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The continuation of the original Adoption Center, due to massive lag and hard accessibility. Again, it is a place where you can adopt "pets" so you can do things with them. To adopt a pet, please leave a comment BELOW, and an administrator will grant you adoption rights. You can also suggest adoptable pets.

To upload a pet, upload the pet image and include it in the comment by typing [[File:^.png]], where in "^" type the name of the image (take note of the png and PNG in the filename).


Read here.

The Whitelist

Those who are seasoned editors of this wiki (including admins) can edit this page upon the request of adopting a pet. However, newcomers to this wiki/unsigned wiki contributors cannot moderate requests, but the former can still adopt by placing such requests in the comment section - whereas the latter will want to create an account/sign in to be able to adopt.

The Blacklist

These people (and however many alternate accounts they may have) cannot, for any reason whatsoever, edit these pages. That includes adopting, adding seeds, etc. Ban time may vary.

  • SR123
  • Nié hé hé
  • Speddos

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Adopters for the month of October

_week_ __month__ username
//.... //....... AndyTM6676

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Caagr98's Mutated Tree pack

Mutated Family Tree

From left to right starting from the top:

Vec&Lee(♀,♂) (not accurate), Triplant(♀), Snowful(♂), Dica(♀)
Peridate(♀), Deplour&Glamour(♀,♂), Aristruk(♂♀♀)
Dolidas(♂), Flux&Noom(♀,♂), Gretchen, Zon, and Tretchen(♀,♂,♂), Gumat&Bumat(♂,♀)

You may take only one in this pack. Does not affect the limit.

David7015's Skater Family Tree pack

Skater Family Tree V.1.8

From left to right starting from the top:

Spikey(♂), Rider(♀), Feet(♀), Coco(♂), Nobi(♂), Voltezar(♀)
Cutiaso(♀), Orbular(♂), Soccez(♂), Solificas(♀) (not accurate), Zeb(♂)
Chaguam(♂), Simba(♀), Haviscus(♀), Leroy(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. If it has a spouse, you must adopt that too. If one wants to adopt a pet and another that has a spouse, then three pets can be adopted in one take (limits are affected normally).

David7015's Dimesat Family Tree pack

Dimesat Family Tree1

From left to right starting from the top:

Dimesat(♂), Wali(♀)
Cerubik(♂), Dicer(♂), Troborak(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. Can adopt only one of their children.

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The Pets

Known codes:

Code 1 - Must be member of LDZX or have good history/rollback.

