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Oh, shaddap. Here we are, making it to our eighth adoption center! As it's been done in the past, read the previous guidelines to know what's going on. To upload a pet, upload the pet image and include it in the comment by typing [[File:^.png]], where in "^" type the name of the image (take note of the png and PNG in the filename).


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The Whitelist

Those who are seasoned editors of this wiki (including admins) can edit this page upon the request of adopting a pet. However, newcomers to this wiki/unsigned wiki contributors cannot moderate requests, but the former can still adopt by placing such requests in the comment section - whereas the latter will want to create an account/sign in to be able to adopt.

The Blacklist

These people (and however many alternate accounts they may have) cannot, for any reason whatsoever, edit these pages. That includes adopting, adding seeds, etc. Ban time may vary.

  • SR123
  • Nié hé hé
  • Speddos

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Adopters for the month of May

_week_ __month__ username
...... //////... JWDD
...... /........ Fire InThe Hole

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Caagr98's Mutated Tree pack

Mutated Family Tree

From left to right starting from the top:

Vec&Lee(♀,♂) (not accurate), Triplant(♀), Snowful(♂), Dica(♀)
Peridate(♀), Deplour&Glamour(♀,♂), Aristruk(♂♀♀)
Dolidas(♂), Flux&Noom(♀,♂), Gretchen, Zon, and Tretchen(♀,♂,♂), Gumat&Bumat(♂,♀)

You may take only one in this pack. Does not affect the limit.

David7015's Skater Family Tree pack

Skater Family Tree V.1.8

From left to right starting from the top:

Spikey(♂), Rider(♀), Feet(♀), Coco(♂), Nobi(♂), Voltezar(♀)
Cutiaso(♀), Orbular(♂), Soccez(♂), Solificas(♀) (not accurate), Zeb(♂)
Chaguam(♂), Simba(♀), Haviscus(♀), Leroy(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. If it has a spouse, you must adopt that too. If one wants to adopt a pet and another that has a spouse, then three pets can be adopted in one take (limits are affected normally).

David7015's Dimesat Family Tree pack

Dimesat Family Tree1

From left to right starting from the top:

Dimesat(♂), Wali(♀)
Cerubik(♂), Dicer(♂), Troborak(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. Can adopt only one of their children.

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The Pets

Known codes:

Code 1 - Must be member of LDZX or have good history/rollback.

Code P - Is part of a pet pack. A user can adopt only one pet out of said pack, unless stated otherwise.

