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We at it again!

Yep. Another Adoption Center. Blah, just read the previous descriptions and you'll be fine. To upload a pet, upload the pet image and include it in the comment by typing [[File:^.png]], where in "^" type the name of the image (take note of the png and PNG in the filename).


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The Whitelist

Those who are seasoned editors of this wiki (including admins) can edit this page upon the request of adopting a pet. However, newcomers to this wiki/unsigned wiki contributors cannot moderate requests, but the former can still adopt by placing such requests in the comment section - whereas the latter will want to create an account/sign in to be able to adopt.

The Blacklist

These people (and however many alternate accounts they may have) cannot, for any reason whatsoever, edit these pages. That includes adopting, adding seeds, etc. Ban time may vary.

  • SR123
  • Nié hé hé
  • Speddos

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Adopters for the month of July

_week_ __month__ username
...... //....... JWDD
/..... //....... Juda7
////.. ////////. Monopolator
/..... /........ A, Mori

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Caagr98's Mutated Tree pack

Mutated Family Tree

From left to right starting from the top:

Vec&Lee(♀,♂) (not accurate), Triplant(♀), Snowful(♂), Dica(♀)
Peridate(♀), Deplour&Glamour(♀,♂), Aristruk(♂♀♀)
Dolidas(♂), Flux&Noom(♀,♂), Gretchen, Zon, and Tretchen(♀,♂,♂), Gumat&Bumat(♂,♀)

You may take only one in this pack. Does not affect the limit.

David7015's Skater Family Tree pack

Skater Family Tree V.1.8

From left to right starting from the top:

Spikey(♂), Rider(♀), Feet(♀), Coco(♂), Nobi(♂), Voltezar(♀)
Cutiaso(♀), Orbular(♂), Soccez(♂), Solificas(♀) (not accurate), Zeb(♂)
Chaguam(♂), Simba(♀), Haviscus(♀), Leroy(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. If it has a spouse, you must adopt that too. If one wants to adopt a pet and another that has a spouse, then three pets can be adopted in one take (limits are affected normally).

David7015's Dimesat Family Tree pack

Dimesat Family Tree1

From left to right starting from the top:

Dimesat(♂), Wali(♀)
Cerubik(♂), Dicer(♂), Troborak(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. Can adopt only one of their children.

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The Pets

Known codes:

Code 1 - Must be member of LDZX or have good history/rollback.