# Picture Name Taxonomy Genotype Special Adoption Requirements or Notes Creator Adopter
251 Construs Construs Yellow Castle Merman (LD) He’s not dead! He’s been hiding in the sewers, but lost his memory and acts as an adoptable. Take good care of him or I’ll kill you. -LD Ludicrine HankGuideDude
252 Pinscushion Pinscushion Blue/Green Mint Stickman Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine Lazro
253 Martini Martini Pink Diamond Scorpion Has bred with Tarek Tarek and is the mother of Perka Perka. Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX
254 Icarus Icarus White Roundhead Flyman His wings will melt in intense heat, but will come back over time. ZoshiX Ludicrine
255 Frosty Frosty Blue Diamond Wrecker 0176 Samuel17
256 Gammbler Gammbler Green Die Wheel Nuclear! HankGuideDude Lazro
257 TopazyFix Topazy Yellow Jewel Snake Has bred with Duos Duos and is the mother of Rum Rum. Previous owner(s) here. 0176
258 Moony Moony Blue Moon Flyman 0176 HankGuideDude
259 Moonwalker Moonwalker Brown Moon Walker 0176 Lazro
260 Acidoke fix Acidoke Green Star Cart Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
261 Blulila Blulila Blue Droplet UFO TheFanMaster Lazro
262 Pidrill Pidrill Pink Roundhead Drill Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster Poisonshot
263 Megoyster Megoyster Yellow Pointer H-Crab Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
264 Blooddew Bloodew Red Box Oyster The olive dot symbols sight beyond the high mist. Poisonshot
265 Goldy Goldy Gold Roundhead Wrecker Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
266 Devo Devo Red Vampire Demon TheFanMaster
267 Turty Turty Yellow Roundhead Turtle (TFM) TheFanMaster
268 Koopsy Koopsy Yellow Roundhead Turtle (TFM) TheFanMaster Makarus13
269 Eyon Eyon Blue Eye Demon Has bred with Charmender Charmander and is the mother of Icile Icile. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
270 Sandbox Sandbox Tan Box Solid Upon requestMay explode into lots of sand upon death. Has bred with VaturVacos Vacos and is the father of Crumper Crumper. Previous owner(s) here. Ivan247
271 Aradia Aradia Red/Blue Heart (Flying) Eel Previous owner(s) here. HGD/LD/A. Hussie ZoshiX
272 Terezi Terezi Teal Cap Alien HGD/LD/A. Hussie Ludicrine
273 Equius Equius Blue Smiley Giant Has bred with Vilnigous Vilnigous and is the father of Machrax Machrax. Previous owner(s) here. HGD/LD/A. Hussie
274 Chaoteer Chaoteer Black Trapezoid Solid HankGuideDude
275 Omnibly Omnibly Purple Onigiri Bat HankGuideDude ZoshiX
276 Ophelia Ophelia Pink Peace Mushroom Has bred with Wolca Wolca and is the mother of Gramja Gramja. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
277 Pikarts Pikarts White Moon Tree HankGuideDude
278 Portil Portil Blue/Orange Gel Stickman Able to create portals, but has a reversed depth perception sight HankGuideDude ZoshiX
279 Rubart Rubart Red Big Jewel Spider HankGuideDude DMSwordsmaster
280 Spidrix Spidrix Tan Die (HGD) Twister HankGuideDude
281 Troopir Troopir Green Flower Snake Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
282 Vilnigous Vilnigous Blue/Purple Mutated Shuriken Giant Has bred with Equius Equius and is the mother of Machrax Machrax. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
283 Windows X Windows X Red/Green/Yellow/Blue Mutated Diamond Wrecker Can only be adopted if one has at least 4 diamond-head pets. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude ZoshiX
284 Gear (Pet) Gear Grey Big Mutated Skull Tree Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 Ludicrine
285 Telehex Telehex Cyan/Yellow Mutated Hex Warper Ivan247 ZoshiX
286 Zodiac Zodiac Brown Mask Tumbler Apperantly immune to mud. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
287 Brown Football Wheel Feet Brown Football Wheel Faster than any wheel. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot A, Mori
288 Phoevern Phoevern Green Box Wyvern (LD) Unable to attack at night. Poisonshot
289 Vamplood Vamplood Red Vampire (Literally) Jellyfish Swims in blood. Poisonshot DMSwordsmaster