# Picture Name Taxonomy Genotype Special Adoption Requirements or Notes Creator Adopter
1751 Kentiver Kentiver Silver Roundhead Stickman The ancestor of Shinold Shinold. A, Mori/Samuel17 Makarus13
1752 Coron Coron Red Big Mutated Dark Titan Upon Request Talented in a variety of magical arts. A, Mori
1753 Bacura Bacura Yellow Big Mutated Bomb Tarantula Upon Request Its limbs are resistant to explosions. A, Mori
1754 Stabre Stabre Big Blue Box (Neutral) Cube The embodiment of squares. A, Mori
1755 Paltiruy Paltiruy Cyan Coconut Monster Tree PLant-genDer Was created by combining the DNA of an island palm tree and the Cerberus Tree. A, Mori
1756 Emera Emera Green Big Diamond Ouroboros Is so greedy for riches that she seeks to gain a piece of her own diamond body. A, Mori
1757 Jewelerm Jewelerm Pink Jewel Germ Multi-gendered Leaves a trail of sparks wherever it flies. A, Mori
1758 Primusal Primusal Multicolored Demon (LAT) Flytrap (Royal) Upon Request Has elemental powers. A, Mori
1759 Colorstar Colorstar Red Pentagram/Green Sixstar/Blue Nova Hydra Upon Request Harnesses the power of light. A, Mori
1760 Danu Danu Green Mutated Diamond Flower Upon Request A, Mori
1761 Stabre Jr. Stabre Jr. Pink Cylinder Cube Same as Stabre Stabre Is similar to Stabre. A, Mori
1762 Flamoth Flamoth Red Mutated Flame Moth Upon Request Very attracted to themself, thus causing egotistical behavior. A, Mori
1763 Hyber Hyber Pink Bunny Turtle Upon Request A, Mori
1764 Loruxi Loruxi Blue Spade Mermaid A temptress similar to Lust Lust. Most pets, regardless of gender, find her irresistible. A, Mori
1765 Oktepus Pet Oktepus Cyan Big OKTE Jellyfish ? A powerful being that resides from The OKTE. Can create a portal to The OKTE and glows in the dark. Many people reference this creature when referring to another in spite. Code 1 A, Mori
1766 Rev Rev Brown Dark Angel It seems like he's some sort of Rev mock-up. A, Mori
1767 Omnisar Omnisar Multicolored Mutated Vampire Jellyfish Multi-gendered Is infused with the souls of four powerful gods, and is a master of many magics. This one has quite a history. Also has an alternate form. Code 1 A, Mori
1768 Shadows Shadows Grey Dark Treant Multi-gendered Is talented in Dark, Light, and Physical magics. Has a very passionate and eccentric personality. A, Mori Ludicrine
1769 Sofr Sofr Multicolored Big Skull Moth Femmale?????? Long ago, there were a Moth Godde named Sofr. She was the god of Rain and Storms. TheWorld was in an huge dght. But, theth Gose lay her egg. Bootylicious. A, Mori/Poisonshot
1770 Harly Harly Green Big Joker Monster Tree Is good at playing card games. However, one of the heads is known to cheat at them. A, Mori
1771 Shrooma Shrooma Cyan Mutated Spade/Club Mushroom Has INƧOMNIA. A, Mori
1772 Ginyn Ginyn Red Gel Fish Is constantly disappearing and reappearing. A, Mori
1773 Oktepod Oktepod Cyan OKTE Octopod Upon Request Hails from The OKTE, glows in the dark, and can create a portal to that dimension. A, Mori
1774 Arigent Arigent Black Demon (LAT) Stickman ♂? Is the ancestor of Varkain Varkain, and has many similar traits. A, Mori
1775 TG True Guardian Blue/Yellow/Red Mutated Flake/Voltage/Flame Tree Multi-gendered (all heads=one creature) Was once the guardian of an unknown land, but that role has been deemed unnecessary. Is not genetically related to Primusal Primusal. A, Mori
1776 Soul Goliath Soul Goliath Red/Cyan Big Soul UFO Among one of the biggest pets ever seen. Has the ability to capture and consume souls, as well as spawn minions (below). A, Mori
1777 SG Spawn Red Soul Goliath Spawn (Red) Red Soul UFO A spawn of Soul Goliath (above). A, Mori
1778 SG Spawn Cyan Soul Goliath Spawn (Cyan) Cyan Soul UFO A spawn of Soul Goliath (above). A, Mori
1779 SG Spawn Multi Soul Goliath Spawn (Multicolored) Red/Cyan Soul UFO Upon Request A spawn of Soul Goliath (above). A, Mori
1780 Sickly Sickly Orange Mutated Vampire Eel The lower part of the tail is the Jewel head. This pet is skilled in dark and light magics. A, Mori
1781 Yors Yors Red Mine Mine Beep Beep A, Mori
1782 Lumma Lumma Purple Crescent Eel Is distantly related to Luna. A, Mori
1783 Zambie Zambie Red Big Brain Zombie BE,PE????? There's a lot of Zambies... A, Mori Ludicrine
1784 Yin Yang Yin Yang Black Yin Fish/White Yang Fish Something Guess what this is? A, Mori
1785 Affections Affections Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Heart/Spade/Diamond/Club Stackers Is somewhat related to Quadrants Quadrants and is similar in some ways. Some of the heads are followers of certain gods. (Heart=Chronos, Spade=Chaos, Club=Gaia). Code 1 A, Mori
1786 Knives Knives Purple Knight Giantdiver ? A, Mori
1787 Kyper Kyper Yellow Vampire Snake An experimental creature that was created by Kuipter's Labs. This creature is infused with Kuipter's own DNA. However, Kyper's acts differ greatly from Kuipter's, and he sees him as a week leader. Because of his relation to Kuipter, pets often feel uneasy or fearful around him. A, Mori
1788 Diggy Diggy Red Box (Neutral) Worm A, Mori
1789 Bucks Bucks Green Box (Neutral) Snake A crafty snake with resistance to Poison and Earth attacks. Has a sort of indifference to Air and Water-based attacks. Is very good with keeping track of valuable possessions. A, Mori
1790 Essence Essence Blue Soul Ghost Has a deep understanding of souls, and is able to use spiritual magics. A, Mori
1791 Incarceron Incarceron Green Big Demon (LAT) Cube ? Is a vast, inescapable, living prison. A, Mori
