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We at it again!

Yep. Another Adoption Center. Blah, just read the previous descriptions and you'll be fine. To upload a pet, upload the pet image and include it in the comment by typing [[File:^.png]], where in "^" type the name of the image (take note of the png and PNG in the filename).


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The Whitelist

Those who are seasoned editors of this wiki (including admins) can edit this page upon the request of adopting a pet. However, newcomers to this wiki/unsigned wiki contributors cannot moderate requests, but the former can still adopt by placing such requests in the comment section - whereas the latter will want to create an account/sign in to be able to adopt.

The Blacklist

These people (and however many alternate accounts they may have) cannot, for any reason whatsoever, edit these pages. That includes adopting, adding seeds, etc. Ban time may vary.

  • SR123
  • Nié hé hé
  • Speddos

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Adopters for the month of May

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...... /........ Fire InThe Hole

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Caagr98's Mutated Tree pack

Mutated Family Tree

From left to right starting from the top:

Vec&Lee(♀,♂) (not accurate), Triplant(♀), Snowful(♂), Dica(♀)
Peridate(♀), Deplour&Glamour(♀,♂), Aristruk(♂♀♀)
Dolidas(♂), Flux&Noom(♀,♂), Gretchen, Zon, and Tretchen(♀,♂,♂), Gumat&Bumat(♂,♀)

You may take only one in this pack. Does not affect the limit.

David7015's Skater Family Tree pack

Skater Family Tree V.1.8

From left to right starting from the top:

Spikey(♂), Rider(♀), Feet(♀), Coco(♂), Nobi(♂), Voltezar(♀)
Cutiaso(♀), Orbular(♂), Soccez(♂), Solificas(♀) (not accurate), Zeb(♂)
Chaguam(♂), Simba(♀), Haviscus(♀), Leroy(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. If it has a spouse, you must adopt that too. If one wants to adopt a pet and another that has a spouse, then three pets can be adopted in one take (limits are affected normally).

David7015's Dimesat Family Tree pack

Dimesat Family Tree1

From left to right starting from the top:

Dimesat(♂), Wali(♀)
Cerubik(♂), Dicer(♂), Troborak(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. Can adopt only one of their children.

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The Pets

Known codes:

Code 1 - Must be member of LDZX or have good history/rollback.

