• A, Mori

    [lore blogpost]

    When two Mindstone Fragments are combined/used together/in close proximity, the power of them increases not just linearly (i.e. 1+1) but exponentially (i.e. 1+x^y). The exact formula of this has been identified and categorized-- assuming that each of the 76 Mindstone Fragments each has the same amount of power

    For example, let's say that one Mindstone Fragment has a power equivalent to the number 100. For scale, Revelian Zeronius' power level (without a Mindstone Fragment) is also 100.

    If two Mindstone Fragments were used at the same time (say, the Will Fragment and the Redemption Fragment against Zalgo in the imagined AU version of Corruption: He Comes) the power they on their own would equal to would be 225. If three Mindsto…

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  • A, Mori

    Dream Stones

    July 11, 2017 by A, Mori

    Hailing from a time beyond time, from a world beyond worlds, there was a powerful substance called the Dream Monolith-- an item that could grant any wish, no matter how powerful or reality-bending. The pure danger of the item existing was recognized by elder gods and was immediately dealt with; immortals used their power to shatter the Dream Monolith into pieces, and scatter those pieces in all directions so that they may never meet again and pose the danger of reforming.

    The Dream Monolith itself was powerful enough to protect and preserve its form, so it was shattered into only nine pieces, which would be referred to as the Dream Stones, and the Dream Stones contained a weakened version of the Dream Monolith’s power-- the ability to grant…

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  • A, Mori

    buhh history

    July 8, 2017 by A, Mori

    Something from me, Mori. bet you weren’t expecting that, eh?

    Anyway, here’s what this shit is. Here I detail the 17 (I swear it’s a coincidence) major periods of history in the main timeline Saga Timeline-- or at least my plans about it in connection to the currently existing canon and my ideas for future stories (such as Other Memory).

    Why am I making this? Because it’s important for knowing how to make a story have importance.

    For instance, if you’re writing a story that occurs during the Times of Creation, the story can only really be important if it’s about the origins of deities and all that. If you’re writing a story that occurs during the Age of State-Building, it’s only really important if the story details something about how new gover…

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  • Look-a-troopa


    April 6, 2017 by Look-a-troopa

    Not to be confused with the other Pink. You know who I'm talking about.

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  • Ludicrine

    Wow. We're old.

    I won't hit all of you with the sentimental - partially because I'm rushing to get the actual content for this blog out (definitely not leftovers from a failed attempt at a Chanukwanzaa thing), and also as to not sound like a broken record. You guys know how much I love y'all and how much this site means to me, even with my diminishing appearances.

    Now let's get into the good stuff...

    Each user may take two gifts from the selection below, with the exception of GhostCheese, who may take three. This will be on a first come, first served basis, though should the gifts run out (unlikely), more will be supplied for additional users who wish to enter within a reasonable timespan.

    At a later date (I won't put a definite deadline here …

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  • RadiantDarkBlaze

    I just really can't seem to keep my ideas within one or even two blog pages. *sigh*. Well, here's another page. On a different wiki this time.

    As the blog title suggests; this is indeed an entire blog page dedicated to fusing different pairings of canon weapons together. However, that currently means... two Gunner weapons. I still have 14 other rough ideas for fusions I want to make, all of which are for the Gunner. Since that covers level 1~4 weapons, I'll probably make a second cycle of the total of 16 ideas for levels 5~8. I'll probably make a fusion list for another class sometime after I'm finished with the Gunner's fusion list.

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  • A, Mori


    |Row 6 title = Height |Row 6 info = 5' 5.2” |Row 7 title = Weight |Row 7 info = 142.666 lbs. |Row 8 title = Aura |Row 8 info = }}

    Ellona is sort of a violent revolutionary; someone who is fine with violence if it is for the right cause. She is somewhat erratic, and she usually maintains an infuriatingly smug attitude.

    Ellona Nezhod is 5 feet, 5.2 inches tall, and weighs 142.666 pounds. Ellona has short, wavy, spiked up , with on her right bangs, and in a layered side-fade cut. Being a hybrid troll, she has , four pointy ears (upper right one is covered by her hair), sharp teeth, , , and other traditional troll features, along with gridmaskian features. Ellona has somewhat high cheekbones, a mid-size "Greek" nose, and thin eyebrows, appa…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    This is the 2014 section of the archive blog of the the WHAT UPDATE blog.