# Picture Name Taxonomy Genotype Special Adoption Requirements or Notes Creator Adopter
501 Purple Purple Purple Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster HankGuideDude
502 Pink Pink Pink Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Ludicrine
503 Silver Silver Silver Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
504 Gold Gold Gold Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster DMSwordsmaster
505 Diamond White White Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Ivan247
506 Comb rave Comb Rave Yellow/Orange Mutated Hex Bacteria Upon request Enables for players to collect Pang Nectar to charge up powerful attacks. HankGuideDude Lazro
507 Because. Because. Red Bec Tank (Lazro) Hover mouse for personality info. Caagr98
508 Becteria Becteria Black Bec Bacteria Very shy. Caagr98
509 Boxah Boxah Blue Roundhead Stickman (Boxer) Previous owner(s) here. 0176 Ludicrine
510 Babel Babel Upside-down Lime Roundhead Fish Hover mouse for personality info. Caagr98
511 Hivebee Hivebee Yellow Mutated Hex Wheel Center=♀; the rest=♂ Caagr98 Ludicrine
512 BloombActrex Bloomb & Actrex Yellow Mutated Sixstar Flower ♂ ♀ Offspring of Kowso and Mitosis. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
513 Methyl Methyl Orange Trapezoid Mushroom Ivan247
514 Water(Pet) Aqua White-Blue Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Weak. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
515 Oil Oil Brown-Black Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Strong. Poisonshot
516 Napalm Napalm Red-Pink Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Loves to cut trees. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
517 Soapy Soapy Purple-Pink Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Shy. Poisonshot
518 Lava Lava Red-Brown Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Powerful. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
519 Mercurid Mercurid Grey Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Lonely. Poisonshot
520 Vinegar Vinegar Green Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Sour (see "The Fox and the Grapes") HankGuideDude
521 Gradient Gradient Yellow/Red/Green/Blue Mint Cart Previous owner(s) here.. Caagr98
522 TneidarG tneidarG Blue/Cyan/Pink/Yellow Mint Cart Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98
523 PS Problem Sleuth Black Mutated Skull Stickman Lazro/A. Hussie ZoshiX
524 AD Ace Dick Black Mutated Skull Mushroom Lazro/A. Hussie Waddle D33
525 PI Pickle Inspector Black Mutated Skull Tree Lazro/A. Hussie BrokenMartyr
526 Acid Acid Green-Turqoise Roundhead Pincher PS' Liquid Pack; Has a black bone. Poisonshot
527 BP BBC Bocopter Blue Bomb Copter (ZX) Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
528 Beel Beel Blue Bomb Eel Bomb Pack ThechosenOne ZoshiX
529 BP BBGi Bogiga Blue Bomb Giant Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
530 BP BBGo Borgon Blue Bomb Gorgon Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
531 BP BBP Warbomb Blue Bomb Pipe Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
532 BP BBS Boweb Blue Bomb Spider Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
533 BP BBU Krest Blue Bomb UFO Bomb Pack. Previous owner(s) here. ThechosenOne
534 BP BBWal Bomarche Blue Bomb Walker Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
535 BP BBWar Bortal Blue Bomb Warper Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
536 BP CBBac C4 Cyan Bomb Bacteria Bomb Pack ThechosenOne HankGuideDude
537 BP CBBal Boimb Cyan Bomb Ball Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
538 BP CBBou Bobounce Cyan Bomb Bouncer Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
539 BP CBBub Bobulle Cyan Bomb Bubble Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
540 BP CBCl Bomonte Cyan Bomb Climber Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
541 BP CBCr Bocrabe Cyan Bomb Crab Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
542 BP CBF Bofight Cyan Bomb Fighter Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
