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2 Stick Ranger 2
This page is about the fan-created sequel Stick Ranger 2. Nothing from this category pertains to the canon game, Stick Ranger, which also has its own category.

Gold Brick shop is a shop which trades weapons with the prefix gold for golden Bricks

Brick Exchange

The brick exchange allows you to get a golden Brick for a billion gold each

Each one of these golden Bricks can be traded for a Billion gold Or a Stat Reset Of your Entire Party

Brick Shop

Everyone is free to make new weapons for the Brick shop

The Brick shop sells zero slot SS1 Weapons for 1 golden Brick each one slot SS1 Weapons For 5 Golden Bricks  Two slot SS1 Weapons for 50 golden Bricks each

SS1 weapons are a tier stronger than LL

You Find Brick Shop when You Complete Stick Ranger 2

The Weapons

Retro Staff of WoodRetro Staff of Wood Has An Infinite Range And Also Does A Flat Rate Of 2008 Damage And Has 0-0 AGI

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