    Morony squared, I can barely find time to update this. My activities for the rest of this year are pretty low. I have the following things to do:

    - Downwards needs to proceed to the ending pretty soon.

    - A Walk Through The Fields is nowhere near finished and needs serious rewriting.

    - I want to write another story that started on the Doomed Timeline.

    - I have stuff to do at the Pet Creator.

    Aside from all of this, I have roughly 30 books to read for four languages in the coming year. I will not enter inactivity, but I surely won't have a lot of time to do things.

    Jeeze, updating this is a little forgotten. I've been incorporating all kinds of quasicanonish things into Downw…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    This is the 2015 section of the update archive of the WHAT UPDATE blog.

    This is the last day of 2015... heh. I should probably write some sort of reflection on the year but I can't be bothered. This was the year when:

    • Timelines became a thing
    • Hank has increased the amount of backstory to Hankvi trememndously
    • Mori has come with the idea of the Gray Agents, among other things
    • A lot of story stuff in general was being done

    This was sadly also the year when several people were pretty salty. We should probably ban assalt rifles, ay? Yes, that is a bad joke. Go ahead and make a weapon by that name if you want, honestly. It was also recently made the year when shitty vandalism returned for a short period. The result of that is that Ivan247 is bureaucr…

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  • Fire InThe Hole
    His wrath shall cut their ties from this unholy filth His wrath shall burn the skies and burn corrupt within

    - One of 's prophecies.

    An old man stepped through the gates of the city, a vintage motorcycle in his hands as he passed the security checks. Despite his appearance, with silvery hair and a simple walking cane, his stride was quite firm, and the motorcycle at his side seemed to have little effect on his speed.

    The security station was behind him now, and he smiled softly.

    "Poor lads. Hardly paid, yet always blamed for mishaps."

    He had heard many stories of this place. Of its great skyscrapers and the suspended bridges, even entire squares and shopping streets in the air. There were stories of those below the great buildings, too: of their m…

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  • A, Mori


    January 1, 2017 by A, Mori


    i swear ill be funnier this year

    not really but lmao ill try

    2016 can get rekt

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  • A, Mori

    So, a lot of the timelines are somewhat based off of Alpha, or, when the timeline was created, Alpha was used as a point of comparison for the explanation of the story of that timeline. However, what with DMSwordsmaster now having left the wiki for what might be a permanent amount of time, the decision has been made that the Alpha timeline will be owned by DMS and unchanged except by him, and that his characters and content are not to be used without his permission. Since he has left the wiki, he can't make stories and he can't really give anyone permission for anything, so the state of the Alpha Timeline and DMS' content contributions are fairly inert, and thus they will likely be kept to there.

    Since most timelines effectively cannot have…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    Lyka Westwood

    November 30, 2016 by Fire InThe Hole


    |Lyka, after some troubles.}}

    |Affectionate name}} |Row 6 title = Height |Row 6 info = 166 cm |Row 7 title = Weight |Row 7 info = 64 kg |Row 8 title = Aura |Row 8 info = }}

    Lyka Westwood is mostly known for being Delinius' girlfriend.

    Story Lyka was born as a Gridmask to the relatively wealthy Westwood family, though said wealth had decreased due to many of them being lazy and only working 'for fun' rather than actually trying to make a living for themselves. Lyka was quite done with this and left for Hub City (this being quite a while back and maybe it was even Old Hub City at that time) and lived there by herself for some time. Presumably, she found a boyfriend of sorts at some point and got settled for a few years... until a rather…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    A lot of this is still heavily in the works, but I figured I might as well post it to catch some feedback on it.



    Caldeus Philip Langton is the father of Delinius and Ina.

    While a modest-natured person by himself, Caldeus is known for his devotion to his ancestral deity, Dwin. While this does make him slightly less open-minded in many areas, he is quite agreeable to his family and friends. Notably, he tends to compliment those that prove to be tolerant of ideas and beliefs that differ to their own, which seems to be for more than just its merit in his religion.