1792 Zeronius 02 Brown Big Dark Guard Is related to 02SR 02 and shares many similar qualities with her; Code P A, Mori
1793 AsmodeusPet Asmodeus Red Big Chronos Golem Is the pet version of Asmodeus and shares many similar qualities with her; Code P A, Mori
1794 TakuPet Taku Green Mutated Pail Cart Is the pet version of Taku, Lazro's ancestor. This pet seems to like branch-related items... Code P A, Mori
1795 SanfordPet Sanford Green Big Gaia Moth Is the pet version of Sanford, Ludicrine's ancestor. This pet seems shares many similar qualities with him. Code P A, Mori
1796 Samuel0 Samuel #0 Cyan Big Demon (TcO) Wheel Is the pet version of Samuel's ancestor. Code P A, Mori
1797 ZaionPet Zaion Blue Big Chaos Naga Is the pet version of Zaion, Mori's ancestor. Highly experienced and talented in the dark arts. Code P A, Mori
1798 Gonzales Gonzales Blue Big Screen Alien Is the pet version of Gonzales, Zoshi's biological ancestor. Code P A, Mori
1799 Great Altari Great Altari Fuchsia Big Jewel Spider Is the pet version of the Great Altari, Poisonshot's biological ancestor. Code P A, Mori
1800 Rolia Rolia Red Whirl Ball Can swim in lava. Her head spins very fast. NutikTehWolf
1801 RGBy RGBy Red Big Smiley (Happy) Walker Has magic eyes that let him shoot Arrows and a magic mouth that lets him shoot Two Arrows that are three times that of a Grey Boss Smiley Walker's power. Additionally has magic boots and magic skin that boost his speed and defense by three times as that as well. Josewong Ludicrine
1802 Pisces (Pet) Pisces Fuchsia Castle (Flag) Fish ♀♀ Is based off of the real Pisces. A, Mori
1803 Purified Purified White Gel Copter (ZX) "~Only the purest of heart can gain the trust of the one with the clean slate~" Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
1804 Guarder Guarder Yellow Skull Stickman From the Archaeologic Lab. Somewhat hostile. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
1805 Duke Clarence Brighton von Stopwatch-McKingsley the Third Duke Clarence Brighton von Stopwatch-McKingsley the Third Multicolored Big Mutated Pedestrian Sign/Do Not Enter/Traffic Light Monster Tree Don't even think about breeding him. I hate you all. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
1806 Queral Queral Green Mutated Bec Angel ⚥? Description here. Code 1 A, Mori Ludicrine
1807 Bunnia Bunnia Pink Big Bunny Butterfly Can create a trail of sparkles that heal allies and damage opponents. Excels in healing and light-type attacks. Is a pet from the Bizarro universe, and belonged to Hunny. A, Mori Ludicrine
1808 Foszi Pet Foszi White Mutated Demon (TcO) Silverfish Is based off of the Serrangio Foszi, son of Geleporas, husband of Elizabeth, and father of Hank. A, Mori Ludicrine
1809 Sohna Sohna Cyan Sixstar Bacteria Can redirect the path of lights. A, Mori
1810 Wishes Wishes Red Vampire Stickbot "♂" Is a follower of Mammon. A, Mori
1811 CF CF Gray Mutated X Walker Is entirely made out of carbon fiber which is 3 times stronger and 5 times lighter than steel. Josewong
1812 Capricorn Capricorn Purple Pentagon (Down) Naga Is based off of the zodiac creature, Capricorn. Gives blessings to those born under his symbol. A, Mori NutikTehWolf
1813 Cancer Cancer Grey Spade Crab Is based off of the zodiac creature, Cancer. Gives blessings to those born under his symbol. A, Mori
1814 Sagittarius Sagittarius Blue Smiley (Indifferent) Centaur Is based off of the zodiac creature, Sagittarius. Gives blessings to those born under his symbol. A, Mori
1815 Aquarius Aquarius Purple Castle (ZX) Mermaid Is based off of the zodiac creature, Aquarius. Gives blessings to those born under his symbol. A, Mori
1816 Scorpio Scorpio Blue Vampire Scorpion Is based off of the zodiac creature, Scorpio. Gives blessings to those born under her symbol. A, Mori
1817 Antix Antix Green X Eel Can "jinx" other sapient organisms. A, Mori
1818 Charija Charija Blue Star Seahorse Swims through the unknown cosmos. Ludicrine
1819 Sonderlund Sonderlund Green Burret Fish Swims through the unknown currents. Ludicrine
1820 Bohag Bohag Red Castle (ZX) Eel Swims through the unknown abyss. Ludicrine
1821 Rapacious Rapacious Cyan Joker Mermaid Swims through... uh, bong water? Ludicrine
1822 Hospice Rodeo Hospice Rodeo Gray Mushroom Bacteria Yes, that's really her name. Ludicrine
1823 Count Never Count Never Red Cap Centaur Yes, that's really his name. Ludicrine
1824 New Haircut New Haircut Yellow Amanita Zombie Yes, that's really his name. Ludicrine
1825 Starsketcher Starsketcher Green Whirl Chain (HGD) Upon RequestDreams up the dreams you dream of. Ludicrine NutikTehWolf
1826 Starweaver Starweaver Blue Toad Slug Upon Request Makes the dreams you dream of. Ludicrine
1827 Starscrubber Starscrubber Fuchsia Bec Crab Upon Request Makes the dreams you dream of dreaming of into the dreams you dream of. Ludicrine
1828 Starpolisher Starpolisher Purple Remote Spiderbot Upon Request Makes the dreams you used to dream of into the dreams you dream of. Ludicrine
1829 Fenestrated Wall Fenestrated Wall Gray Mutated Brick Solid genderless Acts as a dimensional portal when plugged into a socket. Travel time may vary. Ludicrine A, Mori
1830 Skaianet Hub Skaianet Hub Green Die Dragon genderless Acts as a mobile source of electricity. Can be used with Fenestrated Wall for dimensional travel. Ludicrine A, Mori
1831 Wisdom Wisdom Green Mutated Octagon (Dumb) Plant (PS) genderless Perfectly normal. Ludicrine A, Mori
1832 Loris Loris Green X Snake Has very potent poison. Ludicrine
1833 Malous Malous Red Pi Ghost Can possess non-sapient organic matter at the cost of his memory. Ludicrine
