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Here, we'll provide family trees of your pets, so that you may find out who the ancestors are.

Pets being investigated

Picture: Exospike Name: Exospike

Owner: Poisonshot

Result: Exospike Family Tree

Top row: Arrexa

Second row: Spellunk, Atrox

Third row: Kirnea, Elox, Omoax

Fourth row: Exospike

Picture: Vausys

Name: Vausys

Owner: Ludicrine

Note: NYSiENYSiE is it's decendent.

Result: Vausys Family Tree

Top row:Blantacreep, the thousands years Cactus, Panelsnow

Second row:Bluegreen Cash, Genderpanel

Third row:Vausys

Fourth row:NYSiE

Picture: Forelly

Name: Forelly

Owner: HankGuideDude

Result: Forelly Family Tree

Top row: Puraimari

Second row: Betriam, Aka, Ao

Third row: Forelly, Duotrope

Fourth row: Gemini

Picture: Jango

Name: Jango

Owner: Jumbods64

Result: Jango Family Tree

Top row: Udider, Phantasm

Second row: Danel, Enota

Third row: Acopen, Tetra

Fourth row: Jangala, Jango, Atlas

Fifth row: Jeopardy, Cutter


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