Awakening is a metamorphosis attainable by certain species, greatly increasing their powers and changing other aspects of their being. The methods of initiating this process are numerous, and none are without risk. The awakened are considered by many to be in a state of higher being, although whether or not this is the case is ambiguous.


Awakening requires a tremendous surge of energy of some sort to go through one's body, killing the person in the process. If successful, the individual should come back from the dead, in awakened state. However, doing this through regular means has a very high possibility of converting one into an undead abomination.

A safer way of doing this is through the game of S___B, where power is built up over time through attaining a game construct labeled "Experience", and the person dying on a "Quest Bed" to make all this energy jolt through the body, raising them from the dead, and entering them into the "God Tiers". This, of course, has the risk of dying before attaining enough experience, dooming one to fail.

Awakened Properties

Trolls (Alternian)

Insectoid wings with the same hue as their blood colour, allowing for flight. Praised as higher beings by the lower castes, seen as a threat by higher castes.


General levitation through magic. Unheard of by the majority of gridmask society.

Dark Matters

Wings consisting of geometrical shapes with their mask colour on the tips. They have no practical use, however, and mostly serve as a sign of merit in their society.


A second pair of concealable arms protruding from the chest. They can be used for draining arcana. Martedian scientists have tried to forcefully awaken prisoners, only creating horrific and dangerous abominations.


See here.


Uncontrollable teleportation, ability to get stuck in walls, occasional stretching of their bodies and overall very spazzy behaviour. Unheard of by their (lack of a) society.

Inner Beings

If one were to experience Awakening, any Inner Beings will be forced out into the physical world.

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