    Caldeus is commonly depicted as having greyish-brown hair, even at a young age. Although little is known about his attire in early years, it is known that he commonly wears …

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    A general reference work for Delinius on various timelines.

    See also here, which contains more dates as well as more details to some events (though not all of them).

    • Alpha- The 'first' or 'pioneer' timeline, back from before the concept of timelines was introduced in the first place. Closed from further additions and edits until further notice. The 'original' timeline that contains many past works that might not fit very well with the current times, but that doesn't quite bring enough pressure to get anything done just yet.
    • Delinius technically doesn't have any canonical roles on Alpha, other than being an employee of LDZX.

    • Meant to boot the old storytimeline up, but with the removal of a lot of outdated/unwanted content.
    • Though everything here…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    Return to Sender

    November 18, 2016 by Fire InThe Hole

    "This was a mistake on my part."

    He hastily walked into the room, a stack of documents firmly in his hands. After archiving them in their respective cabinets, he activated the main terminal.

    Loading... /|\ Tempora v1.44 \|/ Welcome, Maintenancekeeper. __________________________ /timecheck Δt Ϝ ... Checking timeflow signature for 'Ϝ'... ... ERROR: Could not find consistent value. Estimated fragmentation of 'Ϝ':86%.

    Why he would still do this frequently was a mystery even to himself. Clearly, the timeline was lost and things would not return to normal.

    /runsearch anomaly_d24 [✉] Searching for d24... ... WARNING: d24 currently located on 'Π' for approx. t=-32. Please ensure anomaly does not interfere with timeline continuity. /resetparam timepoi… Read more >
  • Fire InThe Hole

    Note beforehand: the events and other details described here, as far as they have not been established or written out in a story format yet, are in theory and as such not canonical. As well, this page and its contents may be subject to change until further notice.

    Either way, here's a page that will be up for good, listing events of Delinius' life in a way similar to this blog post. It is highly incomplete as of right now, and it'll actually be a sub-blog of what's currently here. I know that this is not in according to my grand plan, but said plan was conjured up before I realised that university requires some time too, so I'll be taking this one step at a time.

    A timeline currently locked for permission reasons; Delinius' canonical role is…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    Future structure

    October 21, 2016 by Fire InThe Hole

    You might not understand what this title is about, but it's tied to my intended revamping of the ~22 blogs and subpages I have containing reference material of various kinds. This is actually also a planning of sorts that will likely need bunping a dozen times for your convenience.

    • User:Fire InThe Hole
      • /Subpages
        • /Reference material
          • /Dwin(ianism)
            • /??? [May end up having several subpages]
          • /Timeline overview
            • /Detailed overview
          • /Timeline settings
          • /Potential plot
        • /Stories
          • Voyage
          • Langton Incorporated [Γ]
          • Back to the Mainland [Γ]
          • The Incredubious Industrial [Γ]
          • In Luce Ingente: Archlight of Mavus (and the rest of that story arc) [Δ]
          • The Art of Phlogiston [Ι]
          • Return to Sender[Π]
          • The Great Mailman War [Π]
          • More when I remember them.
        • /Characters
          • /Interactions with Delinius
          • B…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    A concept for an alternate Delinius cobbled up before the introduction of timelines and improved upon. To presumably be placed on the Omicron timeline, or alternatively the Rho timeline. Though I've sort of screwed that up on Delinius' main page so I'll have to fix that in a bit. Anyhow, here's Maxwell: 

    |Maxwell, about his position at Isles & Quint}}

    |Pseudonym during the witch hunts.}}

    |Row 6 title = Height |Row 6 info = |Row 7 title = Weight |Row 7 info = |Row 8 title = Aura |Row 8 info = |Delinius Maxwell Langton}} }}

    Delinius Maxwell Langton (Maxwell) is the Omicron (?) timeline iteration of Delinius, born in much the same way as on most of the other timelines. With the rise of Isles & Quint as a company, however, he quickly joined to b…

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  • Look-a-troopa


    October 15, 2016 by Look-a-troopa

    The Proto-Planet, sometimes dubbed Gaia, was the original creation of Gaia, before life was forcibly scattered throughout the Prism. The different regions of the planet are retroactively called Proto-Pragma, -Eros, -Mania, -Agape, -Ludus and -Storge. Orbiting the planet are numerous unnamed sattelites, as well as two moons dubbed Captium and Alísceia. Not to be confused with the potential "Proto-Planet" to be created by The Beast.