543 BP CBG Melancobomb Cyan Bomb Ghost Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
544 BP CBS Bomroll Cyan Bomb Skater Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
545 BP GBA Borkonian Green Bomb Alien Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
546 BP GBB Bobat Green Bomb Bat Bomb Pack. Previous owner(s) here. ThechosenOne
547 BP GBC Bonuclear Green Bomb Cannon Bomb Pack ThechosenOne Ludicrine
548 BP GBD Boobydoo Green Bomb Dog Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
549 BP GBGD Boméga Green Bomb Giantdiver Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
550 BP GBM Boshroom Green Bomb Mushroom Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
551 BP GBS Boing Green Bomb Spring Bomb Pack ThechosenOne Poisonshot
552 BP GBTa Bolecerc Green Bomb Tank (TFM) Bomb Pack ThechosenOne Samuel17
553 BP GBTu Boninja Green Bomb Turtle (ZX/TFM) Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
554 BP GBV Bohang Green Bomb Vine Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
555 BP GrayBD Bogon Gray/Orange Bomb Dragon Bomb Pack ThechosenOne Ludicrine
556 BP LBA Arkobom Lilac Bomb Astronaut Bomb Pack ThechosenOne HankGuideDude
557 BP LBB Papiboom Lilac Bomb Butterfly Bomb Pack ThechosenOne RisingStar
558 BP LBC Unknoom Lilac Bomb Moth Bomb Pack. Previous owner(s) here. ThechosenOne
559 BP LBD Botic Lilac Bomb Devil Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
560 BP LBFM Bzoom Lilac Bomb Flyman Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
561 BP LBH Multiboom Lilac Bomb Hydra Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
562 BP LBM Merboom Lilac Bomb Merman Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
563 BP LBP Ferrobom Lilac Bomb Plant (TFM) Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
564 BP LBR Rotaboom Lilac Bomb Rotator Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
565 BP PBCa Bospine Pink Bomb Cactus Bomb Pack ThechosenOne HankGuideDude
566 BP PBCh Steebom Pink Bomb Chain (TFM) Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
567 BP PBD Bomine Pink Bomb Diver Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
568 BP PBO Boyster Pink Bomb Oyster Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
569 BP PBP Catchoom Pink Bomb Pincher Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
570 BP PBR Bombot Pink Bomb Robot Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
571 BP PBSa Don Juan Pink Bomb Satellite Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
572 BP PBSn Bossnake Pink Bomb Snake Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
573 BP PBW Walkirocket Pink Bomb Wyvern (LD) Bomb Pack ThechosenOne DMSwordsmaster
574 BP RBT Botree Red Bomb Tree Bomb Pack ThechosenOne Samuel17
575 BP TBD Bonamyte Tan Bomb Drill Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
576 BP TBJF Boméduse Tan Bomb Jellyfish Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
577 BP TBLW Bolong Tan Bomb L-Walker Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
578 BP TBR Boroll Tan Bomb Roller Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
579 BP TBSH Bohippo Tan Bomb Seahorse Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
580 BP TBTi Bomikaze Tan Bomb Tiger Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
581 BP TBTu Boriangle Tan Bomb Tumbler Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
582 BP TBTw Bospin Tan Bomb Twister Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
583 BP TBW Boroue Tan Bomb Wheel Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
584 BP YBCa Boprison Yellow Bomb Cage Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
585 BP YBCh Bochaîne Yellow Bomb Chain (HGD) Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
586 BP YBCr Bominecraft Yellow Bomb Creeper Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
587 BP YBHC Bobernard Yellow Bomb H-Crab Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
588 BP YBS Borpion Yellow Bomb Scorpion Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
589 BP YBSM Botopredo Yellow Bomb Submarine Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
