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OK OK FINE pretty much LD gives out gifts, discovers that DMS has a hidden romance, and they go on a mini adventure filled with awkwardness before LD returns to LDZX and gets thrown against a wall.

Chapter 1: Storytime and Such

Ludicrine joyfully kicked in the door where his friends sat on the couches, bored out of their minds and/or raiding the snack table. He carried two hefty-looking cardboard boxes on his shoulders.

"Guys! I'm back! And I brought stuff..." He was cut off by something he noticed- or, didn't notice. "Urm, where's Caagr98?"

"Left," said a very sleepy-looking DMS, though he smirked at the thought. "Oh," Ludicrine replied, slightly disappointed. "Well, call the barely active guys and the WCs in! I've got gifts!"

Placing down the boxes on the table, Lazro pointed out that something was different about LD. After some squabbling over what had happened, they realized that his hairwings had been trimmed down to an unreasonable size. He sat down to explain...

Story 1: The Hairwing Clippings

Ludicrine squinted at the eight ball in front of him. He positioned what appeared to be a wooden spear at the cue ball and called out in a muffled voice "ThAt pOcket! LikE, tHe One ovEr theRe!" and prepared to strike. Icarus came up behind him and asked "Um, are you sure that this is a good idea?", to which the intoxicated Serrangio replied, "I'M dRunk! OF coUrse it'S A baD idEa! *HiC*". After losing the eight ball match, Ludicrine agreed to fulfill his end of the bargain and shaved his hairwings down to a size where only the standard bleach-white was shown.

"So... yeah," Ludicrine ended his story. "Anyway, I got some gifts for you guys." Just then, he was interrupted by Mathgenius, who had just entered in after being invited.

"So I heard LD's back! And I heard there were gifts! And hey, what's that really big cut on your arm?" Ludicrine sat down to explain...

Story 2: Of Beer and Bruises

After Ludicrine sobered down from his pool match, he frantically ran around his room at the state of his hair. Not even the lovely view from the Comatose Casino and Hotel could relax his panicked state. Ludicrine considered drowning his sorrows in yet more wine, but decided not to. Yet he found himself moving towards the cooler, to find that all of the beer was missing. All of it. Searching for who could have stolen the beloved beverage, he left to check the casino. He saw Icarus dominating the roulette table, but that was all, leaving only two other pets that he brought with him to be missing. Bruidic, because he could not be trusted alone, had been forced to come (he did not complain much), and Stompy had tagged along because she was playing hide-and-seek and had hid in the luggage for the vacation.
At last, Ludicrine spotted a very drunk Bruidic, offering alcohol to a girl and trying to seduce her via violent and explicit stories. Much to LD's dismay, this girl was Stompy! Ludicrine was frozen in absolute terror and anger as Bruidic rambled on with his story. "AND- AND THEN, *HIC*, I F/CKED HER UNTIL SHE BLED! *HIC*" After not baring to hear any more of Stompy's innocent mind asking "What does (curse word) mean?", Ludicrine marched over to Bruidic, armed with an empty wine bottle. He smashed it with high force over Bruidic's head, knocking him unconscious to the floor. A massive bar fight broke out, in which Icarus managed to escape with Stompy back to their hotel room. Ludicrine managed to squeeze by with a sharp cut.

"Alright, are we done with the stories for now? Can I get to handing out gifts?" The group nodded 'yes' with much enthusiasm.

Chapter 2: Gifts and Garbles

Ludicrine took out a fairly long list of items an names.

"Hm. Well, since Caagr98 left, I guess Mathgenius and Limecat can come up." He placed an odd, green and black magnet into Mathgenius' hands and a pink magnet into Limecat's. "That," said he, pointing to the green and black one, "Is an East-West magnet. It's pretty useless, but it was a magnet, so I thought Caagr98 might have liked it." Mathgenius walks out with a poker face. "The other one is a bit more interesting and useful," LD began. "It's called a piQ magnet. It attracts both North and South magnets but can't attract cobalt materials. Invented by a very drunk genius before he died." Limecat tested the magnet out, and, sure enough, it attracted some of the magnets Caagr98 had left behind in his vacant office.

"Hey, LD." DMS said. "This is about last night when Bruidic was on a drunken rant."

"Well, what the fizzle does he want?" Ludicrine said, irritated.

DMS rolled his eye. "He was just talking out of his /ss. He was sh/t-faced drunk and was making up bullsh/t stories. Also, Gamelover's dead."

"Oh, okay then- WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN GAMELOVER'S DEAD!?" LD snapped.