    All that remains of the Proto-Planet and its moons is the seven fragments divided amongst the Archdemons' planets, as well as a smoldering core which sits at the center of Prism.

    • Gaia
      • Captium
      • Alísceia
      • Neuqtes
    • All Princes of Hell except Lucifer
      • Mammon
      • Asmodeus
      • Satan
      • Beelzebub
      • Leviathan
      • Belphegor
    • TJ Mercer
    • Neil
    • Erythrozan
    • Caledonia
    • B…

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  • ZoshiX

    Stick Ranger ZX Mod

    October 7, 2016 by ZoshiX

    I've begun really getting into tinkering with the Stick Ranger code, so as I make progress, I will be releasing my own series of mods, much like other users like Ivan247 and Aeinstein have already been doing.

    Feel free to play as much as you like, test for bugs, suggest future additions, and have fun.

    The current version of SR ZX Mod is hosted at:

    • 1.0 - Cosmetic Changes
      • New title screen.
      • Some elements in the HUD have been re-arranged or spaced differently.
      • Naming, spelling, and capitalization changes.
    • 1.1 - In Development
      • Development Screenshots:
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  • Aeinstein

    Aein's Mod

    September 6, 2016 by Aeinstein

    Recently I've heard about Ivan's mod for Stick Ranger, I tried it and liked it, then, I thought I could try to make my own mod for Stick Ranger. I started it on September 4th.

    Total progress with it:

    1. Added "BURN" info on Fire weapons
    2. Now, the "BURN", "SLOW" and "TIME" info on Fire, Ice, Poison and Freeze weapons have colored text
    3. Added 2 new weapon types
    4. Increased the size of the book and added a new continent to the world map
    5. Added 19 new stages so far!
    6. Increased EXP level cap from 99 to 128
    7. Added Yellow, Cyan and Purple stones
    8. Added Turquoise, Onyx, Citrine, Amethyst and Moonstone jewels
    9. Added 145 new weapons
    10. Added a new compo item category: "Runes", which decrease LP but increase defense against a specific type
    11. Added one new tileset
    12. Added six new la…

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  • Look-a-troopa

    The Humorists

    August 8, 2016 by Look-a-troopa

    REGIMENT SIZE: 9 + 1



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  • LOL741

    Hi. I've attempted some SR modding recently, and I'm having some issues with Google Chrome. When I open the Stick Ranger.html file in IE, the page opens fine and the .js is loaded (Only after I click a button allowing 'scripts and ActiveX controls' however). On the other hand, when I try to open the Stick Ranger.html file using Google Chrome, the .js that should be embedded doesn't load. Investigating using the DOM explorer under the "Network" tab in Chrome, I found an error message saying: "Stick Ranger.js:6395 Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to execute 'getImageData' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data." I'm assuming that this is the spanner in the works. Playing my modded SR versions in Chrome …

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  • ZoshiX

    It has come to attention, mainly thanks to a trip around the world by Ludicrine, that many of the pet pages are abandoned, redundant, or functionally pointless, at least in the context of modern Fan-Ball. 

    I aim to coherently organize thoughts on the matter here.

    • Pet Arena - A fun pastime and staple of our history, but has grown unpopular in recent years, possible due to both fatigue and the difficulty of self-maintaining combat between purely imaginary concepts with users in varying time zones. As it stands, there are a couple of centers whose existence rests solely on the arena (namely the hospital and subsequently the prosthetic and revival centers), so retirement of it would have the retirement of the aforemenioned centers follow as well…

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  • TechnoSpaceKitty

    Hello guys, this is TechnoSpaceKitty, and today we will touch up on three subjects, Badges, Trolls, and Admins.


    I'm mainly making this for the badge, but i might as well make it useful for others. I am going to try to earn most of the badges if i can't get all of them. My goal is to become an Administrator to this Wiki, i feel i'd be very helpful to others, and i tend to be nice to others.


