, they meet back up with the Mane 6. Despite the overwhelming odds, Celestia remains cocky and arrogant, and proceeds to tear the Elements of Harmony out of the Mane 6. (Despite the fact she "supposedly" lost control over them after the second Nightmare Moon incident. Turns out that was a false story she used to get out of saving Equestria when another villain attacked.) She then incapacitates everyone except Revelian and Luna. She tries to kill Luna by using the elements in a massive attack, but Revelian saves Luna just in time, but gets severely damaged himself. Enraged, Celestia proceeds to fight her sister, using different elements as super attacks. But, she is defeated. In a desperate measure, she transforms into a seraph-like form by absorbing the elements. Just when hope seems lost, DMS manages to activate the elements of Acceptance and sacrifices himself in order to allow Luna to transform as well.

Luna combats her in this new form, and manages to defeat her. However, in a last-ditch bout of insanity, Celestia summons the Equestrian sun to destroy the planet.

In the end, despite her taunts towards Luna, she manages to stop the sun from falling, with motivation from the spirit of Revelian. After she saves the world, Luna sentences Celestia to spend an entire eon on the Equestrian sun.

However, she would return in Minor Characters Story, being one of the villains that Zalgo brings back. He freed her from the Equestrian sun. Predictably enough, she fell in love (to an extent) with Kuipter.

The gang goes after her, first. After a really awkward dungeon, they find her with Kuipter. After 02 taunts her son on his bad choice of women, Kuipter flees and Celestia battles the gang, soon fleeing herself after 02 exploits her weakness.

She makes an appearance in Trix 3, albeit a minor one. Her and Kuipter have settled down, and Celestia is pregnant.

In The Dark Emissary: Uprising, she starts off taking care of Revelian and Luna's baby while they go to New Hub City. However, she and Kuipter wind up saving the gang from Chrysalis. She and Kuipter then join the gang in DMS and Luna's place. However, this was a plot by Celestia in order to take the power of the Dark Star out from underneath the gang's noses. However, when the gang defeats Grodus, Kuipter steals the power and dumps Celestia, showing that the only thing he cared about from her was the sex she gave him. She then fled, having Revelian and Luna take her place.

In Worlds in Ruin: A Time-Traveling Adventure, Celestia makes a minor appearence. The gang visits her in Hell, intending to ask her what she knows about the Chaos Lord Shenanigans. At first, she attacks them by summoning an Energy Demon, which the group defeats. Then she accuses her daughter, Starbreeze, or being a traitor to her own planet by not continuing the cycle on their own planet to make the sun come up. Celestia shows Starbreeze a vision of Equestria, know ruled by Crescent, proving this to be true. After stating that she knows nothing about Shenanigans, she runs off.

Major Relationships

Luna: Obviously despises greatly.

After Luna was originally defeated during the first Nightmare Moon incident, the absence of her left the throne pretty much up to Celestia alone. She soon got used to this feeling of newfound control. When Luna returned later during the second Nightmare Moon incident, she was defeated again, but this time, she returned to normal. However, Celestia was secretly not pleased with this. She only took her in to "keep up appearances." According to Luna, if Celestia had defeated her, alone, she would have probably killed her in order to keep the throne for herself. However, because Twilight and the Mane 6 were there, she was forced to instead harbor her in. 

Several years of hidden torment later, enter Revelian. He takes care of her, and actually treats her with respect, but is forced to leave some time later. Several more years later, and Luna flees Equestria. However, due to the spiteful nature of Celestia, she hunted her down in order to actually finish her off.

It is revealed that these "unspeakable things" that Celestia has done to her was simple: dominatrix rape. Near the end of Wrapping Things Up, Luna is captured by Celestia and violently raped by her. After Revelian narrowly saves her, he reveals that Luna and Celestia once got into a big fight over something. Celestia had beaten Luna to near-death, and told her that the only way she'd let her live was to sell her body to her. According to Revelian, she has raped Luna before.

Revelian: Despises, as well. Refers to him as a "freak" on numerous occasions. How insulting.

Twilight Sparkle: Originally her mentor. Celestia had Twilight decieved into thinking that the child that Luna had was hers, and that Luna had stolen it from her. She then had her, along with the rest of the Mane 6, spy on Revelian and Luna. However, after Pinkie Pie steals the baby and takes it to Revelian, Twilight sees that Celestia was lying all along. Because of this, Celestia attempts to assassinate her by disconnecting her oxygen systems that kept her alive after Shenanigans attacked her. However, she was saved by Jack.

Kuipter: They share a common hatred of their own relatives. Guess what that means? The "villain" version of love. During Minor Character Story, they simply share a sexual relationship, however, in Trix 3, they live with one another in thier new home in Snowfiield. It is revealed that Celestia is pregnant with a child of hers and Kuipter's. She commonly has to restrain Kuipter from some of his temper issues, and she seems to have calmed down a bit after being freed from the Equestrian sun.

In The Dark Emissary: Uprising, she comes up with a plan to use the power of the Dark Star. However, when Kuipter takes the power, he refuses to give it to her, and as Zoshi puts it "Oh-so-gentlemanly dumps her". Kuipter betrays Celestia, and ends their relationship, showing no care for his child. After Dark 02 is defeated, Celestia herself brutally executes Kuipter. Revelian then orders her to head home, warning that if she tries to come up with a plan like this again, he would show no mercy next time.


Celestia's pony form is that of a tall, white pony. Her hair is rainbow-colored, long, and flowing. It also sparkles.

Unlike Luna, when Celestia is outside of Equestria, her hair does not dull. It stays long, flowing, and sparkly. The only differences between her pony form and her other form is the human qualities she gets outside of Equestria. She also gets noticably taller- She's taller then Luna (The tallest protagonist thus far, being taller then even Revelian), and she almost towers over other people.


Before the events of WTU, Celestia was rarely talked about by Luna. But when she was referred to, it was usually negative. 

When Revelian first arrives in Equestria, and is allowed to stay at the palace, he falls for her "Nice, quiet" facade. However, as time goes by, he starts to see past the facade and how terribly she treats Luna. However, Luna herself states at one point that Celestia wasn't always like this. She used to actually be kind and caring, but her new-found power without her sister drove her mad with power, and she simply viewed Luna as an obstacle. This changed her into an egotistical maniac.

Some aspects of her personality include a "Dominatrix" complex that makes it to where she has to be the one on top, she has to be the one with power, or else she is nothing. This leads to some... very disturbing... moments with Luna. She has no morals or regards for common human laws or courtesy, for example, raping her sister, Luna, which is wrong on several levels.

She is also conniving and twisted, and is willing to give up even her own body in order to get what she wants.


  • Celestia is purposely meant to have many characteristics created by fans. (Most notably, Tyrant Celestia, Trollestia, and Molestia.)
  • She is the first major female antagonist.