"The cock-eyed whiny b/tch started to moan to me because I talked down about his sh/tty online game because it sucks. So I got fed up with it and all of the other sh/t he moans about so I killed him. His office is now open." DMS said before leaving.

"Erm... okay, Zoshi. You're up." Ludicrine called. Zoshi flew up at a pace that looked like he was struggling to drag his own body weight. "Yeesh! Tired, much?" Ludicrine took out some very thin seeds and some round, beige fruits. He handed the seeds to ZX and passed around the fruits to everyone. Mathgenius, who realized that there were more gifts to be given, tried to re-enter the room but was kicked down the stairs (that he was warned about 8^y) by Digug, ridden by a rabbit. The fruit was not sweet nor sour but rather very similar to potato chips in nature. It was also very buttery.

"What is this?" Samuel asked.

"Pipkrin." Ludicrine answered, his mouth half-full. It grows while you sleep. Zoshi looked at the food and took a bite, looking a bit confused.

"It's good, but... why did you get this for me?" he pondered.

LD slowly began to speak. "Well, I thought that, since you're kinda inactive at times, and, uh, yeah." The yoshi was not pleased.

"Oh, gee. Thanks."

LD cleared his throat rather loudly to change the subject. "Um, David, get up here and stuff, yeah!" D7015 stepped up to receive his gift. Ludicrine handed him an odd-looking air pump. "It's a compression pump," he explained. "It takes away gases inside of an object, starting with oxygen. I wasn't really sure what to get you, but it looked cool, so I just figured I would get it."

David experimentally took a conveniently out-of-place balloon and deflated it. He placed the compression pump down on the table and went to sit back down, but noticed a piece of paper underneath it. Ludicrine swiped the letter away from him and blushed a bit. "Um. Y-you didn't read it, did you?" David shook his head no. "Phew..." LD said, obviously relieved.

Just then, a very nosy TFM stole the note and began to read it out loud. "HEY EVERYONE THIS NOTE SAYS THAT THIS PERSON IS SAYING THINGS TO LUDICRINE AND..." TheFanMaster scratched his head. "WHATS A TIT?" Ludicrine caved TFM's skull in with absolutely everything. The group laughed hysterically.

"But seriously," David started, "What does it say?" LD sighed and sat down to explain...

Story 3: Bruidic is Still an Idiot

After packing up to leave for home, the gang realized they would be stuck in the Inactivity Isle since they did not have a ticket for Stompy. They could not afford one, as they were not prepared for bringing her in the first place, and all of the spare money was spent on Bruidic's reckless gambling. Nonetheless, he insisted that he would get enough money to not just book Stompy onto our flight, but to also bump them all up to First Class, and possibly get Ludicrine to VIP Business class for internet access. Reluctantly, the three left it to Bruidic to get them out of their predicament.
Time passing was difficult but manageable and was successfully executed via the use of some board games. However, after an hour or so, even Stompy began to get bored of the clear views. Bruidic called for Ludicrine and had an emotionless look that generally signaled that he managed to screw things up. "So..." he began. LD began to fear the worst. "Um, you want some beer? Or wine? Or something?" Bruidic offered. Bruidic being generous? Fat chance. There had to be a catch. "What did you do?" Ludicrine demanded in his tone that made it sound like a statement. "N-nothing!" he responded rather quickly. A bead of sweat formed right below his emerald glasses. "Just wanted to pass the time while I'm trying to figu- yeahIscrewedup." LD facepalmed. "How badly?" he inquired. "I need you to get drunk." Bruidic looked around the room and whispered something in LD's now-visible ear (see Story 1).
Ludicrine was not a man who cursed very often. His anger almost never resulted in the use of vulgar terms. Therefore, it was a shock to Icarus to hear a deafening shout of "F/CKIN' WHAT?" from his owner's voice. Looking side to side, he was relieved to find Stompy fast asleep, not being a witness of the word. Bruidic gulped. "Well, it's more of a matter of f/cking who..." LD cut him off. "BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" Ludicrine's eyes became filled with red liquid, almost like human blood, and his fancy, new halo-hat had been ruined by the horns that had sprouted past the brim. He had entered the infamous ZORCMOD#, which was a figure of anger and wrath that existed within him. "FGDSVDSFHFCDSHFDGH-"
After various object were broken and paid for, LD had calmed down. "Do we at least know who the people are?" he asked, barely able to move his mouth. Bruidic answered hastily "Oh, uh, yeah. One chick's named Iala and the other one's Erezine. OR Elizabine. I dunno, one of those weird human names." Ludicrine had once again become pale. "You idiot." he said in a voice barely above a whisper. "THOSE ARE MY COUSINS YOU IDIOT. YOU PRETENDED TO BE ME AND CONVINCED MY OWN COUSINS TO SLEEP WITH ME FOR MONEY. Ohgogohgogohgogohgog..." LD huddled into a ball in the corner, completely still, save for a few twitches.