    To be honest, sometimes I troll too, but i NEVER abuse my powers, and in fact, i hate most other trolls. I've got to say, Speddos is among the annoying, so im glad hes finally gone, with all his sockpuppets and alt accounts. Its very annoying to see someone who changes all your hard work into rubble, and creates useless links from items, like…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    First of all I complain about Wikia as well as my laptop because lag and edit mistakes. Anyway.

    This is the 'fault' of:

    • First of all, me. For introducing the Envelope head (and the Printer head later);
    • Secondly, Ludi, for making HERE'S THE MAIL;
    • Me again, for having the idiocy and inspiration for the mailpets (more of those on the shelf, by the way); everyone who reacted positively is also at fault;
    • LD again, this time for giving me the title of this blog page as a thing.
    • But still it's just my fault, obviously. This is all a bad joke.

    This includes Return to Sender, which was written as its prologue, essentially.

    All of this was originally intended to be a joke-ish story, and not something as serious as it has gotten to. However, thanks to 'The G…

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  • ZoshiX

    Character MBTI Types

    June 26, 2016 by ZoshiX

    I was originally going to catalogue other personality types such as Big 5 and Temperaments, but it would be easier just to start with this. This is just for fun and all that. If you do the test thing for one of your characters or already know it feel free to share.

    Also, some of these, especially for more recently developed characters, are based on what the character's personality is supposed to be, rather than the way they have acted in some of the older stories where they weren't as well developed.

    • Revelian - ISTJ, possibly ESTJ
    • Kuipter - ESTP
    • Shenanigans - ESFP, possibly ENFP
    • Poxten - INFJ, possibly ENFJ
    • Mori - INFJ
    • Mercuron - ISFP
    • Raskova - possibly ENTJ
    • Samuel - possibly ESTP or ESFP
    • Asterion - ESTJ
    • Zaion - possibly ENFJ or ESFJ
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  • Look-a-troopa


    June 25, 2016 by Look-a-troopa

    The Ombryx are a race of anthropod-adjacent lifeforms hailing from the outer plane of Dysma.

    8 legs, 4-segmented body (Noggin, Spinitrunc, Bouke, Morgelle) connected by an exospine across the back, 3 pairs of pedipalps, 4 mandibles, 3 digits on 6 foremost hands, 4 digits on 2 hindmost hands, all encompassed by a sophisticated exoskeleton. The rest of their appearance is entirely dependent on the perceiver's .

    Being a Terrorborn species, their physiology can shift from the norm rather extremely due to dormant mutagens in their metaphysical form.

    One of their distinguishing characteristics is that they produce a skin-loosening agent in their poisonous spit, which they use to steal the skin of their prey, masquerading as them with high levels of s…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    That's more or less what this is about. Just odd bits of everything that has a place, but doesn't yet have the surrounding story to accompany it. It's mostly meant to make sure I don't forget these, but also serves as a storage for thoughts by characters. Or something like that. 

    "Why didn't you say anything about this earlier? We could've done something about this for you."

    "That is a question I cannot answer very shortly. It is mainly because I do not wish to bother any of you with my trivial problems and the solving of said problems. After all, I've dealt with my own problems for more than a century now, haven't I?" He coughed. "Though I have always been around to aid all of you in the problems you have, that does not mean I entitle mysel…

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  • Samuel17


    June 4, 2016 by Samuel17

    |Row 4 title = Relations/Affiliations |Row 4 info = WIP |Row 5 title = Known Nicknames/Aliases |Row 5 info = |Row 6 title = Height |Row 6 info = |Row 7 title = Weight |Row 7 info = |Row 8 title = Aura |Row 8 info = }}

    Halter is a huge living dumbbell and one of the first members of The Gang. Acting as the team's most stalwart muscle, Halter does not work that often at the office but makes a living out of practically anything requiring his ginormous strength, especially demolition and mining.