590 BP YBT Bogiant Yellow Bomb Treant Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
591 BP YBZ Bocreeper Yellow Bomb Zombie Bomb Pack ThechosenOne
592 Recrofire Recrofire Grey/Red Club Tank (Lazro) It can target up to 10 enemies at once. It also can spawn Liwheels but only in battle. David7015 HankGuideDude
593 Liwheel Liwheel Grey/Red Roundhead Wheel It leaves a Metal cube filled with blood every 3 yards. David7015
594 TS TS Yellow Triangle Stickman It can stun something for 5 sec but without it's sign she is POWERLESS. Previous owner(s) here. David7015 HankGuideDude
595 June June Yellow/Orange Sun Butterfly Lazro
596 ST ST Brown Triangle Stickman It can stun something for 5 sec (20 sec, if with TS), but without it's sign he is POWERLESS. David7015 Josewong
597 Dewey Dewey Red Roundhead Stickman (Alternate) An excellent hacker. Ludicrine Lazro
598 CygnusNew Cygnus Lilac Bomb Stickman She is extremely obedient, afraid of everything, and has a cut-off hand. Ludicrine DMSwordsmaster
599 Coco Coco White Big PC Astronaut Randomly spawns household objects. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine A, Mori
600 Raygun Raygun Green Roundhead Mutated Cannon Protected with spines; 600th adoptable. Ludicrine HankGuideDude
601 Leos Leos Yellow Eye Bat Has a passion for law. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
602 Igneous Igneous Red Fairy Giant Has extreme heat radiating from his head. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
603 Time Master Time Master Gray Smiley Walker Changes form/matures the longer it is kept in the center. Currently is in Final form. (3/3) Ludicrine Gamelover101
604 Mrs Game Mrs. Game Black Smiley Walker Caagr98
605 Mr Watch Mr. Watch Black Smiley Walker (Alt) Caagr98 Jumbods64
606 Nuke Nuke Yellow Nuclear Walker Genderless Highly poisonous; Code 1. Caagr98 Samuel17
607 Jigsaw Jigsaw Green/Black Mutated Roundhead Dino Caagr98 A, Mori
608 Aquilly Marish Aquilly Marish Cyan Big Jewel Jellyfish HankGuideDude
609 BSoD BSoD Lilac PC Bacteria Can infect one's computer. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude Waddle D33
610 Gartado Gartado Red Big Jewel Twister HankGuideDude
611 Hinga Hinda White Hexagon Butterfly HankGuideDude
612 Ligraf Ligraf Pink Flake Creeper HankGuideDude
613 Quadricut Quadricut Yellow-Striped Mutated Octagon Pincher HankGuideDude
614 Radomizin Radomizin Green Die Bot HankGuideDude ZoshiX
615 Roodak Roodak Brown Vampire Mushroom HankGuideDude
616 Voltaje Voltaje Yellow Voltage Cage Is basically a flying generator. HankGuideDude
617 Wordamis Wordamis Brown Wood Worm HankGuideDude
618 Zento Zento Grey/White Mutated Zen/Yin/Yang Treant Genderless Their vision is in Grayscale. HankGuideDude
619 Pasta Pasta Yellow Big Mutated Cart Upon request Caagr98
620 Candy Candy Red/White Big Mutated Bat Upon request Caagr98 HankGuideDude
621 Peanuts Peanuts Tan Big Mutated Walker Upon request Caagr98
622 Telas Telas Brown Triangle Fish The strange marking on his body shows that he can make fire in water. Previous owner(s) here. David7015
623 Salet Salet Yellow Triangle Fish The strange marking on her body shows that she can make fire in water. Previous owner(s) here. David7015
624 Quan Quan Purple Big Hex Tree His name is an inside joke between LD and W D33. Ludicrine BrokenMartyr
625 Pierced Pierced Grey Vampire Dragon Ludicrine
626 Glall Glall Yellow Glowing Roundhead Ball Glows a lot. Samuel17 Gamelover101
627 Camoshy Camoshy Green Star Snake CamoshyAT Can shoot trees. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
628 Iamlevel Iamlevel White Sun Walker He is essentially two walking levels. Ludicrine Samuel17
629 Chriptea Chriptea Multicolored Big Creeper Tumbler Upon request? REALLY likes checkers. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude Waddle D33
630 Rainmuta Rainmuta Multicolored Mutated Roundhead Bacteria Red - Cyan = ♀
Green - Yellow - ♂
TheFanMaster Ivan247
631 Multimuta Multimuta Multicolored Mutated Multihead Multispecies From top (Clockwise) -♀♂♀♂♀♂♀♂♀♂ Cyclops -♀