"So, we ended up getting back home thanks to Icarus managing to afford a string of public transportation and Bruidic called off the whole thing after a beating. I sent a letter back explaining everything, and Iala jokingly sent that letter back." Ludicrine was relieved that his story was finished. "Can I move on with gifts now?"

He looked back at his list. "Lazro." Lazro came up, with a small tinge of eagerness to see his gift. LD handed him a knife. It seemed very ordinary and was not very flashy. He began to test the sharpness of it by touching his finger to the tip when Ludicrine called out "NO!". He then walked over to TFM when a voice, again, called out "NO!".

Chapter 2.5: Even DMS has problems. Prepare for chaos.

So DMS was chillin' in his castle, feeling satisfied that G101 was buried 6 feet under his castle. He felt accomplished. While he was relaxing, Cygnus walked in his room.

"Yes, Cygnus?" DMS said.

"... Telegram for you. The person didn't say who it's from." Cygnus said in a professional voice, despite the fact she was a dope-head loser. DMS should raise her better. Anyways, DMS looked at the note. He immediately wondered what the f/ck it was. It read:

'Come to the hidden cemetery at once.

With love, a secret.'

"Oh boy. What the flying sh/t is this?" DMS said, unamused. "What did the person look like?"

"I didn't see them. When I answered the door, no one was there. It was just this note in a bottle." Cygnus replied, calmly.

"I see. And what is this mark on here? ...Wait a minute... Oh dear 0 help me. It's her." DMS said while slamming his face on the desk.

"Who, may I ask?" Cygnus asked.

"Just an old flame I had some time ago. I can't believe she found me, though..." DMS said, embarrassed.

"Hm, sly dog." Cygnus said, amused.

"Get out of here. And prepare my traveling robe." DMS ordered, unamused.

"Y-yes, sir." She said before leaving.

"Good God I hope the others don't find out about this. I'll never hear the end of it." DMS said, feeling nervous.

Back to Chapter 2.7359888888..., Already in Progress

"So yeah," LD continued. "That's how the impossible knife works." Ludicrine whipped out his list and looked around the room. "DMS! ... Um, DMS? Aww, man. I thought he'd really like that present. Oh well. Waddle D33!" Waddle D33 waddles up. He receives a red Orb. "It's called Tomato Storm," he explained. "It's a gag weapon I got. It shoots rotten tomatoes."

Waddle D33 happily experimented the new weapon on TheFanMaster, who promptly jumped out the window. LD called down "HEY! HERE'S YOUR GIFT! IT'S A GREAT NOVEL CALLED 'NOTHING'!". He tossed down a very heavy book of blank pages. It was a very riveting read, though he wasn't sure if TFM could read.

"Alright! Sam, get up here!" S17 sprung up and anticipated his gift. "Hey, I wasn't sure what to get you, so I just got the Mario game that's supposed to be released two years from now." Samuel stood there with his eyes wide open before nodding slowly and leaving the room. Sounds of rejoicing could be heard in the hallway.

"Now then... Hank?" Ludicrine looked around, but he seemed to be out of sight. "Hm. He's probably out straining himself on a work overload. Well, anyway, the gift I got him was submitting a very persuasive request to make HGD Appreciation Day an official holiday in Skaia via MiRaClEs. If it passes, all employees will be off on that day." There is some applause. "Anyway... seriously! Where's DMS?" LD looked anxious to reveal his gift to him.

Suddenly, Cygnus walked over towards him.

"If you're looking for Master DMS, he went to that old abandoned cemetery to meet someone. However, I think it would be unwise to disturb him..." Cygnus said, calmly. LD could sense that she indeed want him to go and embarrass him.

"Alright, then, let's go give him the gift." LD said as he took off.

-At the cemetery...-

DMS stands next to a large tombstone. Just a blank one, no one ever really dies here. A figure wearing a hood walks over towards him.

"Is that really you?" DMS asks, not looking up. The figure ran over to him and gave him a hug. She takes off his mask to give him a kiss.

"I'm so glad to have found you, my love." She said, looking at him with those big, teal eyes of hers.