    Simply put, Halter is a very imposing, towering and anthropomorphic dumbbell possessing muscular arms with four-digit hands, and two hexagonal weights that make up his head and his sole "foot". He is near always seen with a pair of black shades nailed…

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  • Samuel17


    May 29, 2016 by Samuel17

    |Row 5 title = Relations/Affiliations |Row 5 info = WIP |Row 6 title = Known Nicknames/Aliases |Row 6 info = , |Row 7 title = Height |Row 7 info = |Row 8 title = Weight |Row 8 info = |Row 9 title = Aura |Row 9 info = }}

    Kacaw is an ostrich hailing from the arid outskirts of the Desert series. Seeking challenges and trouble to quell around the world, he eventually came across the group he's part of and decided to stay due to most of the group's shared love of adventuring. Although Kacaw absolutely does not work at the office, he'll gladly accept any task/mission requiring his physical prowess.

    Kacaw is a tall and robust ostrich. Being an ostrich, Kacaw possesses a large frame, an unmistakably long neck topped by a comparatively small head,…

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  • Samuel17


    May 15, 2016 by Samuel17

    |Row 5 title = Relations/Affiliations |Row 5 info = WIP |Row 6 title = Known Nicknames/Aliases |Row 6 info = WIP |Row 7 title = Height |Row 7 info = |Row 8 title = Weight |Row 8 info = |Row 9 title = Aura |Row 9 info = }}

    Nicholas (or better known by his nickname, Bottledo) is a living water bottle and the de facto leader of The Gang. He lived a rather average and uneventful life until his discovery of the iconic group he's part of today, which was still a developing business at the time. Bottledo proved to be an invaluable asset to the group with his great mind and abilities, and helped it flourish. Nowadays, he's a very well respected figure in the group, in many parts thanks to his resourcefulness and intellect, among other things.


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  • Samuel17


    May 15, 2016 by Samuel17

    So. Stories.

    I've been thinking and maybe I could follow the bandwagon and start some of my own!

    Well, okay. Maybe. Probably not until a long time, if at all. For the time being, though, this blog will mostly explain a bit the stories' settings, as well as being a general idea dump. Introducing...

    What the hell is a Samline?

    Well, it'll be where some/most of my stories will take place. Allow me to explain some of it with a list.

    • In general, it's a timeline with not a lot of defined events, focusing mainly on the stories themselves. Thus, it could be considered as "evergrowing". In general, this timeline favors status quo a little bit.
    • Otherwise, some events associated with Alpha (and by extension, Beta and Pi), such as the whole Kuipter thing, d…

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  • Wutisdyssh

    Alright fellas, I'll give it to you straight. I'm leaving.

    I haven't contributed much while I was here, and frankly I found it hard to. It's quite difficult to try and involve yourself in a story that's already being written, etc. and it just didn't feel right sticking my stuff in.

    While I have not done a lot to contribute, there are certainly some people who have-- yeah, I'll be blunt about this. Fire's done a whole helluva lot more than I have to get involved and he hasn't gotten what he deserves.

    On that topic, Mori's seem to have gotten a bit *too* much freedom and I don't particularly enjoy reading their work. Sorry, but I said it. And I won't venture to say that his characters are Mary Sues, but... I'll just say that when I designed Dav…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    Gone until further notice. Notice will come somewhere between the end of my finals (May 26th) and somewhere in September. Why? Part of the reason is that I have several things planned for the summer - another music-related trip (for which I was 50% asked, 50% demanded by the choir's conductor at the end of Salzburg), an introduction week with the people of my soon-to-be study (where we'll likely all get drunk for real) and lastly I have some kind of romantic relationship that requires time investment. 

    The other part? Not so much running out of patience, but running out of interest to do much. If you've ever acknowledged the existence of my subpages and possibly took a glance at them, you may have noticed a cynical remark that once crossed m…

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  • Look-a-troopa


    May 7, 2016 by Look-a-troopa

    it's may 8th in this zone

    i am birthday

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    Seeing as I'm feeling particularly annoyed today, I've decided to fuck waiting and start writing on something we've been in need of for at least several months, if not more

    First of all, this is not immediately a comprehensive guideline booklet folder file. But I'll give a few things that we might be able to use for such a thing. WELL THEN. Here's a few things. At least, as far as I can think. This is hard to think up and is very much just a bunch of arbitrary ideas I have. 