290 Glowlarger Glowlarger Green Star Drill Can use energy blades. Poisonshot Gamelover101
291 Melodex Melodex Lilac Dualnote Zombie Has bred with Burned Burned and is the mother of Hella Hella. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
292 Grapes Grapes Green Big Mutated Roundhead Tree Upon request Caagr98 Ludicrine
293 Silvery Silvery Silver Roundhead Wrecker Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17
294 Frozen Frozen Cyan Vampire Dragon Samuel17 HankGuideDude
295 Burned Burned Red Vampire Dragon Has bred with Melodex Melodex and is the father of Hella Hella. Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17
296 Glowee Glowee Yellow Glowing Gel Tree Samuel17
297 Emerald Emerald Emerald Roundhead Wrecker Part of the "Jewels" Pack. Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17
298 Ruby Ruby Ruby Roundhead Wrecker "Jewels" Samuel17 DMSwordsmaster
299 Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Roundhead Wrecker "Jewels"; Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17 HankGuideDude
300 Topaz (pet) Topaz Topaz Roundhead Wrecker "Jewels"; 300th adoptable. Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17 HankGuideDude
301 Peridot Peridot Peridot Roundhead Wrecker "Jewels". Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17 ZoshiX
302 Garnet Garnet Garnet Roundhead Wrecker "Jewels". Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17
303 Aquamarine Aquamarine Aquamarine Roundhead Wrecker "Jewels" Samuel17 HankGuideDude
304 Diamond (pet) Diamond Diamond Roundhead Wrecker "Jewels" Samuel17 DMSwordsmaster
305 Peridate Peridate Green Big Jewel Snake Is NOT the mother of Peridate Jr. PeridateJr Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude Samuek17
306 Itchy Itchy Yellow Smiley Wheel Code 1; Able to slow down time in relative to himself. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Samuel17
307 Doze Doze Blue Mask Turtle (TFM/ZX) Code 1; Able to slow down time, but only for himself, thus can live longer. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Look-a-troopa
308 Trace Trace Red Vampire Eel Code 1; Can view enemies' past trails; and messing with them. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie
309 Clover Clover Purple Club Flyman Code 1; Luckiest pet evar! Unknown if he can really fly... Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie ZoshiX
310 Fin Fin Orange Triangle Tumbler Code 1; Can view enemies' future trails; and messing with them. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Ludicrine
311 Die Die Green Die Zombie Code 1; Using his voodoo doll, can go in time in an event of the asked enemy died. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie ZoshiX
312 Crowbar Crowbar Red Roundhead Stickman Code 1; Using his trusty crowbar, can disable time-type enemies and negate their actions. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Look-a-troopa
313 Snowman Snowman Black Spade Scorpion Code 1; If she's killed, the whole SR universe will cease to exist! HankGuideDude/A. Hussie DMSwordsmaster
314 Stitch Stitch Yellow Smiley Tree Code 1; Remotely kills enemies and heals characters and ailments using effigies. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Poisonshot
315 Sawbuck Sawbuck Blue Big Star Walker Code 1; Causes random time warp if he injures/gets injured to a random location in time. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Look-a-troopa
316 Matchsticks Matchsticks Red Hourglass L-Walker Code 1; Is able to travel through time and space using flames as a gateway. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Ludicrine
317 Eggs Eggs Purple Egg Ball Code 1; Able to multiply. Dangerous moron with Biscuits. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie
318 Biscuits Biscuits Orange Box Solid Code 1; Able to multiply (only with Eggs) Dangerous moron with Eggs. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie
319 Quarters Quarters Green Big Diamond Wrecker Code 1; The "muscle" of The Felt. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie DMSwordsmaster