1834 Benvolio Benvolio Lilac Onigiri Stacker "Why, Romeo? Art thou mad?" Ludicrine/Shakespeare
1835 Kintstada Kintstada Blue/Cyan Mutated Diamond Cloud ♂♀ The left head is blind. Ludicrine
1836 Enchrei Enchrei White Circle Cordyceps Can scamper along incredibly fast. Ludicrine ZoshiX
1837 Grendel Grendel Green Flower Dino Another boring green dinosaur... This one can't be hurt by mortal weaponry. Ludicrine
1838 Troftney Troftney Green Mutated Captcha/Coin Turbine o Their other head was viciously torn off by the The Wilhelm Assembly. Ludicrine
1839 Stevie and Other Stevie Stevie and Other Stevie Green Hex Treant/Blue Mutated Hex Walker ♂♂ Stevie is a mostly shy Treant. His companion, dubbed "Other Stevie", is actually an escaped resident of the Wonder Jungle, and refuses to leave Stevie's side or speak with anyone but him. Ludicrine ZoshiX
1840 Gahanos Chraios Chaonia Gahanos, Chraios, and Chaonia Blue Gaia Guard, Green Chronos Guard, Red Chaos Guard (All ♂♂♀) AM I MAKING YOU UNCOMFORTABLE?? Ludicrine
1841 Snuggles Snuggles Green Big Behemoth Bouncer "He's so cute! He'll probably eat anything!" Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1842 Iamlocator Iamlocator Green Mutated Fruit Bat Related to Iamlevel Iamlevel. She is capable of identifying the taxonomies of all creatures in one given area in one fell swoop. Ludicrine Poisonshot
1843 Dadbass Dadbass Purple Mutated Dualnote Giantdiver A worrisome adversary at social gatherings. Ludicrine
1844 Wideload Wideload Cyan Big Mutated Photo Tarantula "♂" Has a devastating six-bullet spread and incredibly tough hull. Placing it in front of an entrance makes for an effective last-minute guard. Ludicrine ZoshiX
1845 Sad RGBy Sad RGBy Red Big Smiley (Happy) Walker Twice as strong as RGBy RGBy. Josewong
1846 HOOTH BUNY HOOTH BUNY Multicolored Bunny Bouncer (Cannon) HOOTH "whoof where you exceptin, eintein, the HOOTH BUNY< Ledger." Samuel17/Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1847 Bouncer (Cannon) Bouncer (Cannon) Muticolored Mutated Roundhead Cannon Non. "I was thinking about makint it a bouncer (cannon) tho." Samuel17/Ludicrine
1848 BS(o)W BS(o)W Blue Cyan Smiley (Neutral) Walker A problem has been detected- "The problem seems to be caused by the following file-" Samuel17
1849 Caner Caner Red Speddosade Crab o will never leave "make me admin now" bye. by speddos Samuel17 Fire InThe Hole
1850 Vlaire Vlaire Orange Mutated Flare Flower She attacks with a solar-powered ring of Fire. During the night, she is unable to use this attack. Grown from Solar Seed. Previous owner(s) here. Look-a-troopa.
1851 Palmy Palmy Gray Big Roundhead Palmtree A happy-go-lucky Palmtree who loves coconuts for some reason. He likes to swing in the wind, and is best suited to live in the Beach series. Grown from Metal Seed. Previous owner(s) here. NutikTehWolf
1852 Pheilur Pheilur Red Nonagon Lasher He fails and fails at everything he tries to do. Possesses hidden powers, but he fails to actually be aware of them and needs help in order to use them. And he doesn't know how to use them properly either. The trick of asking him to being himself is however very effective when you need to destroy stuff. Grown from Fail Seed. Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17
1853 Blerson Blerson Purple Sick Palmtree Her head is actually floaty enough to let her fly like a balloon. Outside that, she attacks with poison attacks. Grown from Purple Balloon Seed. Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17
1854 The Mistress (Pet) Mienen Courier (The Mistress) Big Mutated White Roundhead Stickman Scroll over for description. Code 1 A, Mori Haru-Luka-Chan RedGoner
1855 IvanPet Ivan Pink Mutated Coconut Treant The pet version of Ivan. A, Mori
1856 BMW BMW White/Blue Roundhead Car genderless A luxury vehicle. A, Mori
1857 Cerustar Cerustar Blue Meteor Angel Can affect the patterns of weather. A, Mori
1858 Redfang Redfang Red Bunny (Dark) Angel His fangs contain a dark power that can curse all that he bites. A, Mori
1859 Foster Foster Orange Sawblade Silverfish Can easily slice through heavy materials. A, Mori
1860 Khas Khas Black/White Dark Spirit A devout follower of Chaos. A, Mori
1861 Pella Pella Pink Mutated Football Spider Can kick miniature footballs. A, Mori
1862 Stumper Stumper Tan Copy (Alt) Rotator ♪ (Upon request) MAKE IT STOP!!! (Related to Stumped Stumped.) A, Mori
1863 Squirter Squirter Blue Troll Wrecker Can squirt water. In more ways than one. Is related to Soaked Soaked and is affected by Troll Disease. A, Mori
1864 Cansatrobe Jr Cansatrobe Jr. Blue Nuke Tarantula The son of Cansatrobe Cansatrobe. His green appendages are radioactive and can deal major damage. A, Mori
1865 Carapats Carapats Orange Mutated Joker Mermaid Can create seismic waves capable of destroying cities, if he were to try. A, Mori
1866 Shennachill Shennachill Blue Mutated Smiley Walker Upon requestAn unholy fusion of Shenanigans and Chilled Chilled. A, Mori Look-a-troopa
1867 Reflections Reflections Grey Roundhead Wyvern (CMBK) Talented in dark and holy magic. Very caring and appreciative personality. A, Mori Poisonshot
1868 Damien Damien Red Mutated Amanita Giant An incredibly strong follower of Quetzalcoatl. A, Mori
1869 AnnaPet Anna Cyan Mutated Spade Devil Infused with the powers of a dark guardian. She made a deal with a demon in the form of a cat and can transfer her life force into other bodies. Tends to be devilish in nature and may have a connection to Beelzebub, as indicated by her fondness for food. Code 1 A, Mori