# Picture Name Taxonomy Genotype Special Adoption Requirements or Notes Creator Adopter
1001 Samerald Samerald Green Box Tree Grown from a seed left by a pack of two pets from PS' adoption center to Samuel17. At first it was mute, and then added a tongue graft (correct if incorrect). Poisonshot
1002 Eelix Eelix Cyan X Eel Place of origin Samuel17 Poisonshot
1003 Oscilliscope Oscilliscope Gray/Green Screen Solid Outdated equipment, can be used with PC pets. Previous owner(s) here. Lazro
1004 Hulmi Hulmi Purple Heart Centaur Can convert Physical damage to Paralysis damage only, omits freeze or poisoning. HankGuideDude
1005 Paexl Paexl Blue Mint Pixie Can convert Physical damage to Freeze effect only, with the formula: Time (s)=AT/50. HankGuideDude ZoshiX
1006 Booum Booum Green Bomb Fairy Can convert Physical damage to Poison damage and effect, with an AT of 2 and time to match the attacker's AT (decimals ignored). Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
1007 Hemix Hemix Yellow Mutated X Wyvern (LD) Can convert Physical damage to Thunder damage. Can also half/double the damage taken/sends, randomly. HankGuideDude
1008 Totus Totus Red Mask Totem Can convert Physical damage to Fire damage, with AT being 1/8th, and time duration in following a reversed pattern (The stronger the AT, the shorter). HankGuideDude
1009 Jack Jack Tan Smiley Treant Has grown from this seed Dull Seed. The ULTIMATE trickster. Has the ability to trick anyone into something. Has a regular look and name, for you know what reasons. The Greenhouse
1010 Cendi Cendi Green Creeper Turtle If you lie to him, he explodes. Lazro
1011 Lunare Lunare Blue/Green Moon/Zen Lightning Has see-through skin and liquid organs/bones. Ludicrine
1012 NYSiE NYSiE Blue Coin Stacker The New York Stock Exchange buddy; tells you what direction LDZX stocks are going. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
1013 Groty Groty Green/Brown Sick Bacteria Has a rather disgusting smell... ZoshiX
1014 Sherman Sherman White Hex Pixie Anything he touches becomes black and white for a small while. ZoshiX Fireball207
1015 Mills Mills Green Cap Treant Prefers to eat only green beans. Feeding him lots of vegetables makes him grow massively. ZoshiX
1016 ??? ??? (Unnamed) Cyan Roundhead Fighter Able to manipulate Hammerspace and change shape; unpredictable. Samuel17
1017 Floth Floth Orange Roundhead Moth Poisonshot
1018 Snewv Snewv Green Cyclops Alien The only survivor of his world; can make certain areas lush with flowers, trees, grass, and other flora. David7015
1019 Freztle Freztle Cyan Shield Bot ZoshiX
1020 Sataro Sataro Yellow Arrow Satellite ZoshiX
1021 Sqeeshee Sqeeshee Pink Gel Jellyfish The most normal jellyfish ever. ZoshiX
1022 Wonka Wonka Cyan/Pink Sick Shock Based on a sweetart, has dual personalities, one sweet and one sour. ZoshiX Ludicrine
1023 Bloc Bloc White Boss Box Solid Getting him to budge at all is near impossible. ZoshiX
1024 Xirt Xirt Cyan Trapezoid UFO Consider her the complete opposite of Trix the UFO. ZoshiX Look-a-troopa
1025 Chatrollue Chatrollue White Die Scorpion Enjoys meeting new people. ZoshiX
1026 Gummy Gummy Pink Roundhead Creeper Doesn't really express very much emotion. ZoshiX, L. Faust Poisonshot
1027 Wilt Wilt Red Mutated Roundhead Tree ZoshiX
1028 Whavity Whavity Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Mutated Roundhead Walker/Climber/Hanger ♂ (Red and Green) ♀ (Yellow and Blue) Can climb on any surface, but bumps it's head quite a lot. ZoshiX
1029 Hammery Hammery Blue Mutated Roundhead Stickman Hammery can handle its two compressed hammers with no apparent effort. One hammer weighs 125 kilograms. Samuel17
1030 Hammerer Hammerer Red Mutated Roundhead Stickman Hammerer fights with his extremely heavy compressed hammer. Its hammer weighs 2500 kilograms and he handles this hammer with almost no effort. Samuel17
1031 Hammerest Hammerest Green Roundhead Stickman Hammerest does not have his own hammer, but can use Hammerspace to pull out any kind of hammer and throw it with incredible speed. The hammer disappears upon contact. Samuel17
1032 Bluechip Bluechip Blue Chip Solid Part of the Lucky Three. May be a distant relative of NYSiE. Lazro
1033 One One Yellow Roundhead Ball Part of the Lucky Three. Not related at all to the Felt, gogdarngit. Lazro
1034 Slotto Slotto Multicolor Mutated Bar Solid (Going from left to right) ♂/♂/♀ Part of the Lucky Three. Their motto is "Nothing lost, nothing gained." Lazro
1035 Raisin Raisin Lilac Skull Scorpion She loves grapes to death. Poisonshot
1036 Erocrewop Erocrewop Multicolor Ou/Omega/Pi Mutated L-Walker (Going from left to right) ♂/♀/♂ Poisonshot
