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Anyone who is allowed to edit other LDZX pages can help out with requests. Simply get permission from the requester to handle the request, and afterwards mark your username (or your anagramed username) in the "operator" section of the Breeding Template.


The Breeding Center is a place where you can breed your pets to create an egg, which will hatch into a baby pet. To breed pets, place a request in the comments, and an administrator will respond and allow you to breed your pets if possible. This is a nice way for you and others to get more pets without being greedy and taking every pet there is.

Please be aware that pets can be re-breed for more children. Also note that Headpets cannot breed and should instead go to the Fusion Chamber. Bodypets, however, are eligible to breed with other Bodypets as well as pets that share the Species that they are. Alternatively, pets that go to the Fusion Chamber may also have "perfect offspring" produces, creating genetic fusions of the parents regardless of gender or incompatibility.

To view past breeding results, see the archive.

Breeding Requirements

  • Pets must be of compatible genotypes to breed (see Pet Genotypes for details).
  • Pets who are bred need to verify that they own the bred pets.
  • Pets who are bred by two different owners need to be confirmed by both owners before breeding can occur.
  • Pets who are bred by two different owners have shared custody unless otherwise stated or decided.
  • Pets cannot breed unless it has been at least a week since their last egg was laid.
  • Pets cannot breed if they are 3 or more generations apart on a family tree.
  • No one can choose what their hatch is going to be like, nor hurrying it. You may suggest names, though.
  • Incest is not allowed.
  • If a pet is not claimed within one week (unless the user has notified that he is taking a break), it will be put in temporary custody of a random active admin and can be picked up there. 
  • When making a request for breeding, post pictures of the two pets that you wish to breed together. To post pictures in the comments section below, type [[File:Pet_name.png]].
  • You may breed pets with more than one different partner, but we encourage it be made clear that this is part of a polyarmorous relationship, and not the result of cheating.


  • As a courtesy to others, we will only allow two breedings from the same user at any given time. New breeding requests may be submitted once a previous one has been completed and claimed.

Breedings in Progress

Owner: BrokenMartyr
Pets being Bred: Mary and No Chilled

GumaryBumat + No Chilled

Egg expected by: N/A
Hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of baby: unknown
Note: Likely to bear resemblance to Baa'l.
Hatch: Tartarys Tartarys

Owner: Look-a-troopa
Pets being Bred: Israfel and Prasitan

Israfel + Prasitan

Egg expected by: N/A
Hatch expected by: 11/6/2017
Expected species of baby: 11/7/2017
Note: Most likely Aquatic. (Breeding done by JWDD)
Hatch: Ardelis-0 Ardelis, Brown Coconut Fish. She grew really fast, and broke out of her egg too soon. She got a terrible head injury due to it. I recommend you take her to the hospital.

13 queued breeds by Look-a-troopa.

Owner: Ludicrine
Pets being Bred: Shock Byser

Shock Byser

Egg expected by: N/A
Hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of baby: unknown
Hatch: Des Byser Des Byser

Owner: Fire InThe Hole and Look-a-troopa
Pets being Bred: Spiders George and Ding Dong (Bullet head)

SpidersGeorge + Ding Dong

Egg expected by: N/A
Hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of baby: unknown
Note: none
Hatch: ⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀ ⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀⁀ and Pusspuss Pusspuss

Owner: Fire InThe Hole
Pets being Bred: Fire Boss and Evaporatie

Fire Boss + Evaporatie

Egg expected by: N/A
Hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of baby: unknown
Note: none
Hatch: Lavara Lavara (✝)