Alternia is a dark, gray planet on which Trolls (not to be confused with Trollfaces/Trollers) originated. It appears to have two moons, one green, and the other, pink (which in fact has a satellite of its own). Originally named Beforus, it was a more peaceful planet inhabited by a more peaceful race of trolls. After being "scratched," the planet's history was completely re-written by it's first guardian Doc Scratch, ensuring their victory in SGRUB as well as the arrival of LEnglishOrd English by making them a more aggressive race, as they remain today. A rebellion on Alternia resulted in the banishment of all adult members of the troll species from Alternia, to conquer new planets for trollkind. As a result, Alternia is only inhabited by troll children. 

The troll race can be considered a slightly different, more aggressive race of humans, but more differences are evident than simply certain behavior. Trolls for one a completely reproductively different from mankind, the process being combining genetics in a "filial pail" that is sent to a mother grub, who combines the genetic material, and lays thousands of eggs that will later hatch into grubs. Trolls who are unable to mate will be culled, to ensure genetic superiority. Trolls' skin is a grey color. Each troll has orange horns of many different shapes and sizes. As well, each troll, from an early point in childhood onward, bears a unique symbol (like the zodiac symbols seen on the Hivebent trolls). The hierarchy of troll civilization is based on blood color, each troll belonging to one of four blood color divisions on the hemospectrum:
  • BUOY - Burgundy/Umber/Ocher/Yellowgreen
  • OJA - Olive/Jade/Aqua
  • CIP - Cerulean/Indigo/Purple
  • Royal-V - Violet and Fuchsia/Sea trolls

While the reddish colors are being the lowest of castes, they are able to possess psychic abilities (such as communing with the dead, with wildlife, etc.), but are in turn more susceptible to it, which is the reason why they die first to any other caste not because of their lifespan, but also as "demonstrated" by the Vast Glub under command of the Empress's lusus. As one goes higher in the hemospectrum, they are more physically "resilient" and in turn more violent than others (like most purple-bloods are to be constrained by Sopor Slime rather constantly). As such, the Fuchsia blood color is usually the one to be in the throne, as they tend to live exponentially longer than those in lower ones.

Apart from trolls, Alternia is home to a numerous amount of colorless, monstrous creatures that roam the landscape. Some of these creatures attach themselves to trolls at the grub stage, becoming their caretaker in return for care from said troll later in life. When the creatures are in a relationship with a troll in such a way, it is called a lusus (lusii plural). 

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