Owner: BrokenMartyr
Pets being Bred: PI Pickle Inspector and GumatBumat Bumat (right).
Egg expected by: 0325
Hatch expected by: 0326
Expected species of baby: Tree
Note: Might be another set of conjoined twins.
Hatch: Replicsimile Replicisimile (♂), (♂): They prefer to be known as one entity, as opposed to two. Hence their shared name.


Owner: BrokenMartyr
Pets being Bred: Pilma and quan

Pilma + Quan

Egg expected by: 20X
Hatch expected by: 20X
Expected species of baby: Tree
Note: Pet will be called Tucket the Heightfaller according to ancient prophecies.
Hatch: Tucket the Heightfaller (o): The demigod offspring of the grand lord quan, Tucket is incapable of being fixed to any logical points of gravity and as such contorts their body to wherever gravity is weakest- in theory, of course. Tucket is capable of manipulating gravity and is the first of the Honorbound, a group of otherwise unrelated demigod pets who give up their given names, reproductive identities, battle classes, and auras in order to be granted Thaumic energy, which allows them to perform miraculous feats of nondescript magic.

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