320 Cans Cans Red Big Bar Giant Code 1; Able to "clock" enemies out of their current timeline. Regained ownership to Poisonshot HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Poisonshot
321 DScratch Doc Scratch White Blank Roundhead Stickman Code 1; Near Omnipotent and has near Omniscience, can also warp through space. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie Ludicrine
322 Becquerel Becquerel White Bec Tiger Code 1; Near Omnipotent and has near Omniscience, can also warp through space. HankGuideDude/A. Hussie A, Mori
323 Estrus Estrus Cyan Boss Box Stickman TheFanMaster Gamelover101
324 Spikey Spikey Orange Boss Hat Wheel Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster Lazro
325 Yinyang Yinyang Red/Blue Mutated Zen Tree Previous owner(s) here. ThechosenOne HankGuideDude
326 Luminous Luminous Cyan Pentagon Roller Ludicrine Ivan247
327 Mobius Mobius Green/Purple Mutated Roundhead Wheel ♂♀♂ Both males are fighting to breed the purple female, but little do they know, she is infertile. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine ZoshiX
328 Ambient Ambient Yellow Roundhead Roller Brother of Ceramics. Ludicrine HankGuideDude
329 Ceramics Ceramics Cyan Roundhead Walker Sister of Ambient. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine DMSwordsmater
330 Cipes Cipes Tan Big Die Ball Has six personalities. Ludicrine HankGuideDude
331 Derse Derse Purple Mutated Roundhead/Circle Wrecker Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine/A. Hussie A, Mori
332 Longing Longing Red Smiley/Frowning Cactus Ludicrine DMSwordsmaster
333 Nath Nath Cyan Bec Giant Heartless; He roamed the high mountains in an uncharted SR area. Ludicrine A, Mori
334 Tragedy Tragedy Grey Heart Wheel Her heart is broken, but she is just fine! Ludicrine ZoshiX
335 LeepandLeep Leep and Leep Green Conjoined Box Alien ♂♂ They are the best friends anyone will ever know. EVER. They are identical and conjoined. Ludicrine Lazro
336 Charmender Charmander Orange Triangle Demon Upon requestIs a fire type Pokemon. Has bred with Eyon Eyon and is the father of Icile Icile. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
337 Squirtle Squirtle Blue Demon Turtle (PS) Upon adoption. Is a water type pokemon. Poisonshot Waddle D33
338 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Green Heart Tiger Upon adoption. Is a grass type pokemon. Poisonshot
339 Zeen Zeen Orange Zen Rotator Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
340 Ronty Ronty Green Screen Rotator TheFanMaster
341 Roly Roly Pink Shuriken Roller Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
342 Onigot Onigot Blue Onigiri Copter (ZX) Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
343 Mulrota Mulrota Blue/Cyan/Red/Purple Club/Cross/Moon/Eye Mutated Rotator Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
344 Moonly Moonly Blue Moon Rotator Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
345 Hector Hector Lilac Pentagon Ghost TheFanMaster
346 Bull Bull Brown Roundhead Tiger TheFanMaster
347 Boo Boo White Mask Ghost TheFanMaster
348 Bashy Bashy Orange Triangle Jellyfish TheFanMaster
349 Balos Balos Purple Balloon Zombie Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
350 Ballony Ballony Cyan Balloon Dragon Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
351 Squiddles! Squiddles Lilac Mask Jellyfish Do they have genders? HankGuideDude
352 Rainbow Rainbow Multicolored Mutated Roundhead Tumbler Previous owner(s) here. Ivan247
353 Bleedot Bleedot Light Hugeface Robot Despite his right leg bleeding, if removed, he'll die. Poisonshot ZoshiX
354 Piplower Pipelower Yellow Flower Pipe Has a vanishing ability. Poisonshot
355 Caldifph Caldifph Brown Big Captcha Drill HankGuideDude
356 Clacturph Clacturph Pink Captcha Bacteria HankGuideDude Lazro
357 Miocha Miocha Cyan Captcha Spider Can suffer from poor vision. Has bred with the fictitious Lord Trollus I] Lord Trollus I as well as Peny Peny; is the mother of the fictitious Lord Trollus II Lord Trollus II as well as Konfa Konfa. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