"What brings you here on such short notice?" DMS asked, confused.

"I've grown tired of my boring life. I wanted to come here, a sort of vacation, if you will. And what better way then to spend it with my love?" She said, with a giggle.

Meanwhile, Ludicrine trudged his way through the cemetery, until he finally saw DMS along with a strange figure wearing a robe that covered its body.

"D-DMS?" Ludicrine asked, actually kind of worried. DMS immediately spun towards him, sword drawn.

"Who is it?" The woman asked. DMS soon realized that it was only Ludicrine, and he put his sword away.

"L-Ludicrine, what are you doing here??" DMS asked, apprehensive.

"Uhh.... Who's your friend?" Ludicrine asked, mildy worried.

"Oh, why hello, I'm P-" The woman started before DMS interrupted her.

"J-just a friend!" He said. He then spun towards her. "Shh, don't tell him who you are. Ok?"

"Umm... O...K... So DMS, I brought you a gift!" Ludicrine said, changing the subject.

"What is it?" DMS asked as he took the box.

"Open it and find out!" Ludicrine said with a big grin.

DMS carefully unwrapped the box and found... what appeared to be a human head.

"It's Speddos!" LD announced proudly. "I tracked him down and cut his head off and stuffed it."

DMS shed a tear. "This is the best gift ever."

"Um... so, I'll be going now. Make sure to meet us at the Fan-Ball Main Office. There's still a party going on."

"I'll catch up with you in a minute. Just wait a sec." DMS said. He then turned back to his friend.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I gotta go for a bit. We got a party at Fan-Ball Main Office, and I'm sort of an executive in these parts. I'll send you to my castle. If anyone asks, you're an old friend of mine who came for a visit. Ok, Luna?" He told her.

"*sigh*, I guess so... Try not to be too late, dear." She said. DMS then gave her another kiss and warped her off. He then turned back and walked towards Ludicrine. "Shall we?" He said.

"Uhh, DMS, you sorta lost your mask..." Ludicrine said. "Oh, well, its ok, I can spawn another." DMS replied, his face turning a somewhat lighter shade of his regular purple hue. Ludicrine was actually shocked. Was DMS... blushing? But he had no time to worry, as DMS warped them both off to the Main Office. Ludicrine also kept note of the person's name: Luna. Where did he hear that name before...??



The whole gang was enjoying a private party. Several users and higher-intellect pets were enjoying a wine-party. They managed to drag HankGuideDude out of the work place. That wasn't the best of ideas, as he is now staggering-around drunk.

"HIC! Hey guys, check dis out, imma do somethin... somethin... that'll blow your minds!!" He said, having most likely 3 times the blood-alchohol limit. He lept onto the dining table, his eyes were derped out like mad. He lept of the table on a chair, sticking his triangle horn onto the ground. "Like, can someone... HIC... help me?" The others soon yanked him off of the ground, breaking a part of his horn in the process. Finally, after a few hours of partying, DMS soon stood up, putting a wine glass away.

"Well, guys, I gotta go. I gotta get back to meet my friend at my house." DMS said, about to leave. ZoshiX soon piqued in. "Friend? Who are you meeting? Have we seen him before?" "Nah, he met her at a cemetery and had her go home so he'd come to the party." Ludicrine said. "A lady friend?? Ohohoh! DMS, you dog!" ZoshiX grinned, punching DMS in his arm appendage. "Why couldn't we meet her?"

"W-well, she didn't want to come, she's a bit shy..." DMS said. Hank soon piqued in, having drank 5 more wine glasses since the chair incident. "Man, I... hic... tell you what, I bet hic she's ugly as a doormat... hic!" DMS glared at him. "I'm sorry... hic... DSX... Renny... Ron... Man... I'm a little tipsy..." Hank said. "WE SHOULD... HIC... ALL TOAST ON DMS' NEW... HIC... LEASE ON LIFE. TO DMS... WHICH IS DISGUSTING." He said as he promptly passed out.

"Yeah I'm outta here. Later." DMS said as he warped off.

After he left, the rest of the gang who had not either passed out or left gathered around. AKA 2 people.

"So, who do you think DMS' lady friend is?" ZoshiX asked. "You said you saw her, right?"

"Not exactly. I saw some of her. She wore a large robe that covered up most of herself. I do recall hearing DMS say something about pretty cyan eyes." Ludicrine said, taking another sip of his wine. "It almost looked like DMS was trying to make sure she didn't get seen."

"Did you hear anything about a name?" ZoshiX asked, also drinking some wine.

