That's what killed Oni. He must've released the curse, but sacrificed himself while doing it!

—Rebecca, Trix 2: The War

Ao Oni X


Ao Oni (X-Model)
Revelian Zeronius (Creator, Master)

Ao Onis (Underlings, relatives)

Ao Oni X (True Master)

Rebecca (Acquaintance, past)

Squato (Rival)
First Story Appearance
The Kuipter Files: FINALE!
Most Recent
Trix 2: The War (Mentioned)


The Kuipter Files: FINALE!

At the end of The Kuipter Files, Revelian finds the corpse of Ao Oni X on Blood Mountain. Revelian recognises the corse as Ao Oni.

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Trix: Adventures of a UFO


Ao Oni X is first features in the prologue. When Youngsnow is kicked into the wall by Revelian, Bruidic warns him that they have to escape before "it" gets back. "It" is revealed to be Ao Oni X, and the Oni was evidently sent to punish the students. Ao Oni X is later given Trix, when Revelian hands her over to Ao Oni for burning down the Archery Class. Lazro tries to console Revelian into letting Trix go, but he instead directs Lazro to Ao Oni X. Ao Oni X is going to torture Trix, but she escapes the bonds and tries to escape. Ao Oni X reveals to her that she'd need a DNA Sample to escape the lab, so she instead teleports out. Revelian then comes in and helps Ao Oni by disabling her teleportation and bringing her back. Ao Oni then demands to have his payback against Trix, and is treated to having Trix die from the Soul Ripper.

Main Story

Ao Oni and Revelian are ready to kill Trix, but she escapes her bonds again. Ao Oni chases her to the next room, where he straps her down for the Soul Ripper to be used on her. Ao Oni is halted, however, when he has to deal with an intruder (Lazro). Ao Oni is instructed to throw Lazro into the prison, but is halted by his Hairpin's randomness.

At that moment, Zoshi walks in and attempts to save Trix, but he proves no match for Revelian and Ao Oni. Zoshi instead takes out the Soul Ripper, and then he and Trix abscond. Revelian commands Ao Oni to find them. Ao Oni starts having some trouble with Lazro's Hairpin, so Revelian takes it and locks it in an Anti-Randomness box. Just before Ao Oni warps out, he catches a glimpse of Gamelover, but disregards him for the moment.

Later, Ao Oni locates Zoshi, Trix, Lazro, and Leechum heading for the area where the Ao Oni Failures, failed expiriments of the Ao Oni, are stored. He gives this information to Revelian, and is instructed to let them go there, as it would give the Ao Failures a use.

He later appears over a beaten Gamelover, and recognizes him as the human who escaped before. However, before Ao Oni X can lay a finger on him, Ludicrine and Squato come crashing in and attack them, sending Ao Oni X (And the other Onis that are with him.) flying down the hallway.

Soon after the four he spotted earlier defeat the Ao Failures, Ao Oni X appears and eats the soul of one of the failures, one that Lazro had just killed to put it out of its' misery. Ao Oni taunts the heroes, before warping off and leaving the Ao Oni Mass in his place.

Ao Oni X is encountered once again, as he takes Revelian's place while his master runs off into the next room. Ao Oni would pose a major threat to the gang, but Squato steps forward and fights Ao Oni X alone. When Ao Oni X is just about to defeat Squato by throwing him in the lava below, his opponent suddenly grabs him and throws Ao Oni into the lava. Ao Oni X goes into shock, and then dies.

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Trix 2: The War

Ao Oni X, although already dead, is once again mentioned in the Trix Series.

Apparently, he and Rebecca were friends when they were young. Back then, Ao Oni was a good person. But one day, the two of them went to Blood Mountain, despite being warned of the curses that lurked there. In the end, Ao Oni sacraficed himself to keep Rebecca alive, and Rebecca blamed herself for his death, so she went into hiding.

Rebecca tells this story twice, once to Squato, and a second time to the rest of the gang.

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From Trix: AOUFO

  • Health: ???
  • Attack: High
  • Defense: Special