Abyssia Abyssia
Location: Shadow Abyss
LP: 560000000
AT: One Arrow: 60-70 x4
Wave residue: 6-6 x10
Thunder: 100-120 x2
AGI: unknown
Range: One Arrow: 200
Thunder: 200
Strength: Physical (AT -6000)
Thunder (AT -80%)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 70
EXP: 60000
Gold ($): 400000
Drops: Shadow Arrow (50%)
Species: Eel
Head: Demon
Attack: Abyssia One Arrow
Abyssia Wave
Abyssia Thunder
Head colour: #353535
Body colour: #FE5A00
Movement: flying
Credits: StickyS
Note: Abyssia is an optional boss in Stick Ranger, and a powerful one, at that. It is the archnemesis of Atmospheria. Abyssia attacks with huge One Arrows that leave Waves upon contact with terrain. It also strikes the party with large Thunder attacks. Its high LP and attack power make it a difficult foe to beat. After its defeat, it seeks out its nemesis to battle it. It has the same stats as Atmospheria.

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