Skull -♂ Roundhead - Genderless

Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster Ludicrine
632 Mutatree Mutatree Green/Red Mutated Card/Moon Tree ♂♂♀♀ TheFanMaster HankGuideDude
633 Mutacrab Mutacrab White Mutated Roundhead Crab ♂♀ TheFanMaster
634 Eyesight Eyesight Green Mutated Cyclops Walker TheFanMaster
635 Cologif Cologif Multicolored Skull Alien Code 1 TheFanMaster DMSwordsmaster
636 King Dedede King Dedede Yellow Roundhead Stickman From the Kirby series TheFanMaster
637 Koopa Koopa Yellow Roundhead Turtle Upon Request From the Mario series TheFanMaster
638 Goomba Goomba Brown Cap Walker Upon Request From the Mario series TheFanMaster
639 Battery Battery Yellow Voltage Stackers ♂♀♂ Stack them to gain electrical power, but they must be recharged when they run down. Lazro Gamelover101
640 Leel
(Reduced by 75%. Click to zoom.)
Leel Red Long Roundhead Fish Leel is afraid of water. Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
641 Melagic Melagic Red Mask Robot David7015
642 Plaungas Plaungas Blue Boss Box Butterfly Has a plaid texture. HankGuideDude Look-a-troopa
643 Ralph Ralph Green Mask Bouncer (Angry) Ludicrine
644 Polly Polly Cyan/Albino Vampire Bouncer Ludicrine DMSwordsmaster
645 Resistor The Resistor Orange Multihead Roller ♂♂♀♂♀♀♀♂ Ludicrine Gamelover101
646 Acy Acy Blue Roundhead Ace Samuel17
647 Smace Smace Grey Smiley Ace Samuel17 Poisonshot
648 Shiraf Shiraf Green Mutated Shield Plant (PS; Alt) HankGuideDude
649 Cratus Cratus White Shield Copter (ZX; Alt) HankGuideDude
650 Metanix Metanix Grey Shield Stickman (Alt) HankGuideDude RisingStar
651 Zapling Zapling Yellow Voltage Tree Caagr98 Samuel17
652 Marvintheparanoidandroid Marvin T.P.A. Grey Omega Bot Has a brain the size of a planet, but already got/can get/will get extremely depressed. Lazro
653 Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker Red/Tan Zen Stickman Star Wars Pack David7015
654 R2-D2 R2-D2 Blue/Gray Gel Robot Upon Request Star Wars Pack David7015
655 C-3PO C-3PO Tan Cyclops Bouncer Upon Request Star Wars Pack David7015
656 Tyme Tyme Tan Arrow Ball Can measure time. Can only be adopted at Noon (Sig's time). HankGuideDude
657 Midderz Midderez Multicolored Multiheaded Cactus ♂♀♀ Meddling all the time (the yellow head is a bunny head). HankGuideDude
658 Linquez Linquez Blue Brick Ghost HankGuideDude Ludicrine
659 Pisa Pisa Tan Box Stackers (From bottom) ♂♀♂♀♂♀ Maintains structure even after explosions. HankGuideDude Gamelover101
660 Winmous Stackus Winmous Stackus Multicolored Mutated Brick/Box Stackers/Solid Upon request Can be built to a huge treant; Can only be adopted if one adopted: 2,2,2,2,1 head-colored pets (Multiheads do NOT count, so is the Cyan color). HankGuideDude DMSwordsmaster
661 Ball RE-Revamped Ball RE-Revamped Multicolored Mask Ball Upon request Can levitate with the use of gravity. Will die if it touches the wall. HankGuideDude
662 Battle Droid Battle Droid Gold Skull Fighter Upon Adoption Star Wars Pack David7015
663 Naboo Starfighter Naboo Starfighter Yellow Triangle Plane Star Wars Pack David7015
664 Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi Tan Balloon Stickman Star Wars Pack David7015
665 Qui-Gon Jinn Qui-Gon Jinn Tan Egg Stickman Star Wars Pack David7015
666 White Box Stickman Satan? White Box Stickman 666th Adoptable David7015 DMSwordsmaster
667 Domaz Domaz Blue Peace Gorgon HankGuideDude
668 Queedimas Queedimas White Big Jewel Tumbler Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
669 Runfa Runfa Green Mutated Roundhead Walker/Roller It'll decide whether to walk or roll. HankGuideDude Ludicrine
670 Vivian Vivian Pink Captcha Cactus HankGuideDude DatDemo
671 MS-DOS MS-DOS Mono Big PC Solid Can only be adopted if one has 2 PC pets. Previous owner(s) here. Lazro A, Mori
672 Blasted Blasted Orange Vampire Dragon Samuel17
673 Shocked Shocked Yellow Vampire Dragon Not to be confused with Sparky Sparky Samuel17
674 Blown Blown Grey Vampire Dragon Not to be confused with Pierced Pierced Samuel17
675 Methan Methan Cyan Mutated Roundhead/Cyclops Ball Upon Request Samuel17 ZoshiX
676 Crasher Crasher Blue Nuclear Walker Genderless Code 1: can cause an gigantic explosion in situations of mass murder, dying in the process. Cousin of Nuke. Samuel17
677 Bronzely Bronzely Bronze Roundhead Wrecker Cousin of Goldy and Silvery. Samuel17
678 Landings Landings Green Mint Bouncer Ludicrine
679 Rett Rett Red Hugeface Wyvern (LD) Ludicrine
680 Cancerous Cancerous Purple Spade Crab Ludicrine HankGuideDude
681 Stretch Stretch Blue Arrow Dragon Ludicrine Jumbods64
682 Plantain Plantain Beige Mutated Triangle Plant (PS) Ludicrine