    • Some form of connection to existing canon elements/characters might help.
    • Is the character too similar to something else? If it is, you might want to do something about that.
    • Most of all, just ask a bunch of people what they think of it; usually that's also how your char…

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  • A, Mori

    Okay, so, Homestuck is over, yes; we sort of haven't gotten a direct, full explanation of the classes or aspects from the author, and we might not at all, unless the epilogue is informative enough or if Hussie shares what his intentions were with it. However, from studying the comic itself and acting to contemplate the more subtle information and themes dropped within all the pages of those arguing kids, it becomes possible for us to determine what the aspects and classes are supposed to mean-- at least to an extent

    I've personally been looking at a few blogs about this that speculate the roles of classes and aspects and base their evidence off of in-comic evidence, and probably with some speculation, though not to an abstract sense. When I…

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  • HankGuideDude

    Not much time has passed since my last contribution of Fan-Ball's 5th birthday (), but I'm announcing that there will be plenty of time in the foreseeable future for me... That is, until I'm officially recruited to serve the military in the profession of computing that I had always wanted (besides the nagging to take on my brain with potential university plans). College projects are "done" and all that's left is - besides the army - some external exams here and there.

    Since 413 had passed, I'm sure Homestuck has gone a huge update (many I presume, but leave the finding to me if you'd be so kind). Funny thing is, I've took a break from reading that just about a year ago. Maybe I'll get to it if I can.

    Anyways, some stuff I want to lay down:


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  • ZoshiX

    Problem Spoof

    April 13, 2016 by ZoshiX

    You are one of the top pet salesmen in the city. Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly wakeful tonight.

    What will you do?


    > Retrieve arms.

    You've already got arms, numbnuts!

    You feel like you've heard this joke before.


    > Chase tail for hours of fun and play.

    Your floppy dragon tail is quite amusing...

    ...uh, you mean, no, what do you think you are, some kind of wild animal?


    > Open your window and breathe the probably to some degree toxic air.

    You let in a little "fresh" air through your very real window while gazing into the poorly drawn city below.

    It's no Universe City, but it's a thriving place, and you helped grow it. Its not where y…

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  • A, Mori

    Saga Timeline Plans

    April 4, 2016 by A, Mori

    Not sure if this was clear, but right now I'm calling this the Saga Timeline

    • The #≥2 Retconned Timelines - There are more retconned timelines than this, but these are the only important ones: containing the origins of Original Teteoh and True Teteoh.
    • - How the universe was created and developed since Chaos gained form.
    • - The attacks performed by True-Teteoh that deeply troubled the Creation Trio and led to the greatest punishment of being erased from existence. This also led to Teteoh forming an alliance with the Gods of Nope and their followers, to lead to the eventual return to existence that would come about.
    • - The story of the Nazcan's first invasion of Ludus, and how it led to Taku being coronated as the first Emporer. Emporer of Ludus c…
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  • A, Mori

    A list of the currently decided skills used by Mori. Has three major iterations;

    • Kid Mori, referring to Mori's abilities used when s/he was a child
    • Teen Mori, referring to pre-Cat Mori young adult Mori's abilities
    • Cat Mori, referring to the abilities learned only after Mori underwent the transformation to an cat person

    • - Hits a single opponent with their equipped weapon, dealing normally low damage.
    • - Mori seems to have the natural ability to communicate telepathically.
      • - Has a 25% chance of inflicting on the target.
      • - Has a 33% chance of inflicting on the target.
    • - Used by Teen Mori and later forms. Greatly increases evasion for two turns.
    • - Used by Teen Mori and later forms. Removes all buffs held by opponent forces and temporarily nullifies th…

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  • ZoshiX

    ...and so space had been formed, and Gaia was pleased. Time had been formed, and pleased too, was Chronos. The fabric of the universe moved without wrinkle, without tear. All came together in a masterful work of law and order.

    For this, Chaos was not pleased, but rather bored with the current state of things.

    And so Chaos sent out a great light, which shined out through the stars of the universe. The light inhabited all matter, and gave it soul. With the power of this great light, the universe now had will. The light would form imperfections in the lawful fabric that had been sewn by Gaia and Chronos, in activity that could not be predicted by the laws of the universe, or even by the minds of the gods.

    For this, Chaos was then pleased.