1870 YunaPet Yuna Grey Mutated Star Guard The pet version of Yuna. A, Mori
1871 Dragonslayer Dragonslayer Blue Creeper Creeper ? Has the apt ability named "Dragonslay" which will quickly defeat any Dragon, carrying a similar effect to dragon-like species and creatures. Will count as three adoptions for the weekly limit, but two for the monthly limit. A, Mori
1872 Doomer Doomer Black Doom Guard Upon request Offshoots of the Dark Matters. Their race enslaved the Serrangios. These ones happen to be stuck in their current SR form. Can be adopted by multiple users, due to there being many of them. A, Mori
1873 Amory Amory* Purple Mutated Heart Cordyceps * 10/10 VERY BAD MUSHT KILL A, Mori Look-a-troopa
1874 Ajandra Ajandra Yellow/Purple Big Dualnote Tree Seems to have the qualities of a certain character and her Bizarro counterpart. A, Mori
1875 Grand Doomer Grand Doomer Black Big Doom Guard A Doomer leader sealed in his current SR form. Code 1 A, Mori
1876 Morigician Morigician Blue Mutated Roundhead Astronaut WTF Was a being made in the image of TheKing "The King", but was made incomplete. Full description here. A, Mori
1877 MajaPet Maja Yellow Mutated Demon (Canon) Tiger Based off of Maja and sports small, cat-like whiskers. Her strife specibus is Knifekind. A, Mori Haru-Luka-Chan RedGoner
1878 Ohtu Ohtu Grey Mutated Bec Spirit ? The reincarnation of a first guardian. In this form, she has talents in elemental magics that are equal to each other in all aspects. Has alternate forms. Code 1 A, Mori
1879 Aries Aries Red Mutated Heart Dog Is based off of the zodiac creature, Aries. Grants blessings to those born under her symbol. A, Mori
1880 Taurus Taurus Orange Demon (TcO) Pegasus Is based off of the zodiac creature, Taurus. Grants blessings to those born under his symbol. A, Mori
1881 Gemini AM Gemini Cyan/Red Mutated Eye Stickmen ♂♂ Is based off of the zodiac creature, Gemini. Grants blessings to those born under their symbol. A, Mori
1882 Leo Leo Green Diamond Tiger Is based off of the zodiac creature, Leo. Grants blessings to those born under her symbol. A, Mori
1883 Virgo Virgo Green Club Devil Is based off of the zodiac creature, Virgo. Grants blessings to those born under her symbol. A, Mori
1884 Libra Libra Cyan Cap Dragon Is based off of the zodiac creature, Libra. Grants blessings to those born under her symbol. A, Mori
1885 Congeri Vitam Tempus Congeri, Vitam, Tempus Blue/Green/Red Mutated Bec Angels These three are the disciples of the three great gods. Code 1 A, Mori
1886 Cans Jr. Cans Jr. Red Big Mutated Bar Treant Like Cans Cans, CJ can "clock" enemies out of their current timeline. A, Mori
1887 Typheus Typheus White Big Mutated Roundhead Serpent The denizen of the Heroes of Breath. Can manipulate The Breeze to his command. Code 1. A, Mori
1888 Apelpisia (Pet) Apelpisia, a.k.a. Jacques Tenebrae Purple Mutated Boss Spade Stickman Pet incarnation of the eighth and final prince of hell, lord of demons and keeper of octagons. Code 1. Look-a-troopa/ZoshiX A, Mori
1889 Glasses Glasses Green Big Barrier Spider The "ace" of a certain card-based gang. Can access insight to the future, past, and present. A, Mori
1890 Logs Logs Tan Big Photo Giant The "2" of a certain card-based gang. His punch attacks are filled with randomness and chaos energy, which result in a strange disorientation effect after the attack is delivered. A, Mori
1891 Candle Candle Violet Sixstar L-Walker Upon request (♂/♀) The "3" of a certain card-based gang. Can create light from darkness. Becomes weak when less oxygen is present. A, Mori
1892 Herbs Herbs Green Weed Tree The "4" of a certain card-based gang. Specializes in plant life and making medicinal remedies. A, Mori
1893 Stars Stars Red Big Star Cordyceps ♀? The "5" of a certain card-based gang. Takes an interest in astronomy; fights with a star-flail and can cast star shower attacks using the flail or her (?) own magic. A, Mori
1894 Shiny Shiny Cyan Mutated Box (Sleepy) Fairy The "6" of a certain card-based gang. Sparkles and shines brightly. Can blind others with a PSI Flash attack. Becomes extremely dangerous when paired with Dusty Dusty. A, Mori
1895 Dusty Dusty Grey Rock Pixie The "7" of a certain card-based gang. His mastery of earth-based magics is unmatched, giving him unchallenged control of dust, rocks, dirt, and other earthly substances. Becomes extremely dangerous when paired with Shiny Shiny. A, Mori
1896 Boiler Boiler Orange Mutated Demon (TcO) Coral ♂? The "8" of a certain card-based gang. Has much experience in the elemental magics of fire, water, bomb, ice, and steam. Tends to theme things in eights, and enjoys hot springs. A, Mori
1897 Dusk Dusk Blue Mutated Dark Giantdiver ♂? The "9" of a certain card-based gang. Can turn light into darkness, which is where his (?) magic is at its strongest. Becomes stronger at dusk. Is somehow connected to the other Dusk. A, Mori
1898 Dots Dots Grey Big Triangle (Silent) Zombie The "10" of a certain card-based gang. Likes to paint in a certain dot-based style. His ink is infused with magic and can be used for rituals or spells. The ink will hurt anyone it touches (except for himself). Tends to be quiet and keep to himself and his paintings. A, Mori
1899 Waka Waka Tan Mutated Smiley (Happy/Neutral/Indifferent) Stickman The "Jack" of a certain card-based gang. Seems to have an inconsistent (and ridiculously serious) personality. Also, he owns a restaurant which is named after the gang he's a part of*, and is frequented by the gang itself. Is rumored to have had a relationship with Random Random. A, Mori