"Oh wait, that's right... I remember it was... like... Luna, I think." Ludicrine realized.

"...Luna...?" ZoshiX asked, expression widening. "Do you mean... PRINCESS Luna??"

Ludicrine then dropped the wine glass he was holding. It shattered as it hit the ground. Now it all made sense.

"HOLY F/CKING SH/T. DMS' OLD LOVE WAS FREAKING PRINCESS LUNA." Ludicrine yelled, freaking out. Thankfully everyone else had left save for Hank. He rose his head up.

"OH MA GAWD... Who's that?" Hank asked before passing out again.

"Dude, we've gotta sneak over to DMS' castle to see if it's true!!" ZoshiX said, giggling.

"That's not the best of ideas. When I met them at the cemetery, DMS pointed a sword at me." Ludicrine said shrugging.

"Aww, what's he gonna do? We're not going to kick the door open on him and laugh or anything. We'll just sneak in and take a look!" ZX reassured.

"Fine. But if we get killed, I'm gonna kick your behind in heaven." LD said as he stood up. As they left, Hank stood up. He said nothing as he walked out the door.

Chapter 4: I TOLD YOU DOG 8^y

They soon arrive at DMS' castle. They ring the doorbell. DMS, angry, sticks his head out of the bedroom door.

"CYGNUS!! TELL THEM I'M ASLEEP!!" DMS yelled from his bedroom. He then turned back to his bed, where Luna was waiting. "Sorry about that. Now where were we?" Luna simply giggled in return.

Cygnus walked over and opened the door, where ZX and LD stood.

"Good evening, sirs. Master DMS is upstairs, getting a lack of sleep with his lady." Cygnus said with a bow and a sneer.

"You're a terrible servant." LD said. He and ZX then snuck upstairs.

"Ok... I'll look in first." ZX said as he walked towards the door and peered through the keyhole. He immediately stood up, spun around, and passed out.

"Tch, nice. Now let me take a look." LD said as he peered through the hole. He leaped into the air. "OH GOD, IT'S TRUE! IT'S FREAKING-" LD yelled as he backed up. He soon stumbled and fell down the stairwell. Suddenly, Hank forcibly opens the front door. He walked over to LD.

"I TOLD YOU ABOUT STAIRS, BRO. I WARNED YOU, DOG. 8^y" Hank yelled out. He then passed out drunk on the floor.

DMS the kicked the bedroom door open, clearly angry.

"WHAT THE FLYING F/CK IS GOING ON HERE?!" DMS yelled. ZX then jumped to his feet and ran, soon stumbling and also falling down the stairs. Hank rose his head. "STAAAIIIIIRRRSSS." He yelled and again passed out. DMS then charged down the stairs, not falling down. He grabbed LD and ZX off the ground.

"WHY ARE YOU TWO HERE PEEPING ON ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND!?" DMS yelled, furious. "STAIRS, DOG." Hank yelled. "SHUT UP!!" DMS yelled at him.

"L-look DMS we're reasonable gentlemen and we simply came over to give you something and this isn't working is it." ZX spat out, scared as hell.

"Look, DMS, it wasn't anything bad. We just wanted to see who your friend was." LD said, trying his best to stay calm, which was easier said then done.

"If you WANT to meet her, you come to my castle DURING THE DAY to meet her. Don't sneak around my castle at night. Ugh, you people. And what's he doing here?" DMS dropped the two and pointed to the ground where Hank was lying.

"We have no idea. I guess he followed us." LD said, shrugging.

"Ok, well, sorry for bothering you, DMS. Let's go, LD. Drag Hank out with you. We'll go to my place." ZX said, walking towards the door. He turned around, seeing LD drag Hank out of the door. He looked upstairs and saw Luna, who had put on dark-purple silk pajamas. ZX immediately blushed and spun around, leaving. ZX, while walking out, also realized that she was standing on her hind legs and actually looked human, save for the skin, horn on her head, and something a little off with her face. He wondered how that happened. He'd ask DMS tomorrow, maybe. He then went home. Meanwhile, DMS was pulled back upstairs by Luna. Cygnus was Cygnus.

Chapter 5: No More Stairs

ZoshiX woke up bright and early in the morning. He half wondered if DMS was still in bed with Luna back at his castle. He stood up and outstretched his wings, remembering how crazy things got last night. He then remembered that Hank was still at his house because they didn't want to drag him all the way back to Cavern 3. Hank was completely passed out on the floor. ZoshiX dragged him into the shower and turned it on, blasting him with a stream of cold water. He woke up in a panic.