1037 Zgliderero Zgliderero Cyan Ou Mutated Glider Can survive harsh cold. Poisonshot
1038 Plparachuteasma Plparachuteasma Orange Ou Mutated Parachute Can survive incredibly hot magma. Poisonshot
1039 Ashark Ashark Orange Skull Stickman Thunder Cavern Pack. Poisonshot
1040 Tield Tield Yellow Shield Bat Thunder Cavern Pack. Poisonshot
1041 Crelectro Crelectro Teal Skull Fish Thunder Cavern Pack. Poisonshot
1042 16-Gel 16-Gel Green Gel Mushroom Hates intimidation & harassing. Poisonshot Look-a-troopa
1043 Linuyish Linuyish Yellow Gel Jellyfish (PS) genderless Poisonshot
1044 Jellason Jellason Purple Gel Jellyfish (PS) Poisonshot
1045 Pidgey Pidgey Tan Roundhead Bird From Pokemon, but looks like a normal pet. Poisonshot
1046 Caseeze Caseeze Cyan Big Skull Stickman Permafrost pack. Poisonshot
1047 Permadark Permadark Cyan Big Castle Stickman Permafrost pack. Father of Permasavior. Poisonshot
1048 Cold Bascor Cold Bascor Blue Roundhead Scorpion Permafrost pack. Poisonshot
1049 Eclow Eclow Cyan Big Roundhead Eel Permafrost pack. Mother of Permasavior. Poisonshot
1050 Metoruption Metoruption Black Smiley Giant Permafrost pack. Poisonshot
1051 Permasavior Permasavior Cyan Flower Merman Permafrost pack. Son of Permadark and Eclow. Poisonshot
1052 Ν Δpper Ν Δpper Yellow Delta L-Walker genderless Start of a new Δpper clan. Ludicrine
1053 Silk Silk Grey Roundhead Silverfish Poisonshot
1054 Mineral Mineral Black Skull Silverfish Poisonshot
1055 Calliope Calliope Lime Mutated Skull Snake Has good drawing abilities, even though it is a bit hard to draw without hands. Look-a-troopa/A. Hussie
1056 Sandpet Sandpet Tan Roundhead Stickman His sand helps all the pets sleep, but doesn't need/get any. HankGuideDude
1057 Viola Viola Purple Roundhead Flower Based on the plant. Poisonshot
1058 Xanthism Xanthism Orange Roundhead Frog Has Xanthochromism (being unusually yellow). Poisonshot
1059 Prinny Prinny Green Arrow Pipe (JMB) Likes mushrooms, is very active. Jumbods64
1060 Powder Powder Tan Roundhead Walker PG Pack; Simple and cute, likes chemistry. Poisonshot
1061 Gunpowder Gunpowder Brown Roundhead Walker PG Pack; Less cute than powder, likes explosives. Poisonshot
1062 WaterPet Water Blue Fairy Fish PG Pack; Cutie, very wiggly. Jumbods64
1063 StackPet Stack Magenta Captcha Walker Likes to do stuff in order. Jumbods64
1064 QueuePet Queue Orange Captcha Hanger Likes to start at the end and work backwards. Good thrower. Jumbods64
1065 ArrayPet Array Cyan Captcha Snake Doesn't care what order to do things. Jumbods64 Poisonshot
1066 TreePet Tree Lime Captcha Tree Likes to sort alphabeticly, in the form of a tree. Likes Morse code. Jumbods64 Ludicrine
1067 HashMapPet Hash Map Yellow Captcha Bat Likes to play Scrabble. Good at math. Jumbods64
1068 Fan Fan Blue Roundhead Pipe (JMB) PG pack; It's possible to stand in the sky with him! Poisonshot
1069 Ice Ice Lilac Roundhead Pipe (JMB) PG pack; Very cold and very sleepy. Poisonshot
1070 AntPet Ant Pink Skull Ant PG pack; Likes to tunnel, strong, and other ant-like traits. Jumbods64
1071 SuperballPet Superball Pink Roundhead Walker PG pack; HYPER!!!!!!!!11!!one Says Megaball® on back of head. Jumbods64
1072 Snow Snow White Roundhead Flower PG pack; Extremely light! Poisonshot
1073 SplinePet Spline Pink Smiley Walker Visitor from Sand Moji; Likes math, especially graphing. Jumbods64
1074 PGFire Fire Red Shield Bat PG pack; Poisonshot
1075 Seed Seed Green Triangle Mushroom PG pack; Most of the time, he is daydreaming. Poisonshot
1076 ClonePet Clone Mutated Brown/Lilac Yin/Yang Walker PG pack; Smart. Be careful what touches him! ACTS LIKE SOL- *slapped* Jumbods64
1077 SaltPet Salt White Box Water PG pack; Kinda........... SALTY. Has good taste in food. Jumbods64
1078 Oilag Oilag Brown Smiley Fish PG pack; Likes "epicness". Poisonshot
1079 Charged Metal Charged Metal Yellow Diamond Ghost PG pack; It's almost impossible to touch the head. Poisonshot
1080 NitroPet Nitro Green Creeper Jellyfish PG pack; OMG jellycreeper! One of the most lively of the PG pets. Can kinda walk on land, but not very well. Jumbods64
1081 Achernar
(Reduced by 90%. Click to zoom.)
Achermar Blue Big Smiley Walker Named after that star. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
1082 Osiris Osiris Red Roundhead Planet An Exo-planet. Leaves a trail of atmosphere. Poisonshot
1083 Iceball Iceball White Mutated Roundhead Boulder Poisonshot
1084 Leath Leath Tan Diamond Chest Is only hungry once every 2 weeks. He likes to keep leather! Poisonshot
1085 Cherrya Cherrya Red Diamond Tree Poisonshot
1086 Shyp Shyp Brown Gel Snake Poisonshot
1087 Runrun Runrun Grey Shield Zombie Poisonshot
1088 Neptunia Neptunia Blue Big Mutated Vampire Mushroom Poisonshot Ludicrine