1900 Flower Flower Fuchsia Big Flower Butterfly The "Queen" of a certain card-based gang. Full description here. A, Mori
1901 Glory (A, Mori) Glory Red/Yellow/Blue/Green Big Mutated Box (Neutral) Devil The "King" of a certain card-based gang. Full description here. A, Mori
1902 Random Random Fuchsia Big Mutated Vampire Titan The "Joker/0" of a certain card-based gang. Full description here. A, Mori
1903 CN CN Gray Big X Walker genderless Made out of carbon nanotubes that are 39 times stronger and 47 times lighter than carbon fiber Josewong
1904 Dark Star Dark Star Purple Big Mutated Dark Planet genderless A collection of Dark Matter souls housing a Ruler Dark Matter within. Code 1 A, Mori
1905 Heart Spirit Heart Spirit* Fuchsia Heart Spirit Upon requestEmbodies the Heart aspect A, Mori Ludicrine
1906 Light Spirit Light Spirit* Yellow Sun Spirit Upon request Embodies the Light aspect A, Mori
1907 Time Spirit Time Spirit* Orange Gear Spirit Upon request Embodies the Time aspect A, Mori
1908 Doom Spirit Doom Spirit* Green Doom Spirit Upon request Embodies the Doom aspect A, Mori
1909 Mister McTombwizard Jr Mister McTombwizard Jr Yellow Mutated Nuke Golem "Junior" of Mister McTombwizard Mister McTombwizard A, Mori
1910 Harbus Harbus Green Big Heart Spider Uses magic found in love spells to subdue her opponents A, Mori
1911 Color Wheel Color Wheel (CW) Multicolored Mutated Box (Neutral)/Roundhead (Canon)/Triangle (Canon) Tumbler Box: ♂, Roundhead: ♀, Triangle: genderless Has the powers of light and color A, Mori
1912 Red Day Red Day Red/Blue Big Mutated Dark Bubble Likes to practice dark arts A, Mori
1913 Kromaxys Kromaxys Green/Cyan Soul Warplane Generates a forcefield that defends against even superdimensional and ethereal attacks; very fast A, Mori
1914 White Day Tree White Day Tree Gray Big Doom Tree ♀? Based off of the tree 'boss' from the game White Day. Is always laughing in what sounds like the voice of an old witch. A, Mori/Sonnori
1915 Ebiswiu Ebiswiu Yellow Big Mutated Jewel Satellite Jewel: ⚥, Yen/Euro: ♀, Dollar/Quid: ♂ Has been blessed with an extreme amount of wealth. A, Mori
1916 GR GR Gray Big X Walker genderless Made out of graphene which is 10 times stronger and lighter than carbon nanotubes Josewong
1917 Amniotia Amniotia Purple Brick Slime genderless A self-restoring bio-medical substance that rhythmically beats with an organism's heartbeat to calm the nerves of infants. It can be abused by using this pseudo-heartbeat to increase the focus and alertness of an organism, making them very jittery. Ludicrine Poisonshot
1918 Koronarou Koronarou Gray Cross Pot genderless An infinitely-filled container of a fluid that is ingested in order to numb pain during medical procedures. It can be abused by utilizing the numbness to allow for battle or painful procedures to be done without trauma. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1919 Vin Vin Green Hat Sprout genderless A regrowing seed an herb that is ingested in order to counter hallucination symptoms. It is sometimes used by Serrangios to maintain dominance over their inner beings, though if abused due to addiction, results in the opposite effect. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1920 Coopelata Coopelata Orange Traffic Light Solid はい please Look-a-troopa/Ludicrine
1921 Andy and Olive Andy and Olive Yellow Shield (Canon) Bot + Green Skull Skater ♂/genderless Twin troublemakers that enjoy petty theft. Ludicrine
1922 Chaunticlere Chaunticlere Blue Mutated Nuke Web Bears resemblances to Cansatrobe Cansatrobe. Ludicrine A, Mori
1923 Loida Loida Orange Big Mutated Wood Pot Pots: genderless, Tree: ♀ Bears resemblances to Gear (Pet) Gear. A, Mori/Ludicrine A, Mori
1924 Loudenne the False Loudenne the False Orange Big Mutated Hexagon Flower This creature once claimed to be Lodin and was worshiped as a god. He bears powers drawn from his Jewel-petals. Ludicrine A, Mori
1925 Tauphus Tauphus Gray Big Mutated Weight Bot "⚥" A rusted model from a line of Bots from a textile factory. Cannot be programmed for battle. Ludicrine
1926 Polarity Polarity Cyan/Purple Mutated Bulb (Light & Dark) Spiderbot ♀♀ The two heads get forced away from each other if they make contact. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1927 Fetch Fetch Green Moon Claw The victim of a vicious Time Drain attack that was rendered incomplete. He dies and revives at random times, though not necessarily within the same body or conscience. Ludicrine
1928 Jack in the Box Jack-in-the-Box Black Mutated Bec Square You don't want to know what's inside there. Ludicrine A, Mori
1929 Space Spirit Space Spirit* White Space Spirit Upon request Embodies the Space aspect A, Mori NutikTehWolf
1930 Fils-a-Mech Fils-a-Mech Purple Big Spade Robot - A bio-synthetic infiltration android. Its sunglasses shields its "lazer death eyes". Besides that, it features inhuman strength and a remote portal entry for a pilot. For some unexplained reason, it's indiscernible from the actual Reggie. One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Look-a-troopa
1931 Trinen-Tron Trinen-Tron Brown Big Mutated Box (Neutral) Robot - Bill Trinen was not harmed in the making of this pet. One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Look-a-troopa
1932 Sleddos Sleddos Blue Mutated Flame Submarine No The trustworthy companion of Santabro Santabro. One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Look-a-troopa A, Mori