358 Plasmed Plasmed Pink Vampire Dragon Part of the "Plasma Pack". Poisonshot Gamelover101
359 Lightcap Lightcap Pink Cap Fighter "Plasma Pack" Poisonshot HankGuideDude
360 Boxiant Boxiant Grey Box Giantdiver Poisonshot
361 V'oo V'oo Cyan Big Gel Ball From Poisonshot's "Marspell" series. V'oo R'aa in SR-bit. Poisonshot
362 Verdebot Verdebot Green Hex Robot Upon Request It understands any language. ZoshiX Ludicrine
363 Medusa Medusa Green Big Mutated Skull Zombie A mythological pet; Staring at her would petrify you! Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 Ludicrine
364 Polaroid Polaroid Multicolored Mutated Diamond Flower ♂♀♂♀♂♀♂♀ (Clockwise starting from the upmost head.) Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
365 Mutasarous Mutasarous Green/Pink Mutated Pentagon Tiger ♂♀ TheFanMaster
366 Lookho&Ohkool Lookho&Ohkool Blue/Pink Mutated Roundhead Wrecker ♂♀ TheFanMaster
367 ICEF ICEF Blue/Grey/Orange/Green Mutated Snowflake/Cloud (ZX)/Fire/Cyclops (ZX) Tree ♂(Snowflake, Cycplops) ♀(Cloud, Fire) Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster HankGuideDude
368 Zenhorse Zenhorse Cuan/Orange Mutated Yin/Yang Seahorse TheFanMaster
369 Foodncoin Food & Coin Green/Yellow Mutated Onigiri/Coin Rotater ♀♂ Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
370 Cisum Cisum Yellow/Red Mutated Cleft/Note Mushroom ♂♀ TheFanMaster
371 Poter Poter Green Onigiri Copter (ZX) Poisonshot
372 Gark Gark Green Big Smiley Walker Looks like the one from HC1, but different body color, and a dot for a magic attack. Poisonshot
373 Blank climber Climby White Roundhead Climber Poisonshot
374 Green diamond wheel fix Slidiamond Green Diamond Wheel Poisonshot Gamelover101
375 Wolca Wolca Blue Cap Mushroom Has bred with Ophelia Ophelia and is the father of Gramja Gramja. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
376 Green Clock Slider fix Slidic Green Clock Slider Poisonshot
377 Floball 4 Floyster Pink Flower Oyster Poisonshot
378 Sunly Sunly Orange Sun Bat TheFanMaster Lazro
379 Strela Strela Purple Flower Satellite TheFanMaster
380 Sputnik Sputnik Yellow Spade Satellite TheFanMaster DMSwordsmaster
381 Osumi Osumi Green Eye Satellite Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster Ivan247
382 Xeetre Xeetre Yellow Big X Tree TheFanMaster
383 Snowy Snowful Blue Flake Tree Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
384 Flakey Flakey Cyan Flake Tree TheFanMaster
385 Fitree Fitree Purple Fire Tree TheFanMaster
386 Dica Dica Yellow Fire Tree Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
387 Crudsy Crudsy Brown Balloon Solid TheFanMaster
388 Bumpy Bumpy Blue Mutated Note Solid ♂♀ Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
389 Asterix Asterix Green Cross Satellite TheFanMaster
390 Lemons Lemons Yellow Gel Robot Can squirt lemonade. (DO NOT SAY IT.) ZoshiX DMSwordsmaster
391 Rainbow Flower Flower Seizures Rainbow Flower Flower Upon request. Caagr98
392 Boba Boba White Ball Oyster 0176 Ludicrine
393 Linus Linus Blue/Grey PC Wheel Previous owner(s) here. Lazro
394 Winona Winona Pink PC Wheel Lazro
395 FLASHY Flashy Red/Cyan Roundhead Stickman FLASHINESS! No Noobs. Now a Code 1. ZoshiX Waddle D33
396 SG Spawning Gladus Green Diamond Cactus ZX or LD consent only. Now only a Code 1. Multiplies by &cactus-ing and attacks by end-cactus-ing. Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
397 VEXTER Vexter White Hex Twister No Noobs. Now a Code 1. Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX
398 Looby Looby White/Red Smiley Zombie 0176
399 Barbs Barbs Pink Flower Treant Code 1. Hover mouse for personality info. Caagr98
400 Binari Binari Green Eye Bacteria 400th adoptable; Can speak in morse code, for a reason. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude Look-a-troopa
401 Caplan Caplan Blue Captcha Robot Can captchalouge items for later use. HankGuideDude Gamelover101
402 Crygor Crygor Yellow Cybernetic Vampire Stickman Was turned into a cyborg slave by the Sol Master. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
403 Fireboy Fireboy Red Ember Stickman