"Ugh, my head... What happened last night?" Hank said, clutching his forehead. "And why is a part of my horn broken!?" He looked at ZoshiX with a bit of anger and confusion in his eyes. ZoshiX sighed and told him what happened.

Story 4: Wait, Haven't We Said What Happened?

The whole gang was enjoying a private party. Several users and higher-intellect pets were enjoying a wine-party. They managed to drag HankGuideDude out of the work place. That wasn't the best of ideas, as he is now staggering-around drunk.
"HIC! Hey guys, check dis out, imma do somethin... somethin... that'll blow your minds!!" He said, having most likely 3 times the blood-alchohol limit. He lept onto the dining table, his eyes were derped out like mad. He lept of the table on a chair, sticking his triangle horn onto the ground. "Like, can someone... HIC... help me?" The others soon yanked him off of the ground, breaking a part of his horn in the process.

"Oh, that." Hank said, facepalming. "I can't believe I got that drunk. Guess I needed a break, huh?"

"Yeah, you work yourself too much. Oh, and you got a gift from Ludcrine." ZoshiX told him.

"What is it?" ZoshiX pulled out a flyer. "Its a request to make HGD Appreciation Day a holiday in Skaia. Via MiRaClEs. If it passes, all employees will be off that day. Its like Labor Day only it exists in Skaia." ZoshiX said. "HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME." Hank said, astonished. "So can you get home okay?" ZoshiX said, concerned. "Yeah, I'm fine now. Just a little light-headed." With that, Hank stood up and left the castle. ZoshiX then remembered that he and Ludicrine were supposed to meet DMS at his castle in order to meet Luna. He immediately jumped up and flew out of the doorway. He arrived at the castle, where Ludicrine was already there.

"Geez, you're late." Ludicrine said, irritated. "I was just about to knock on the door." Then he knocked on the door because he knocked on the door and I suck with transitional actions because he knocked on the door.

DMS opened the door. "Ah, come in." He said, welcoming them inside. ZoshiX noticed his hair was even more messy then it usually was. He also had the smell of wine in his breath. He could only grin at that. "What're you smiling at, yoshi-boy?" DMS hissed, knowing what he was thinking. That wiped the grin off of ZoshiX's face. They all went inside of the castle and into the dining room, where Luna was located.

"Now then, for proper introductions. Luna, meet my friends Zoshin Xerano Jr. and Jast DeCurro, or ZoshiX and Ludicrine as they'd rather you call them. And, of course, you two meet Luna. I think I don't need to say who she is."

She came out of the dining room towards them. She wore a dark blue shirt with a moon insignia on it and dark purple pants. ZoshiX again felt amazed at the fact she had become human here, save for the color of her skin and her nose. She also still had a horn on her head, as well as wings on her back. Her ears also somewhat resembled pony ears as well. But still, she looked a hell of a lot more human than before. Hell, she even has breasts now. But that felt awkward to think about and he soon regretted it.

"Its a pleasure to meet you both. Revelian has told me a bit about you. He was going on about how you all went on some crazy adventures." Luna told them. She then leaned towards ZoshiX's ear. "I honestly don't believe him." She whispered.

"Don't believe him? But it's true." ZoshiX replied, confused. Luna's face blushed with embarrassment as DMS looked towards her in an odd manner. Ludicrine leaned towards his ear. "I don't think you should have said that." Ludicrine whispered, worried. However, DMS soon began to laugh after that. "It's ok, I understand some of the things that happened here might be a little unbelievable..." He said, walking towards her. "But I can certainly prove it to you if you want. Come." He started to walk down a hallway. ZoshiX and Ludicrine soon caught up. They began to walk by a bunch of paintings of their past adventures, such as the Trix Series, The Kuipter Files, and hey, even the Sand Database got on there. Luna merely nodded her head. "I see. Well, I guess I owe you an apology." She said, sheepishly. "Its quite alright, I know its a little hard to believe." DMS replied, oddly calm about it. ZoshiX and Ludicrine simply looked at each other.

"Now then, shall we return to the dining room? I've got food prepared." DMS said, leading them back to the dining room.

Inside of the dining room was square table to sit 4, two on either side. ZoshiX and Ludicrine sat on one side while DMS and Luna sat down on the other. DMS clapped his hands twice. Cygnus walked in, carrying some food like a waiter would carry it. However, right as she got to the table, she stepped on some water on the ground and her feet slid out from underneath her, causing her to drop the food, which consisted of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, and other assorted things. Ludicrine and ZoshiX prepared for the worst, expecting DMS to flip his shit at her. However, he simply clutched his fist and controlled himself.

