This is a story about the rise of Aternol. If you wish that you/one of your pets would get involved with the story, just say so in the comments, and I'll try to find a way to insert it.


Aternol Small
This is Aternol, a Colorless Mutated Ao Oni Tornado. He was born in the Cell Center, but his birth was never publicised, because he was considered a failure. He was made with Ao, Euclid and the experimental Air Cell. At first sight, this seems like a normal mutated pet. But you'll notice something is different about him when you look at him in the eyes. He'll just keep staring at you, until you blink. Then, he moves closer to you. This is caused by the Euclid Cell, and is considered normal for creatures with the SCP-173 head. This means that Aternol is the very first non-SCP-173 with this trait, and this makes him being considered a novelty. The Air Cell caused something else, though. The pet became a murderer. The moment that you look at him in the eyes directly, he's already planning how to kill you. With his advanced Euclid brain, he commits perfect crimes all the time, leaving no trails. As he grew, his mutation grew stronger, and he recruited a few eyeless and blind creatures. Now he has an army that's recruiting soldiers here.

Chapter 1: Taking of Imperial Sector

Aternol's army is attacking the Imperial Sector. The walls won't stand long at this rate.


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