1089 Swert Swert Red Box Cactus Poisonshot
1090 Broke Broke Green Gel Wheel If you break the wheel the head still survive. (Reference from S17's comics) Poisonshot
1091 Aaron Aaron Red Diamond Fairy Prophet of Chronos. Has enchanted luck. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
1092 Barbactos Barbactos White Heptagon Bacteria Like to eat iron. Look-a-troopa
1093 Zebra Bloon Zebra Bloon White/Grey Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1094 Z.O.M.G Z.O.M.G Grey Boss Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1095 Yellow Bloon Yellow Bloon Yellow Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1096 White Bloon White Bloon White Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1097 Red Bloon Red Bloon Red Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1098 Pink Bloon Pink Bloon Pink Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1099 M.O.A.B M.O.A.B Blue Big Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1100 Lead Bloon Lead Bloon Grey Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. 1100th pet. TheFanMaster
1101 Green Bloon Green Bloon Green Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1102 Ceramic Bloon Ceramic Bloon Brown Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1103 Blue Bloon Blue Bloon Blue Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster Poisonshot
1104 Black Bloon Black Bloon Black Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1105 B.F.B B.F.B Red Big Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1106 Camo Bloon Camo Bloon Brown Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1107 Rainbow Bloon Rainbow Bloon Rainbow Balloon Rocket Bloons Pack. TheFanMaster
1108 Dfea Dfea White Roundhead Spirit She has a lot of ways to defend herself! Poisonshot
1109 The Sufferer The Sufferer Red Big Mutated Spade Stickman Alternate incarnation of The Signless. He suffers constant pain. Look-a-troopa/A. Hussie A, Mori
1110 Poisaria Poisaria Orange Roundhead Eelskater "Swims" in highly poisonous gas. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
1111 LORD ENGLISH LEnglishOrd English Green Boss Mutated Skull Stickman 1111th pet; Code 1; He is already here... HGD/Hussie Look-a-troopa
1112 Twillar Twillar Orange Sun Seasnake Stats will be boosted when it becomes twilight. Poisonshot Ludicrine
1113 Leviathan (Pet)
(Reduced by 95%. Click to zoom.)
Leviathan Lilac Ridiculous Mutated Arrow Seasnake This pet will survive the apocalypse, and will proceed to eat all the continents of the Fan-Ball World, turning it into one big ocean for him to roam in. Look-a-troopa A, Mori
1114 Transluda Transluda Blue Skull Gravity Poisonshot
1115 Trivarian Trivarian Lilac/Cyan/Tan Vampire Chicken ♂♂♀ Three Chickens flocking together so closely some believe that they are connected. Excellent at sneak attacks. Code 1 Ludicrine/DistractionBeast Look-a-troopa
1116 Doppelganger Doppelganger Blue Sun Flower ungendered A copy of the Sol Master, can be cloned infinite times to perform basic tasks. Can only be adopted with Sol Master. Code 1 Ludicrine/DistractionBeast ZoshiX
1117 Sol Master Sol Master Orange Sun Flower Ruler of the Doppelgangers, served time in prison for kidnapping pets and making them into cyborg slaves. Code 1 Ludicrine/DistractionBeast ZoshiX
1118 Petronam Petronam Green Cylinder Zombie Potentially dangerous cultist. Look-a-troopa
1119 Kuki Kuki Teal Big Pentagon Diver Offspring of Byser and Triton. Has a jade green malaria blade. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Look-a-troopa
1120 Becser Becser Green Big Bec Rotator Offspring of Bloomeire and Bigabomb. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1121 Vega Vega Teal Big Box Oyster Offspring of Sol and Starredfish. Brightness magnitude is neutral for Vega, but very susceptible to anything "homoerotic"... Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1122 Lucruni Ladenda Lucruni Ladenda Olive Big Note Tree Offspring of Bigel and Bigabomb. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1123 Shinela Shinela Orange Big Pentagon Seahorse Offspring of Sunny and Starredfish. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1124 Pulpi Pulpi Pink Big Sun Wyvern (LD) Offspring of Dr. Germ and Sunny. Can emit pink pulses of somewhat low frequency... Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1125 GumatBumat Gumat & Bumat Pink/Blue Mutated Hat Tree ♂,♀ Offspring of Aristruk and Deplour&Glamour. Both of them are bisexuals, due to a gene error. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center BrokenMartyr
1126 Lampiiz Lampiiz Brown/Green Brick Stickman Offspring of Shinold and Hidinja. His head gives out light in the dark. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center A, Mori