"Its alright, Cygnus... just pick it up." DMS said, clearly holding back his anger. Cygnus immediately began to pick up the food on the ground and threw it away. "DMS, are you ok?" Luna asked, clearly concerned. "Its alright... Just a little setback. I'll have my Dark Matter make more food." Ludicrine and ZoshiX were amazed that DMS wasn't getting angry about this. It must have been because of Luna.

"So, Luna, how are you suddenly a human?" ZoshiX asked, confused.

"Oh, well, you see... Err, Revelian is better at explaining it." She said, confusing herself.

"Yeah. Anyways, what it is, her homeworld has an odd net surrounding it. This net transforms anything that crosses it into, well, ponies. It didn't work on me when I visited it because I'm a Dark Matter and magic doesn't work too well on me. When she left that place, she transformed into a human. Its way too weird to try to explain in greater detail than that. As you can probably tell, we couldn't really do... anything... while I was visiting her world." DMS said, blushing at that last sentence.

"So how did you two meet?" Ludicrine inquired, taking a sip of wine that was just provided to him by Cygnus.

"Well, you see, it was way back before I even got upgraded. I took a vacation for a few days. When I did, I inexplicably went to her world by a fluke. Tired and irritated, I simply decided to stay with her. Her sister, amazingly, didn't mind. While I was staying there, we wound up bonding with each other. We both had troubled pasts, and we really connected because of it." He said, looking into her eyes.

"Huh. That's actually kind of cool." ZoshiX said. "So, what was your troubled past, Luna?"

"E-err, She really doesn't like talking about it..." DMS warned.

"Sorry..." ZoshiX replied sheepishly.

"Ah, the food's done." DMS said, standing up. "And I'll get it this time." He went into the kitchen and got the food. He soon came out with the same food that Cygnus had. However, when he made it to the table, there was another splash of water on the floor. He slipped on it. But, amazingly, he reacted fast enough to catch the food mid-air with his power.

"OH GEEZ." Ludicrine said. "And I was half worried if we were ever going to get anything to eat..." ZoshiX added.

"SHUT UP." DMS said, clearly getting irritated. He got to his feet and put the food on the table. "Why the hell is the floor so wet anyways?" He started to look around for anything that could be dripping, like a faucet. He walked around the table, looking diligently for anything. He then noticed something- Luna's hand was wet.

"L-Luna, why is your hand... Oh... Geez..." DMS said before facepalming. "What what what did she do?" Ludicrine said, standing up and running over there. "OH MAN REALLY." Ludicrine said when he saw her hand. Luna simply put her head in her hands, embarrassed. "Both of you forget what you saw." DMS said, glaring at them. "ROGER DODGER, COLONEL FODGER." Ludicrine said, nervous, as he ran back to his seat. DMS then gave her a napkin for her to wipe her hands clean. She was clearly still embarrassed she was caught. "It's alright, relax." DMS said when he noticed she was still embarrassed.

DMS then went back to his seat and sat down. He then opened the food and noticed something wrong with it.

It was all burned.

"GOD. F*CKING. DAMNIT!!" DMS, building up rage through out this ordeal, finally unleashed all of it in a blind fury.

And no one ate dinner that night.

...Ok not really. He did say that, but after that, he apologized and simply threw the food away. No one else said they were hungry.

"So, Revelian, you never did show me the rest of the castle. The only places I've seen are the dining room, main hallway, and... well, the bed room." Luna said, blushing at the last sentence. ZX and LD simply looked at each other. "Well, let's take a little tour around the castle, shall we? I mean, it's not even noon yet." DMS said, pointing at the clock. "LD, ZX, you haven't seen the rest of my castle, wanna join us?"

They both said sure.

Chapter 6: Castle Antics

And so they went around the castle. Most of it was boring sh/t. But then they went into the pet chamber.

"Pet chamber?" Luna asked. "Yeah, pet chamber. I have a lot of pets, so I have to keep them in a massive area down below my castle." DMS explained. So the gang climbed into an elevator shaft and went down. They soon arrived... outside? It was apparently a massive bio-dome like environment which contained several biomes, such as a grassy area, a mountain, and an arctic tundra. There was also a massive underwater community down below.

"GEEZ!!" LD said, amazed. "You've really made a massive improvement to the pet chamber! By the way, where's Snowman?" LD looked around.

"...Who?" Luna asked.