1933 White Olpvolb White Olpvolb White Balloon (TFM) Eelskater RPS Ending reverse racism. One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Samuel17/Ludicrine/Mune-san
1934 Bleedot Bleedot! White Mutated Sick Walker GOD DAMNIT BLEEDOT NO! Nothing can stop his urge to get down, not even the lack of a proper bleeding sock. One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Code 1. NutikTehWolf/Poisonshot
1935 Tison Tison Pink Big Dark Pincher Not to be confused with Notison Notison, who Tison is not. One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Ludicrine
1936 Coconutik Coconutik Red Coconut Hound HEHA!!!1! One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Ludicrine NutikTehWolf
1937 Power God Broseph Power God Broseph Red Rock Lilypad Description (NSFW) in image. There's enough of him to go around (can be co-owned). One of the COMEDY GOLD pets. Ludicrine DMSwordsmaster
1938 Greeny Greeny Green Balloon (ZX) Ghost Likes to hide in trees. NutikTehWolf
1939 Green Smiley Walker (OS) George's Cousin I know what you're thinking but don't say it George Joke in progress (Placeholder, cannot be adopted)
1940 Orange Orange Orange Mutated Fruit Giant I JUST TOLD YOU IT WAS AN ORANGE, Can be adopted indefinitely Look-a-troopa A, Mori
1941 Fruitik Fruitik Red Fruit Hound I am a champion Ludicrine
1942 Samael Samael Cyan Big Mutated Smiley (Happy) Naga Being an angel under Thondor, Samael has two lime-green cores. His thunder-like wings can tinker with gravity. Look-a-troopa Samuel17
1943 Herbun Herbun Multicolored Bunny/Weed Big Mutated Zombie Acknowledgement of the passing of Easter in conjunction with 4/20. Look-a-troopa
1944 LucyPet Lucy Pink Bec Cat Embodiment of the Pounce Card. Also can be found in an alternate form. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1945 Morio Morio Red Club Pixie ♂-♀ This is not Mori. Ludicrine A, Mori
1946 Mighthave Mighthave Green Big Heart Stickman Powered by dumb luck, and may be either incredibly strong or incorporeal at any given moment. Drops a Might Gem when defeated. Ludicrine
1947 Mr. Natas Mr. Natas Red Big Mutated Decagon Centaur An incarnation and/or underling of Satan. Carries a staff of gold. Code 1 Ludicrine Samuel17
1948 Castle Cat Castle Cat Gray Castle Cat MAUSLAND ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS It's a dilly! Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1949 Warpdrive Warpdrive Blue Mutated Diamond Rocket "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY" Ludicrine ZoshiX
1950 Emby Emby Orange Mutated Box (Neutral) Tumbler genderless Servant of the Monster Box. Acts as a bodyguard. Ludicrine
1951 Boxmonster Boxmonster Orange Box (Sleepy) Square genderless Servant of the Monster Box. When engaging in physical contact, it will release spores that grow into Monsterbots. Ludicrine
1952 Monsterbot Monsterbot #184356 Orange Copy Bot genderless Servant of the Monster Box. A generic self-replicating drone used for rapid defense. This particular one enjoys skiiing. Ludicrine
1953 Gripphon Gripphon Purple Mutated Cyclops (PS) Germ Can cling onto surfaces in the fifth dimension. Ludicrine
1954 Iamchatmod Iamchatmod Yellow Nova Boulder genderless Not related to Iamlevel or Iamlocator. Completely and utterly useless in the defense against Dark Matter. Chatmods only Ludicrine A, Mori
1955 Lamina Lamina Orange Vampire/Rock Stacker Capable of shedding her skin to reveal an organic/inorganic interior as she sees fit. Code 1 Ludicrine ZoshiX
1956 Limerick Limerick Green Vampire Stackers ♀♀♀ Powered by dumb luck, and may be either incredibly resilient to alcohol or be incorporeal at any given moment. Drops a Might Gem when defeated. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1957 Huic Steme Huic Steme Red/Cyan Vampire/Rock Stackers ♀♀♀♀ They're not special, but they're multiple, highly breedable pets of diverse attacks that you'll probably take anyway, yeah? Ludicrine Samuel17
1958 Sombar Sombar Blue Egg Tower genderless Produces an aura of sadness approximately 200px in all directions. Ludicrine
1959 Sumbar Sumbar Blue Cross Tower genderless Produces an aura of multiplicity approximately 200px in all directions. Ludicrine
1960 Symbar Symbar Blue Mutated Toad Tower genderless Produces an aura of divisibility approximately 200px in all directions. Ludicrine
1961 Simbar Simbar Blue Remote Tower genderless Produces an aura of obedience approximately 200px in all directions. Ludicrine JWDD
1962 Sambar Sambar Blue Smiley (Happy) Tower genderless? Produces an aura of sandwich approximately 200px in all directions. He's just kind of here... Ludicrine
1963 Doctor Hall Doctor Hall Purple Big Star Bacteria A respected surgeon skilled in the art o- bro Ludicrine
1964 Cloconut Cloconut Green Mutated Gear/Coconut Mushroom ♀♂ Two conjoined "twins" born decades apart due to time shenani- bro have you seen my socks Ludicrine
1965 8^yPet 8^y Red/Blue Mutated Stop Sign/Triangle (Canon)/Lambda Stackers ♂♂♂♀ around anywear* Ludicrine
1966 Antion Antion Red Mutated Zen Ant SCIENCE BRUH Ludicrine
1967 Dicklord Dicklord Yellow Bullet Mushroom lord of d Ludicrine
1968 Conrad Conrad the Comrade Yellow Pedestrian Sign Astronaut IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1969 Lookertrooper Lookertrooper Red Eye Turtle Sa10 looks a bit like Satan Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1970 Nutick Nutick Red Bec Spider This is not Nutik. Ludicrine
1971 Mutik Mutik Pink Dualnote Hound This is not Nutik. Ludicrine