1127 Pokerface Pokerface Pink/Red/Blue Mutated Poker/Yin/Yang Bacteria Offspring of Dr. Peace and Shuriken. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Look-a-troopa
1128 Piruat Piruat Green Flower Plant (PS) Grown from Peridot Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1129 Powathi Powathi Yellow Box Plant (TFM) Grown from E.Tronic Seed The yellow parts act as power for the body and if all of them get damaged, Powathi wont be able to attack. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1130 Flobox Flobox White Diamond Flower Grown from Power seed Unlike any other flower, it can move like a Walker and attack only when powered on. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse Lazro
1131 Blooshroom Blooshroom Red Roundhead Mushroom Grown from Bloody Seed Is covered in blood. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1132 Sealer Sealer Blue Roundhead Seaweed ? Grown from Layer Seed Quote C98 Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1133 Multipix Multipix Multicolored Diamond Tree Grown from Nots Seed Quote C98 Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1134 Blundfer Blundfer Cyan/Blue Balloon Flower Grown from Suprised Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1135 Fungi Fungi Purple Big Mushroom Tree Grown from Fungus seed Has fungus sticking out of his body. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1136 Cerolgi Cerolgi Ruby Roundhead Tree Grown from Cent. Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1137 Din Din Red Omega Spirit Grown from Triforce Seed Previous owner(s) here.
Can only be adopted with Nayru and Farore.
The Greenhouse/Nintendo ZoshiX
1138 Nayru Nayru Blue Psi Spirit Grown from Triforce Seed Previous owner(s) here.
Can only be adopted with Din and Farore.
The Greenhouse/Nintendo ZoshiX
1139 Farore Farore Green Delta Spirit Grown from Triforce Seed Previous owner(s) here.
Can only be adopted with Din and Nayru.
The Greenhouse/Nintendo ZoshiX
1140 Neptune Plant Neptunian Plant Blue Big Hex Plant Grown from Neptune Seed Has a dark blue spot. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1141 Humface Humface Tan Mutated Cyclops/Copy Treant Grown from Seed Packet 10 Get it? Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1142 Xomorous Xomorous White X Cactus genderless Grown from Trap Seed Can create a deep ravine right under the "enemy"'s feet when provoked (technically, everyone is "it"'s enemy). Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1143 Icebard Icebard Lilac Encased Circle Plant (TFM) Grown from Ice Encased Seed He was once a bard, but got frozen due to weird antics.... Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1144 Ness Ness Red/Yellow/Blue Omega Tree Grown from Rockin Seed Can preform the infamous PSI Rockin' Ω. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1145 Ariel Plant Arielian Plant White Spade Plant (PS) Grown from Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Miranda Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1146 Umbriel Plant Umbrielian Plant Grey Skull Vine Grown from Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Miranda Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1147 Titania Plant Titanian Plant White Triangle Cactus Grown from Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Miranda Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1148 Oberon Plant Oberonian Plant Grey Pointer Flower Grown from Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Miranda Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1149 Cupimi Cupimi Pink Mutated Heart Tree Grown from 3-D Pink Seed There's Something special about it. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1150 Desmin Desmin White Encased Cyclops Tree Grown from Red Ice Block Seed Is basically Dry Ice; will explode in contact with water. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1151 Jelibquah Jelibquah Green Mutated Sun/Jewel Shrub Grown from Seed Packet 5 The "Jewels" are powered by solar energy (which is the head at the bottom). Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse Samuel17
1152 Black Ice Black Ice Black/Blue Dark Treant Grown from DarkNut She will learn powerful Ice attacks as she gets older! Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse Samuel17
1153 Flipside Flipside Red Mask Seaweed Grown from Ringing Seed 1 Has a ring to deflect most attacks. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse Look-a-troopa
1154 Flopside Flopside Blue Mutated Diamond Lilypad Grown from Ringing Seed 2 Has a retractable ring to absorb little AT percentage. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse A, Mori