Skilled in fire puzzles. Previous owner(s) here.

404 Watergirl Watergirl Cyan Fairy Stickman Skilled in water puzzles. HankGuideDude DMSwordsmaster
405 Fralif Fralif Blue Big Mutated Flake Wheel Can release an ice cannon, but takes a good while.... Traded by Caagr98 for Colorflash Colorflash Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
406 Lactin Lactin Green Zen Bat HankGuideDude Ivan247
407 Topi Topi Yellow Big Jewel Scorpion HankGuideDude DMSwordsmaster
408 Tred Trumpup Tred Trumpup Red/Grey/White Mutated Roundhead Pipe Rows from up to down: ♂, ♀, ♂, ♀. HankGuideDude ZoshiX
409 Ulmeta Ulmeta Purple Omega Rotator Has bred with Mort Mort and is the father of Pompei Pompei. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
410 Iceel Iceel Blue Flake Eel TheFanMaster Lazro
411 Eydrill Eydrill Multicolored Eye Drill ♂/♀ TheFanMaster Samuel17
412 Paralised Paralized Purple Vampire Dragon Plasma pack. Poisonshot DMSwordsmaster
413 Plasmoid Plasmoid Purple Eye Satellite Has guns on its wings; Plasma pack. Poisonshot
414 Iontar Iontar Green Detector Plane Plasma pack. Poisonshot
415 Treasure Treasure Green/Yellow Mutated Jewel Oyster Previous owner(s) here. Ivan247
416 Orby Orby Orange Orb Snake Have the powers to summon a rain of fire. TheFanMaster Gamelover101
417 Peny Peny Green Pentagon Snake Can see from long distances. Has bred with Miocha Miocha and is the father of Konfa Konfa. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
418 Caochy Caochy Blue Captcha Snake Can store 3 items in captcha mode. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
419 LILO LILO Yellow PC Satellite It can spy on people from afar, although it is somewhat old fashioned... Lazro Ivan247
420 Jenga Jenga Yellow Roundhead Stacker Group ♂♀♂ Can separate and restack. ZoshiX Look-a-troopa
421 Shinold Shinold Gold Shiny Roundhead Stickman Descendant of Kentiver Kentiver. Previous owner(s) here. Samuel17 A, Mori
422 Camotank Camotank Green Roundhead Tank (Lazro) Never misses when firing bullets. Lazro
423 Orsa Orsa Orange Diamond Satellite (D7015) David7015
424 Flut Flut Blue/Orange Diamond Pixie? David7015 Jinho101 Ludicrine
425 Miranda Miranda Red Hex Eel Extremely shy ZoshiX DMSwordsmaster
426 Harben Harben Pink Omega Treant BG is added for effect. HankGuideDude
427 Mellotone Mellotone Green Note Submarine BG is added for effect. HankGuideDude ZoshiX
428 Traumor Traumor Blue/Purple/Pink Cross Hydra All ♂ (Blue=Straight, Purple=Bisexual, Pink=Gay) BG is added for effect. HankGuideDude
429 Beounce Beounce Yellow Roundhead Spring ZoshiX HankGuideDude
430 Neil Neil Cyan Gel Astronaut Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX
431 Paraplonk Paraplonk Green Hourglass Copter (ZX) ZoshiX
432 Mears Mears Green Clef Skater ZoshiX
433 Harmonia Harmonia Cyan Note Scorpion Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX
434 Shoobie Shoobie Turquoise Onigiri Butterfly Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX Ivan247
435 Pyrosh Pyrosh Yellow Bomb Ghost Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX
436 Strawberries Strawberries Pink Hugeface Wheel Excellent cook. Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX
437 Malover Malover Blue Heart Solid ZoshiX
438 Hotchee Hotchee Red Bolt Fighter Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX
439 Card's Zombie Card's Zombie Purple Card Zombie Caagr98
*440 Gigaheart Gigaheart Cyan Huge Heart Stickman ? Can only be adopted if one has bred his pets 10 times. Legs are propulsion devices Poisonshot Look-a-troopa
441 FiestaDiesta Fiesta & Diesta Pink/Green Mask Chain HankGuideDude
442 Watery Watery Blue Box Merman Ivan247
443 I. Cummins Peace Isaiah Cummins Peace Green Peace Astronaut He's wandering all over the place, looking for somewhere, ANYWHERE to live in this infinite void... Lazro
444 Mortality Mortality Red Diamond Bacteria Unknown Code 1. By touch can release a toxin that is deadly to near all creatures. Previous owner(s) here. ZoshiX A, Mori
445 Broxibos Broxibos Bronze Box Treant Slightly resilient to physical. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
446 Utopia Utopia Cyan Arrow Spring HankGuideDude Gamelover101
447 Tina Tina Red Big Note Spider HankGuideDude Ludicrine
448 Sappaoni Sappaoni Blue Big Jewel Zombie Yes. You saw what I did there.... Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude Ludicrine