    The gre…

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  • ZoshiX

    Nerd Stuff

    March 30, 2016 by ZoshiX

    According to Einstein's theory of relativity, the speed of light is a universal constant, and all other forces, such as the flow of time, will adjust themselves to ensure that the speed of light remains a constant value. Normally, due to the relatively weak gravitational impact of the world around us, we do not notice the effects of this phenomenon. There is one kind of place in the universe, however, where relativity is put to the test, black holes.

    The force of gravity stretches the fabric of space-time, depending on how massive the given object exerting gravitational forces is. The way graviy distorts space would make it to where light must adjust speed to cover the same distance in the same amount of time. However, because the speed of …

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  • A, Mori

    Character Page Template

    March 24, 2016 by A, Mori

    Description of the character's personality traits.

    Description of the character's physical appearance.

    Biography of the character in the numerous timelines.

    Relationships with other characters.

    Alternate forms that the character takes on in the stories, or potential ones.

    Battles Won

    • Battles the character has won

    Battles Lost

    • Battles the character has lost

    Inconclusive Battles

    • Battles the character has been involved in with inconclusive results (interrupted fight, draw, etc.)

    Battle Assists

    • Battles the character has assisted one or more characters with in winning


    • Characters that this character has killed on their own


    • Characters that this character has helped kill/had help killing


    • Times this character has died/been killed

    What their stats…

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  • A, Mori

    List of Transformations

    March 21, 2016 by A, Mori

    ((To be made into a mainspace page probably?

    Anyway, this is supposed to list the types of transformations that characters take on within the stories. Talks about instances of the transformations happening and the sort of effects (visual, powers, etc.) that they have usually.

    Also, WIP))

    The Ryus are Monsters that have unlocked a powerful form through training in special arts. These arts can be learned in a variety of ways, and they are often treated as the special or ultimate power of a monster. Utilizing the biological trait of a Ryu art can alter the form of a monster.

    There are a number of effects that are universal in Ryus. First of all, when a Ryu art is activated, the monster will nearly double in size, and previous visible "imperfectio…

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  • A, Mori

    Fusion Frenzy

    March 19, 2016 by A, Mori

    Improbable character fusion possibilities, partnered at random, with some specifically selected for being sort-of good ideas for design things. Made for fun I guess

    • Raptaku (Raptor/Taku) - The president of Ludus
    • Baxuipter (Baxter/Kuipter) - Very technology oriented
    • Sanforit (Sanford/Croburit "")
    • Calerynis (Caledonia/Merynis)
    • Xaviazro (Xavier/Lazro)
    • Samainyu (Samuel/Mainyu)
    • PJ Mercex (Poxten/TJ Mercer) - Very dapper
    • Mercuraion (Mercuron/Zaion)
    • Mjurankvl (Mjura/Hankvl) - Aesthetic
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  • A, Mori
    • - The original version of Teteoh. Upon Ascending and becoming partially a deity, all timelines were retconned and altered by the influence from Teteoh's existence.
      • (Pre-Awakening)
      • (Post-Awakening)
      • (Post-Ascension)
      • (Post-Ascension, Missing Feathers) - The Original Teteoh was the one who gave life to Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl.
      • (Post-Ascension, Dead) - The Original Teteoh was quickly killed by Chronos due to being a fairly weak being.
      • (Post-Ascension, Inner Being) - The Original Teteoh later became an Inner Being of the Teteoh existing in the new timeline that Original Teteoh had created through the retcon of existence done upon ascension. This Teteoh is known as True Teteoh.
    • - This is the Teteoh that we know. They became the most powerful being in …
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  • A, Mori

    Suggestion dump for potential superboss battles that would be at the end of FB video games


    Imagining if TKF were a video game

    In the story(/stories), it's made clear that the Will Fragment is the most powerful thing, as it's essentially used to beat both Kuipter and Shenanigans with ease. So, at least in this little corner of a video game, the most difficult fight would logically be against someone who owns the Will Fragment. This would be a theoretical scenario as well as somewhat plot related for the story, in terms of how Revelian came to own the Will Fragment - So, Rev vs. TI

    The battle would probably play out like this:

    • Thristel-Immo doesn't have the Will Fragment activated at first, but after a short while, Thristel-Immo decides to us…

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