1155 Eyiper Eyiper Yellow Eye Flower Grown from Flower Seed Can make random amounts of flowers at a time. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1156 Wardib Wardib Pink Mutated Multihead Cactus genderless Grown from Wardrobifier Seed By changing the settings on its own Wardrobifier, it can: Orderly, Randomly, or Never change heads. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1157 Dr. Peace Dr. Peace Red/Blue Mutated Yin/Yang/Peace Bacteria Hates Peace. Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 Look-a-troopa
1158 Shuriken(Pet) Shuriken Red Mutated Yin/Yang/Flower Bacteria Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 Look-a-troopa
1159 Pollution Pollution Yellow Nuclear Tornado genderless Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98
1160 Bomboniere Bomboniere Pink Roundbar Roller Offspring of Strawberries and Silver; Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Poisonshot
1161 Lygh Lygh Green Note Satellite Offspring of Krest and Leos; Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1162 Thundatree Thundatree Yellow Voltage Tree Grown from Topaz Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1163 Aquimas Aquimas Cyan Hex Vine Grown from Aquamarine Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1164 Clifford Clifford Multicolored Triangle Vine Grown from Clifi Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1165 Wendy Wendy Yellow Psi Cactus Grown from Glowing Yellow Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1166 NormAl NormAl Grey Box Tree genderless Grown from Normal Seed Doesn't have any feelings. Pronounce it with a L. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1167 Crzaz Crzaz Yellow/Grey Triangle Mushroom Grown from Ezmic Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1168 Camounder Camounder Blue Vampire Seaweed Grown from Underwater Seed Can camouflage well in the water. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1169 Frezingi Frezingi Cyan Flake Shrub Grown from Artic Seed Can only freeze things. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1170 Luxide Luxide Yellow/Blue Mutated Box Flower ♂(In), ♀(Out) Grown from Seed Packet 8 Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1171 Rubnatia Rubnatia Red Encased Eye Vine Grown from Ruby Encased Seed Immune to fire, but can't move (can attack, though). Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1172 Pluto Plant Plutonian Plant Brown Triangle Shrub Grown from Pluto Seed Very cold and lonely. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1173 Siltica Siltica White Roundhead Seaweed Grown from Yellow Ice Block Seed Can withstand high temperatures without melting. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1174 Mackifi Mackifi White Mask Seaweed Grown from Fire-Gun Seed His only friend is the gun. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
1175 Fishill Fishill Cyan Box Fish Revealed to be Boxill's father. Previous owner(s) here. The Archeological Lab
1176 Mifa Mifa Brown Flame Gorgon Offspring of Troopir and Klory. Her right arm is floppy and paralyzed, due to no bone structure in that arm. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1177 Webber Webber Purple Skull Spider Poisonshot
1178 Spikid Spikid Green Mutated Castle Scorpion Poisonshot
1179 Blire&Plire Blire&Plire Pink/Cyan Mutated Flame/Roundhead Rotator ♂♀ Poisonshot
1180 Nighy&Dayi&Semy Nighy&Dayi&Semy Orange/Yellow/White Mutated Sun/Moon UFO ♂,♀,both Poisonshot
1181 Cnow Cnow White Coin Walker The Cryocreation Chamber
1182 Rage Rage Orange Trapezoid Plane Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
1183 Grill Grill Yellow Bomb Spider Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
1184 Milk Milk Tan Roundhead Pincher Got Milk?Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
1185 Patwoo Patwoo Cyan Cap Mushroom If you hurt him, you'll feel the same pain as he did. Extremely patient. Samuel17
1186 Magneta Magneta Red Roundhead Dragon Her tail acts like the north pole of a magnet. If her tail sticks with the south pole of a magnet, she will become attracted to that thing. Samuel17
1187 Magneto Magneto Blue Roundhead Dragon His tail acts like the south pole of a magnet. If his tail sticks with the north pole of a magnet, he will become attracted to that thing. Samuel17
1188 Catchling Catchling Yellow Mutated Box Dragon He attracts and catches thunder with his ligthningrod on his head to power himself up. He then release all the stored electricity in only one attack. Samuel17 Ivan247
1189 Aqerra Aqerra Teal Droplet Stickman Master in the arts of "Waterbending", a technique learned from another universe. Look-a-troopa