449 Xibontic Xibontic Red/Green/Purple Mutated Bec Rotator All ♂ Hot, Poisonous, and Infectious, respectively. Handle with care! Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
450 Finkar Finkar Grey Smiley Slider HankGuideDude Poisonshot
451 Nitale Nitale Lilac Moon Wyvern (LD) HankGuideDude Lazro
452 Cratin Cratin Blue Creeper Crab Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude
453 Ruustan Ruustan Brown Trapezoid Tumbler HankGuideDude
454 Monicka Monicka Pink Hex Bacteria HankGuideDude ZoshiX
455 Wit Wit Brown Smiley Stickman Offspring of Bear and Energy. Previous owner(s) here. The Breeding Center
456 Trainers Trainers Red/Blue Mutated Triangle Roller Ivan247
457 Gren & Ben Green & Ben Yellow/Blue Mutated Sixstar/Star Rotator ♂♂ 0176 HankGuideDude
458 Spammer Spammer Red Troll Robot Previous owner(s) here. 0176
459 Computron Computron Grey/Yellow Big PC Drill It will unfailingly find gems and ore (If instructed to, that is). Lazro Ludicrine
460 Hydrogen Hydrogen White Mutated Diamond/Cyclops Ball Upon request Lazro DMSwordsmaster
461 H2O H2O Red/White Mutated Hugeface/Roundhead Roller Caagr98 Ivan247
462 Drakey Drakey Red Onigiri Stickman Plate Resistance; Code 1; Covert operative of the group Ludicrine
463 Ink Ink Blue Onigiri UFO Plate Resistance; Code 1; Technician of the group Ludicrine
464 Zipline Zipline Green Onigiri Tree Plate Resistance; Code 1; Mastermind Ludicrine HankGuideDude
465 Myrlok Myrlok Tan Onigiri Walker Plate Resistance; Code 1; Leader, retired fighting master, guy with a fork in his head, etc. Ludicrine
466 Pipeworks2 Pipeworks Green/Purple Skull Pipes Purple-♀ Green-♂ Ludicrine/HGD
467 Phantom Phantom Cyan/Grey Moon Stickman Ludicrine Waddle D33
468 Buddha Buddha Blue Zen Scorpion Only attacks when attacked ThechosenOne
469 Goldacid Goldacid Yellow Triangle Plane The mother of Wrath(PS) Wrath. Poisonshot
470 Waly Wali Cyan Smiley Dragon Glows in the and is able to make a portal to the Wather. Previous owner(s) here. Poisonshot
471 Deadpic Deadpic Red X Solid Ivan247 Lazro
472 Whitey Whitey White Cyclops Pincher TheFanMaster Poisonshot
473 Blacky Blackey Black Gel Pincher TheFanMaster Look-a-Troopa
474 Sluggy Sluggy Blue Flake Slug TheFanMaster
475 Wormy Wormy Green Fire Slug TheFanMaster
476 Trouncy Trouncy Purple Pentagon Spring TheFanMaster
477 Springy Springy Orange Card Spring TheFanMaster
478 Transy Transy Black Sun Mutated Stickman TheFanMaster
479 Holy Holy Blue Zen Mutated Stickman TheFanMaster
480 Stompy Stompy Orange Gel Bouncer TheFanMaster Ludicrine
481 Vud Vud Silver Roundhead Bouncer TheFanMaster
482 Steamy Steamy Multicolored Sun/Flake Treant ♀♂ Code 1, can give a blast of flames that can burn a whole city and can give a blast of snowflakes that can freeze a whole city (again). TheFanMaster HankGuideDude
483 Scooby Scooby Brown Troll Dog Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
484 Doo Doo Pink Club Dog TheFanMaster Look-a-Troopa
485 Peacage Peacage Olive Peace Cage TheFanMaster
486 Ghaj Ghaj White Box Astronaut TheFanMaster
487 Bricage Bricage Pink Bar Cage TheFanMaster
488 Cerren Cerren Orange Dollar Chain TheFanMaster
489 Camoty Camoty Olive PC Tank (TFM) Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
490 Babool Babool Cyan Pointer Bubble Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
491 Astro Astro Yellow Eye Astronaut TheFanMaster
492 Dr. Germ Dr. Germ Red/Orange/Yellow Triangle Bacteria Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
493 Warps Warps Brown/Cyan Eye Warper Code 1. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
494 Red Red Red Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Samuel17
495 Orange Orange Orange Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Samuel17
496 Yellow Yellow Yellow Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Samuel17
497 Yellow-Green Yellow-Green Yellow-Green Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Samuel17
498 Green Green Green Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Samuel17
499 Cyan Cyan Cyan Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack TheFanMaster Samuel17
500 Blue Blue Blue Roundhead Walker "Shiny" pack; 500th adoptable TheFanMaster Samuel17

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