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Welcome to the Aquatic Center! Here, you may request a creature in an area. While not limited to underwater species, all creatures found here rely greatly upon or live in fluids, mostly water. You cannot request more than four (4) creatures per week. Creatures here are not tamed beforehand and must be trained by their owners to become pets. Tamed creatures that have run away from their owner(s) that fit the criteria can be find here, too. You can be precise in choosing to have found for you a certain head or species, but you cannot choose both. If not, it will be random. We may find species not confirmed before in the area. You may also suggest areas to investigate, though not all will be accepted.


Grassy Lake: Contains mainly Fish and Eels.

  • Fish Species
  • Eel Species
  • Roundhead Head
  • Mask Head (Canon)

Frozen River: Extremely cold and a harsh environment.

  • Fish Species
  • Submarine Species
  • Hex Head
  • Star Head (ZX)

Volcano Bodies: The volcanoes are dormant and life-bearing.

  • Eel Species
  • Seahorse Species
  • Triangle Head (Frown)
  • Vampire Head
  • Bomb Head

Hotburn Oasis: An oasis with scorching-hot water.

  • Mine Species
  • Starfish Species
  • Star Head (Canon)
  • Star Head (ZX)

Northern Ocean: The ocean nearer North to the Fan-Ball world. The Cell Center gets most of its DNA on the islands here.

  • Plankton Species (LAT)
  • Walrus Species
  • Axe Head
  • Flake Head
  • Mammoth Head

Ex-Trolland: The area where Trolland once was.

  • Bacteria Species
  • Plankton Species
  • Troll Head
  • Rage "Head"

Far Southern Waters: Dangerous waters previously inaccessible to LATINC's boats. Our armored ships are slow, so results might take a while.

  • Penguin Species
  • Clione Species
  • "Ningen"


To make a request, just ask in the comments.


Operator Area Picture Name
Ludicrine Ex-Trolland (Spec: Bacteria) Prancer Prancer

Fire InThe Hole

Operator Area Picture Name
Ludicrine Northern Ocean Addar Addar

A, Mori

Operator Area Picture Name
Look-a-troopa Hotburn Oasis Evolution Stone A Evolution stone A



Operator Area Picture Name
Poisonshot Not defined Hillbomb Hillbomb
Poisonshot Ex-Trolland Roundtroll Roundtroll


Operator Area Picture Name
Poisonshot Northern Sea Tuskiat Tuskat
Look-a-troopa Frozen River Kiln Kiln

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