683 Gelvern Geltern Lilac Gel Tree Acts like a lamp. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
684 Irony Irony Yellow Voltage Submarine Ludicrine
685 Scipio Scipio Brown Smiley Turtle Ludicrine
686 Hiroshi Hiroshi Red Roundhead Solid Onis are afraid of him (Except Squato). Ludicrine A, Mori
687 Artimaffus Artimaffus Red Big Flower Ant Likes nature. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
688 Kindu Kindu Cyan Bomb Ant Likes rain (and no, it does NOT die). Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
689 Duet Duet Black/Grey Note Stickmen ♀, ♂ With the being absent, they will die of grief and loneliness within 5 minutes. Previous owner(s) here. Lazro
690 Darth Maul Darth Maul Red Mask Stickman Star Wars Pack David7015 Ludicrine
691 Yoda Yoda Green Demon Alien Star Wars Pack David7015
692 Encelade Encelade Blue Roundhead Walker Is able to create ice geysers and is the long-lost brother of Titan. And is obviously related to Saturn. Samuel17
693 Newsat Newsat Yellow-Green Shield Satellite Ivan247 ZoshiX
694 Boquet Boquet Green Bomb Mermaid Offspring of Boman and Aquette. Changed to male via Gene Center. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
695 Pentovan Pentovan Tan Pentagon Cart Offspring of Zoidy and Aglebahr. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
696 Cason Cason Orange Castle Submarine Offspring of Zoidy and Aquette. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
697 Platinumy Platinumy Platinum Roundhead Wrecker Offspring of Goldy and Silvery. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center 0176
698 Baldwin Baldwin White Box Train Will run over anything, regardless of its type. Lazro
699 Biac Biac White Box Boulder First Boulder! David7015
700 Internet The Internet Multicolored PC Tumbler 700th adoptable. Previous owner(s) here. Lazro Samuel17
701 Spectrum Spectrum Rainbow Castle Zombie Previous owner(s) here. Thinkatock
702 Prospit Prospit Yellow Mutated Roundhead/Circle Wrecker HGD/A. Hussie Look-a-troopa
703 Bocruss Bocruss Grey Bomb Crab Thinkatock Gamelover101
704 The Signless The Signless Red Big Spade Skater Karkat's Ancestor. A. Hussie/HGD/LD HankGuideDude
705 The Handmaid The Handmaid Red Big Heart Ghost Aradia's Ancestor; The feared assistant to LEnglishORD ENGLISH. A. Hussie/HGD/LD Poisonshot
706 The Summoner The Summoner Brown Big Demon Moth Tavros' Ancestor; Can commune with beasts A. Hussie/HGD/LD
707 The Psiiioniic The Ψiioniic Red-Blue Big Eye Shock Sollux's Ancestor; Unmatched in psychic skill. Previous owner(s) here. A. Hussie/HGD/LD
708 The Disciple The Disciple Green Big Diamond Tiger Nepeta's Ancestor. A. Hussie/HGD/LD
709 The Dolorosa The Dolorosa Green Big Club Stackers Kanaya's Ancestor; Was sold into slavery but later re-sold to the Adoption Center. A. Hussie/HGD/LD Ludicrine
710 Neophyte Redglare Neophyte Redglare Cyan Big Cap Wyvern (Combak) Terezi's Ancestor. A. Hussie/HGD/LD
711 Marquise Spinneret Mindfang Marquise Spinneret Mindfang Blue Big Vampire Scorpion Vriska's Ancestor; She's got all the levels, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!! A. Hussie/HGD/LD Look-a-troopa
712 Expatriate Darkleer Expatriate Darkleer Blue Big Smiley Robot Equius' Ancestor; Skilled in "roboti%". Previous owner(s) here. A. Hussie/HGD/LD A. Mori
713 Grand Highblood Grand Highblood Purple Big Pentagon Twister Gamzee's Ancestor; Enjoys having gory walls of most blood colors. A. Hussie/HGD/LD A. Mori
714 Orphaner Dualscar Orphaner Dualscar Purple Big Castle Seahorse Eridan's Ancestor; Has two scars on his face, hence the name. A. Hussie/HGD/LD
715 Her Imperious Condescension Her Imperious Condescension Purple Big Castle Jellyfish Feferi's Ancestor; Can live for hundreds of sweeps. AKA: The Batterwitch. A. Hussie/HGD/LD ZoshiX
716 Sonia Sonia Green Boss Cyborg Smiley Stickman Was found in a beaten-up state, made into a cyborg, doesn't remember anything, was put up for adoption, and probably not her true name.... Take care of her, or else.... ~HGD HankGuideDude Ludicine
717 Strift Strift Tan Smiley Walker Offspring of Tespa and Lessie. Strift is a warrior and excels in gun skills just like her parents. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center A, Mori
718 DeplourGlamour Deplour & Glamour Pink-Blue Mutated Club-Spade Tree ♀♂ Offspring of Vec&Lee and Triplant. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
719 PeridateJr Peridate Jr. Green Jewel Snake Offspring of Emereel and Strift. Strangely, she can hold the gun and shoot with her mouth! Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Look-a-troopa