1972 Samarium Samarium Cyan Smiley (Happy) Boulder Gets along well with Troll-headed and Onigiri-headed pets. Is capable of curing caner. He's just kind of here, and no, this is not Samuel. Ludicrine
1973 Mory Mory Blue Mutated Club Stickman have a leg problem... bah... just use a small leg graft! Poisonshot:Its arealdly maked.Mory(Cared)It looking this now! Ludicrine/Poisonshot A. Mori
1974 Dumbbell Dumbbell Gray Octagon (Dumb) Chain (HGD) genderless Lifting it may decrease your IQ. Ludicrine
1975 Konkey Dong Konkey Dong Tan Mutated Troll Monkey sorry fucking nerd it's donkey kong time Ludicrine
1976 The Manless Horsehand The Manless Horsehand Brown Big Mutated Asteroid Stickman man door hand hook car door Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1977 Weeb Weeb Red Mutated Shield (Canon) Giant shove this man into a locker Ludicrine
1978 Antifreeze Antifreeze Red Mutated Roundhead Plant (PS) Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1979 LDPet LD White Big Mutated Lambda/Delta Solid ♂♂ Literally me and there is nothing wrong Ludicrine
1980 Word Salad Word Salad Green Mutated Sigma/Lambda/Omega/Ou/Psi/Xi/Pi/X/Delta Hedges ♀♂♂♂♀♀♂♀♀ Now we have the salad. Code 1 Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1981 Caliborn Juju JuJu Red Roundhead Ouroboros JuJu gender Is the JuJu of Caliborn. When combined with Calliope's jUjU, it creates the Double Juju Double Juju. A, Mori
1982 Calliope Juju jUjU Green Roundhead Ouroboros jUjU gender Is the jUjU of Calliope. When combined with Caliborn's JuJu, it creates the Double Juju Double Juju. A, Mori
1983 NamelessRageFaceGuy Nameless Rage Face Guy Red (Yellow?) Triangle Stickman Upon request Read image description. DMSwordsmaster, Jozef Bogin (Maker of the game the "character" is from) A, Mori
1984 Caliborn Caliborn Green Mutated Skull Stickman Is a horrible artist and a malevolent and rude boy. He wields an enormous gun as a weapon and supposedly has other sorts of magic powers. His typing style consists of capitalizing every letter except for 'u'. He is the brother of Calliope. A, Mori/Andrew Hussie
1985 Calliope AM Calliope Green Mutated Skull Stickman Is a talented artist and a benevolent and kind girl. She wields a small pistol as a weapon and supposedly has other sorts of magic powers. Her typing style consists of only capitalizing the letter 'U'. She is the sister of Caliborn. She also has a trollsona: Callie Ohpeee A, Mori/Andrew Hussie
1986 Adonicide Adonicide Big Blue Mutated Peace Stickman Upon request "What power did you even give him?" "Bioluminescence." Pet Arena Look-a-troopa
1987 Sanic Walker Sanic Walker Blue Smiley (Neutral) Walker Faste The man. The legend. The speed. Ludicrine/Samuel17 DMSwordsmaster
1988 Neuqtes Neuqtes Cyan Big Mutated Heptagon Stickman The servant of Captium and Alísceia. Additional description in image. Ludicrine A, Mori
1989 Armos Knight Armos Knight Blue Big Burret Giant Upon request Will move in a calculated course and will attempt to crush their opponent. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1990 Lanmola Lanmola Green Big Demon (TcO) Slug Upon request Will occasionally go underground, and when it emerges, several rocks will launch out in many directions. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1991 Moldorm Moldorm Yellow Mutated Hugeface Eel Upon request Will bash into the opponent to deal minor damage. Its only weak point is the end of its tail. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1992 Helmasaur King Helmasaur King Blue Big Bec Turtle Upon request Can only be defeated by hitting its weak point in the middle of its head, which is protected by a mask. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1993 Arrghus Arrghus Red Big Mutated Eye Jellyfish Upon request Will let its smaller eyes protect itself. When the other eyes are defeated, it will attempt to crush the opponent. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori ZoshiX
1994 Mothula Mothula Blue Big Vampire Moth Upon request Can launch a single laser or three waves similar to the attack "confusion". Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1995 Blind the Thief Blind the Thief Red Big Mutated Demon (LAT) Guard Can launch a single powerful laser or can shoot bolts (up to one bolt per second). He also can remove his head and grow another one, but this trick only works twice. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1996 Kholdstare Kholdstare Pink Big Mutated Cyclops (ZX) Wheel Upon request The wheel is actually a shell that it is encased in. Once the shell is broken, its true form, the several heads, will attack. It can only be beaten once all the heads are individually defeated. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1997 Vitreous Vitreous Green Big Mutated Cyclops (PS) Slime Upon request Will send its other eyes to damage opponents, before the main eye will attempt to tackle the opponent. When the big eye is inside the slime, it can create a laser in the form of lightning. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori
1998 Trinexx Trinexx Red/Green/Purple Big Mutated Behemoth/Demon (LAT)/ Behemoth Monster Tree Upon requestDescription in image. Part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Pack. A, Mori Fire InThe Hole
1999 ⑨ Yellow Mutated Billiards Fairy Description in image. No ice. Look-a-troopa A, Mori
2000 Lil Cal Lil Cal White Cal Robot Calhead HEE HEE HAA HAA HOO HOO; appears to have an alternate form. A, Mori Haru-Luka-Chan RedGoner

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