"Snowman. If she dies, the universe will cease to exist." LD said, oddly calm.

"WHAT??" Luna replied naturally.

"Don't worry. She's living in a subsection of the biome. Wanna go see her?" DMS said.

"Meh, why not." LD said. They all started heading towards the large mountain. On the base of it was a giant door. DMS inserted a password and the door opened. Inside was pretty much another whole freaking biome. They saw a black scorpion with green patches lying on the ground, asleep. When the door slammed shut, she lazily looked at them. She made an irritated grunt and went back to sleep.

"What's wrong with her?" Luna asked, half worried.

"She's a tee-total bitch, that's her problem." LD said, irritated. Snowman then rose her tail up and slashed him across the face with it. "SEE WHAT I MEAN?" LD said, getting pissed off.

They then left the private chamber. They went over to a large lake sitting in the middle of the biome.

"This is where the underwater pets live. Its a lot more massive on the inside, this is just the entrance." DMS said.

"Can we swim inside?" Luna asked.

"What??" DMS said, bewildered. "Well, I GUESS it'd be possible..." "Ok then!" Luna said. She used some of her magic to spawn what looked like a purple two-piece swimsuit. She then ran behind a tree to change. LD and ZX just sat there looking confused. "What, are we going swimming in the underwater area?" ZX said. "Apparently so." DMS said. "Not that I mind." She soon came back to join them, wearing the swimsuit. ZX's mouth promptly dropped at the sight of her running towards them in a swimsuit. It was also promptly shut by an uppercut by LD. DMS then spawned some bizarre masks for them.

"These'll let us breath underwater, as well as act like a radio so we can communicate." DMS explained. They all put on the masks. "Testing, testing, are your speakers working?" "Yeah, they're working loud and clear." ZX said. "Well then let's go!" Luna said as she dived into the water. "You heard the lady." LD said as he dove in as well. DMS and ZX followed suite.

"This is amazing... its like a massive underwater city!" LD said through the radio. They all swam through the massive chamber around the reefs. "Guys, follow me. I'll take you to the children of Veyron." DMS said. So they all followed DMS. "Who are the children of Veyron?" Luna asked. "Pretty much, some time ago, Kuipter created a hyper powerful pet named Veyron. Despite being so powerful, she was incredibly nice and cared a lot for her kids. She has 9 of them, 7 of which are based off of the 7 deadly sins." DMS explained. They continued to move until they made it to a massive reef section.

"Well, here we are." DMS said. They were immediately greeted by some of them. Wrath made his way towards them, growling. "Heads up." DMS said. "Wrath looks mad." But then, Truffle came up beside of him and nudged against him, making him back up. Two little ones came towards them as well. "There's Wrath's kids." DMS said. They continued to wander around the area, meeting the children of Veyron and their kids. They turned to leave. However, Greed snuck up behind Luna and quietly pinched off parts of her swimsuit, making it fall away. Luna was behind the rest, so they didn't notice it. Greed simply drooled watching her swim away from him stark naked. They soon arrived back at the entrance. DMS, ZX, and LD got out first. They dried themselves and sat down, waiting for Luna. She soon climed out to meet them. Completely naked. Because of Greed.

And this was ZX's reaction.


"What do you-" Luna said, looking down. She then screamed and jumped back in the water. DMS got out her clothes and forced LD and ZX to spin around while she dried off and re-dressed. ZX especially was sad.

"Ugh, I bet it was Greed that did it." DMS said, irritated. "He's always been a perv like that."

So they went back upstairs to the main castle. ZX and LD said they've had enough fun for a while, and they left. So there's the substory. And you know what that means.



So after all that random subplot stuff happened, the gang was tired and prepared to leave, when HGD sobered down.

"Hey guys," he said. "Also, LD, you seriously need to finish the Greenhouse seeds." Everyone eyed the now-horrified Serrangio.

"Erm, uh, I-I have an explanation for that..." Ludicrine sat down to explain...

Story 5: The Delay

Suddenly, DMS grabbed LD before he could start the subchapter and threw him at the wall. "OH NO YOU F/CKIN' DON'T. YOU MEAN TO SAY THAT YOU WERE SHOWERING US WITH GIFTS TO GET OUR MINDS OFF OF WHAT YOU HAD TO DO?"

LD wormed his was out of the building and ran off. Shouts of "GET BACK HERE!" could be heard from the LDZX Corp. Tower.



DMS then went into the greenhouse, got all of the incomplete Rune seeds, and burned all of them. All of them. All of them.


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