720 Aristruk Aristruk Multicolored Mutated Yin/Yang/Fairy Tree ♂♀♀ Offspring of SnowySnowful and Dica. An error occurred while hatching... It would seem that there is a mutation that keeps changing, thus messing the genes up. The hospital might cure this. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
721 Dolidas Dolidas Green-Blue Mutated Dollar Wrecker Offspring of Glamour (From Deplour&Glamour) and Peridate. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
722 Konfa Konfa Pink Star Scorpion Offspring of Peny and Miocha. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
723 Jade Jade Jade Roundhead Wrecker Offspring of Peridot and Emerald. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
724 AI A.I. Green PC Bacteria Bi-gendered Offspring of Binari and Troll disease. Got formatted from assisting Nulland. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Look-a-troopa
725 Daemon Daemon White Diamond Stickman Offspring of Shinold and Hidinja. Can emit a strong flash that is similar to PSI Flash! Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Poisonshot
*726 Cultus Cultus Red Mutated ??? ??? Offspring of North Byser and Cerberus Tree. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center DMSwordsmaster
*727 Depression2 Depression Blue Mutated Smiley ??? Offspring of North Byser and Cerberus Tree. He was much more mutated then Cultus, his sister, and seems to be incredibly depressed and angry about his horrible mutations. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center DMSwordsmaster
728 Starduss Starduss Tan Star Stickman Offspring of Shinold and Hidinja. Her head is flipped, but no major difference. Can blind someone when she goes "dark".... Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center A, Mori
729 FluxNoomFix Flux & Noom Blue-Red Mutated Shuriken Tree ♀, ♂ Offspring of Aristruk and Deplour&Glamour. FluxNoom The Cyan Square is a very weak spot, for it contains all information and has terrible defense. Fixed in the Pet Hospital. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center A, Mori
730 Poet Poet White Dualnote Stickman Offspring from Duet. Wears a tie and sings whether he talks.... Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Lazro
731 GretchenZonTretchen Gretchen, Zon, and Tretchen Multicolored Mutated Smiley/Omega Tree ♀♂♂ Offspring of Aristruk and Deplour&Glamour. Seems to channelCHANGE their personalities after every few seconds.... Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
732 Amynamza Amynamza Purple Club Stickman Offspring of Shinold and Hidinja. Supposedly made out of Amethyst. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Look-a-troopa
733 Sinatra Sinatra White Note Stickman Offspring from Duet. He apparently loves to sing. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center Lazro
734 Hidinja Hidinja Grey-Black Shuriken Stickman/Black Illusive Shuriken Ninja Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
735 Sssplosive Sssplosive Green Big Creeper Creeper Can spawn Splodelings and suicide on low LP. Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
736 Splodling Splodeling Green Creeper Creeper Random Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98
737 Popcones Popcones Yellow Cloud (ZX) Drill ? Grown from Pop Seeds Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
738 Vampiza Vampiza Grey Vampire Plant (PS) Grown from Toothed Seed Has fangs made of stone and a weird mutation on the "squares". Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
739 Bripes Bripes White/Grey Striped Roundhead Bat Stripe Pack David7015
740 Cacstri Cacstri White/Grey Striped Roundhead Cactus Stripe Pack David7015
741 Chatri Chatri White/Grey Striped Roundhead Chain (TFM) Stripe Pack David7015
742 Costrapi Costrapi White/Grey Striped Roundhead Copter (ZX) Stripe Pack David7015
743 Cristrim Cristrim White/Grey Striped Roundhead Crab Stripe Pack David7015 Poisonshot
744 Cristrip Cristrip White/Grey Striped Roundhead Creeper Stripe Pack David7015
745 Hercristri Hercristri White/Grey Striped Roundhead H-Crab Stripe Pack David7015 Ludicrine
746 Mushtri Mustri White/Grey Striped Roundhead Mushroom Stripe Pack David7015
747 Rolistra Rolistra White/Grey Striped Roundhead Roller Stripe Pack David7015
748 Spidrastrill Spidrastrill White/Grey Striped Roundhead Spider Stripe Pack David7015
749 Strake Strake White/Grey Striped Roundhead Worm Stripe Pack David7015
750 Strechai Strechai White/Grey Striped Roundhead Chain (HGD) Stripe Pack David7015

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