1190 Cother, Frea, Powater & Seea Cother, Frea, Powater and Seea Cyan Triangle, Cyan Note, Blue Cross and Blue Yen Spinners ♂,♀,♂,♀ These are brothers and sisters and seemingly cannot be separated. Cother can rain Cold Water, youngest of group. Frea is always very cold to the touch, 2nd Yougest. Powater can use all of the other powers of the group, oldest of group. Seea can rain hot water. Poisonshot
1191 Memoria Memoria Pink/Blue Mutated Brain Snake She has an incredible memory. The only thing she doesn't remember is her birth. Look-a-troopa Poisonshot
1192 D4 D4 Multicolored Mutated Cyclops Chain (TFM) Has personalities revolving around 1/4 good, 1/4 bad, and 1/2 neutral. HankGuideDude
1193 D6 D6 Multicolored Mutated Xi Twister Calls out a Guard who attacks with one type of attack once in a screen. HankGuideDude
1194 D8 D8 Multicolored Big Mutated Onigiri Jellyfish Code 1. Can emit a light, which can make things animate as long as the light is there. HankGuideDude Ludicrine
1195 D10 D10 Multicolored Big Mutated Pentagon Wyvern (CMBK) Code 1. Can create plants of the most vicious kind. HankGuideDude Lazro
1196 D12 D12 Multicolored Big Mutated Hugeface Chain (HGD) ♂,♀ Code 1. Every thud it makes can create sugar. HankGuideDude ZoshiX
1197 D20 D20 Multicolored Big Mutated Imp Giant genderless Code 1. Can do anything you ask it to do, but with certain limitations. HankGuideDude Look-a-troopa
1198 D100 D100 Multicolored Big Mutated Sick Ball genderless Code 1. Grants wishes, but if abused/upset, it can emit a rainbow wave that can erase some things, including particles. HankGuideDude Poisonshot
1199 Slender Slender White Mutated Carrot Stickman Upon Request D̺̜͖͕̯O̟͉͔ͧ͑̈́̃N̴̮͍͍̑'̛T̢̖͖̻ ͚̜̟̭͔̩L̛̈Ǒ̷̤̹̦̭̙̤̋ͯ̒Ȯ̇̚K͚͍̲̞͖͇ͅ ͂̆͐͑͏͍͚̗B̬̪̭̜̻͕ͫͬ̈ͦͤ̎A̜̦̠C̛̮̓K̡͖̮̝̾ Look-a-troopa
1200 Windatem Windatem White/Cyan Mutated Roundhead Totem She has a top-level wind attack. She can even make wind strong enough to move a very heavy and solid building! 1200th pet! Poisonshot
1201 Brains Brains Green Brain Zombie Code 1; Aside from being socially awkward, he is banned from society for a period of 1/2*forever. HankGuideDude
1202 Direction Direction Orange/Green/Blue/Pink Mutated Arrow/Pointer Bacteria Never knows where to go. Look-a-troopa
1203 Strong-Weak Nuclear Force
(Reduced by 50%. Click to zoom.)
Strong and Weak Nuclear Force Yellow/Grey Mutated Big Nuke Chain (HGD) Upon Request/♀ One of the three fundamental forces of the universe; is also bipolar. Code 1 Lazro Poisonshot
1204 Electromagnetism Electromagnetism Yellow Big Voltage Shock Upon Request/♂ One of the three fundamental forces of the universe. Code 1 Lazro Look-a-troopa
1205 Gravity Gravity Grey Big Weight Spring Upon Request/♂ One of the three fundamental forces of the universe. Code 1 Lazro Samuel17
1206 Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B and Proxima Centauri Yellow Big, Orange Big and Red Smiley Walkers ♂,♂,♀ Named after the star system of Alpha Centauri, our nearest stars! Samuel17
1207 Nu Scorpii Nu Scorpii Cyan/Lilac/Blue Big Smiley Walkers Biggest pair - ♂
Smaller pair - ♀
The single - ♂.
Named after the QUINTUPLE star system, probably even SEPTUPLE. It is believed that 2 more stars are hidden within the system. Samuel17
1208 WISE 1828 2650 WISE 1828+2650 Purple Smiley Walker Named after the coldest brown dwarf known. Extremely faint and cold, it has a temperature of only 25°C (80°F). Samuel17 Poisonshot
1209 Unual Unual Blue Mutated Gel Alien Was apparently mistreated and needs a good owner to take care of him. Code 1 Poisonshot
1210 Blizzout Blizzout Cyan Flake Cloud Upon request When angered, fighting or else out of boredom, it will summon a violent blizzard in the surrounding area, engulfing the area with a thick layer of snow. Samuel17
1211 Latepain Latepain Pink Smiley Stickman Upon request If hurt, it will feel the pain 1 year later. Samuel17 HankGuideDude
1212 Absocold Absocold Cyan X Walker The temperature of his body and his balls snort is absolute zero. It generates a very frigid aura around him which can freeze anything around him. Not even hot magma can melt him. Samuel17
1213 Robo-Death Robo-Death Grey Mutated Giant Decagon Robot Don't let him touch your machinery. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
1214 GLaDOS GLaDOS White Mutated Giant Cyclops Wrecker Code 1; Don't let her touch your facility. Lat/Valve Lazro
1215 Homem-Christo Homem-Christo Golden Mutated Big Cylinder Stickman Has a resistance to sound-based attacks. Look-a-troopa
1216 Bangalter Bangalter Grey Mutated Big Skull Stickman Uses sound-based attacks. Look-a-troopa
1217 Mary Mary Tan Brain/Troll Cordyceps Healthy carrier of a certain disease. Her head is translucent. Look-a-troopa
1218 Mimi (Fighter)/Mimi (Spider) Mimi Green Mutated Demon Fighter/Spider Has the ability to switch between her forms at will. She can also imitate other people perfectly, safe for their powers. Lat/Nintendo
1219 Ticktock Ticktock Red Hourglass Tree Upon request Was a birthday gift to Poisonshot. ThechosenOne
1220 Soraxy Soraxy Cyan Cap Tiger Was a gift to Poisonshot and supposed to be breeding with Katanka Katanka, but dumped him and became a homosexual. TheFanMaster
1221 Spark Spark Yellow Roundhead Mermaid Upon request Unintentionally one of the PG pack. DatDemo
1222 Dogma A Dogma A Orange Boss Gear Stickman Equipped with a Magma Saber, a Bolt Sniper, and has a Steel Chain replacing his arm, all of which have stats that level up with him and cannot be used effectively by anyone else. He is one of the Dogma Overlords. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
1223 Virstluve Virstluve Pink Hat Walker Falls in love with everyone she sees. RisingStar
1224 Sovet Sovet Grey Photo Octopod Unable to use physical violence due to her belief. RisingStar
1225 Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Head Orange Mutated Roundhead Stickbot The Head is a ghost. Poisonshot
1226 Nazca Colony Drone Nazca Colony Drone Green Mutated Box Cactus A colony drone of Nazca. Can be adopted multiple times, due to there being several of them. NazcaColonyDrone1288 Poisonshot
A, Mori
1227 Second Second Red Mutated Egg Slider Can travel to the future, 1 second forward per 1 second. Look-a-troopa
1228 Tiltlit Tiltlit Green Tilted Pail Wyvern (Combak) The liquid in her head somehow doesn't drip out, despite her tilted head. She also lights up when hit by an electric attack. Look-a-troopa
1229 Grump Grump Tan Mutated Roundhead Ghost Best friends with Not So Grump. Look-a-troopa
1230 Not So Grump Not So Grump Tan Mutated Roundhead Ghost Best friends with Grump. Look-a-troopa
1231 Pyramid Pyramid Grey Mutated Pyramid/Box Tumbler Was found buried deep in the desert area. The outer pyramid heads seem to have died, but the inner head mysteriously survived. Look-a-troopa
1232 Lasher Lasher Green Photo Flytrap (Royal) Able to move around by pulling herself with her extremely fast growing roots. Look-a-troopa A, Mori
1233 Harridon Harridon Lilac Big Mutated Pentagon Warplane Takes flying very seriously. Somewhat relative to Impregné Impregné and Priscaeli (zoomed down) Priscaeli Look-a-troopa
1234 Little George Little George Green Smiley Copter (Canon) An excellent guardian, especially when guarding unwanted objects. Ludicrine
1235 Arrexa MMMMCCCXX Arrexa_MMMMCCCXX Green Mutated Smiley Alien Last member of the fallen age-old monarchy of Arrex. Look-a-troopa
1236 Athos Athos Red Mutated Decagon Spirit Somehow related to the Grim Reaper. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
1237 Razorlash Razorlash Green/Orange Mutated Pointer Lasher genderless Turns glucose into chloroform. Look-a-troopa
1238 Felt Felt Green Mutated Billiards Bacteria genderless Has a whole arsenal of Chronomantic Spells. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
1239 Red Skull Red Skull Red Mutated Skull Zombie Embodiment of Terror. Look-a-troopa A, Mori
1240 Msahlrem Msahlrem Lilac Big Pyramid Planet Speaks in an unknown binary language. Look-a-troopa
1241 Okane Okane Gold Yen Guard Is extraordinarily good with money. He seems to have a secret power as well. Look-a-troopa
1242 Khaon Khaon Blue Mutated Pointer Bacteria Ambassador of Chaos for the FB World. Can destroy minds. The duration of this attack depends on the intelligence of the foe. Look-a-troopa ZoshiX
1243 HAL 9000 HAL 9000 Red Mutated Cyclops (PS) Solid genderless An AI that apparently would've taken place in the future. Lat/Arthur C. Clarke
1244 John John Blue Gel Tornado His flying technique looks a lot like bouncing. Lat/A. Hussie
1245 Rose Rose Pink Dark Jellyfish She studied the dark arts. Lat/A. Hussie
1246 Rumber Rumber Purple Hugeface Devil Offspring of Pluto and Soaked. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1247 Jiva Jiva Orange Triangle Mermaid Offspring of Dancer and Goron. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1248 Rider Rider Orange Hat Stickman Offspring of Dancer and Farmer. Potatoes are his favorite thing. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Lazro
1249 Wilda Wilda Pink Mint Diver Offspring of Mimi and Farmer. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
1250 Cutiaso Cutiaso Tan Mutated Hat Skater Offspring of Spikey and Rider. Able to cut potatoes with ease, also has spiky tires for mashing potatoes. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center

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